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小贝一家到底多有钱? --9 ::50 来源: The Beckham family empire has grown to include lucrative endorsements, modelling contracts and a fashion line or two - so it's no secret that Brand Beckham can sell. But a new study reveals just how lucrative the family brand really is.贝克汉姆家产业帝国的发展已经涵盖了品牌代言、模特签约、以及一两个时尚系列贝克汉姆的品牌魅力已不是什么秘密但一项新研究揭示了这个家庭品牌真正的吸金能力The marketing value of all the family members - mer England football captain David, ex-Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria and their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper - plus their business ventures mean Brand Beckham is worth around £500 million, according to the London School of Marketing.贝克汉姆家庭成员包括前英格兰足球队队长大卫、由前流行组合辣(Spice Girl)成员转型时装设计师的维多利亚以及他们的孩子布鲁克林(Brooklyn)、罗密欧(Romeo)、克鲁兹(Cruz)和哈珀(Harper)伦敦营销学院(London School of Marketing)的数据显示,他们一家人再加上贝克汉姆名下的公司,总营销价值已约为5亿英镑It also translates to earnings of around £30-£0 million a year the family.而家族品牌价值还能转化为一年约3000万到000万英镑的收入Their marketing power stems from three main vehicles, Footworks, where David"s football related revenues are collected, the Beckham label, endorsements, and Beckham Ventures, Victoria's fashion business, the London School of Marketing's experts said.伦敦营销学院的专家称,他们的市场动力来自三个主要领域:Footworks——大卫足球相关领域产生的收入、贝克汉姆品牌——广告代言收入、以及贝克汉姆投资公司(Beckham Ventures)——维多利亚的时装生意收入Current estimates put the value Footworks at £0 million, the Beckham name at £70 million and Beckham Ventures at £60 million, they added.他们补充说,目前估计步法公司价值1.5亿英镑,贝克汉姆品牌价值7000万英镑,贝克汉姆投资公司价值6000万英镑But while the elder family members have been the main contributors so far, the Beckham offspring are gaining ground with business dealings and marketing appeal of their own.不过,虽然目前小贝夫妇是家族收入的主力,他们的子女也在商业活动及扩展各自市场人气方面攻城略地Sixteen-year-old Brooklyn has a . million-strong following on Instagram and has recently appeared on the cover of Miss Vogue.十六岁的布鲁克林在图片分享平台Instagram上已有0万的铁杆粉丝,最近又成为时尚杂志《Miss Vogue的封面人物Younger brother Romeo meanwhile has fronted a Burberry Christmas campaign and was credited with driving a % sales boost.二公子罗密欧曾为时尚大牌巴宝莉(Burberry)拍摄圣诞节广告片,使该品牌营业额增长了%"The Beckham name has the Midas touch when it comes to advertising, even the mere mention of their name associated with a brand is a small news event in itself," said Anton Dominique, chief marketing officer at the London School of Marketing.“贝克汉姆这个名字具有点石成金的魔力,一个品牌即使与贝克汉姆只产生些许的关联,就能够引起小小的轰动,” 伦敦营销学院的首席营销官安东?多米尼克(Anton Dominique)说"What is also interesting is that the family name is almost as influential as any individual family member," he added.“还有一点比较有趣,贝克汉姆这个姓氏几乎跟这个家庭任何一名成员一样有影响力,”他补充道David recently added another deal to his collection, signing up to front a clothing line by Trinity, the Hong Kong-based owner of Gieves Hawkes.大卫最近又将一份合约收入囊中,与总部位于香港的君皇仕(Gieves Hawkes)的母公司利邦签约,为其装品牌进行代言Vocabularylucrative:有利可图的,赚钱的stem from:源自于英文来源:独立报译者:杨轩站立式办公桌让员工效率更高 -- :35: 来源: 站立式办公桌是好是不好呢?一方面,一些学习研究表明站立式办公桌能够帮你降低肥胖和糖尿病风险另一方面,专家认为站立式办公桌不会帮助减肥,反而会造成背部问题 Standing desks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there are plenty of s to back up whatever opinion you have.站立式办公桌,不管你喜欢它还是讨厌它,总有很多说法持你的观点On the one hand, studies have shown that standing desks could help reduce your risk of obesity and diabetes. On the other, experts have said standing desks don’t help with weight loss and could give you back problems.一方面,一些学习研究表明站立式办公桌能够帮你降低肥胖和糖尿病风险另一方面,专家认为站立式办公桌不会帮助减肥,反而会造成背部问题Now, another study has come out, this one in favor of standing desks. Researchers at the Texas AM Health Science Center found that standing desks helped employees get more done during the day. Though the results might not translate all types of work environments, they should give standing desk proponents reason to rejoice.现在,另一项调查结果又力挺了站立式办公桌德克萨斯州健康科学中心研究员发现,站立式办公桌能帮助员工提高工作效率尽管这一说法不能适用于所有类型的工作环境,但这一调查结果足以使站立式办公桌拥护者欢喜雀跃Published last week in the journal IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors, the study followed 7 employees in a call center over six months. Seventy-four of them used standing desks, and researchers found that they were 6 percent more productive than those who sat at their desks.上周,一个国际经济学会期刊上一则文章,研究了人体工程学和人的因素,这项调查是一个呼叫中心的7名工作人员的六个月工作情况其中,7名员工使用站立式办公桌,他们效率比使用坐式办公桌的员工高6%The participants’ employer, a health services company that’s not named in the paper, commissioned the study to better understand the returns on the standing desks it had bought the office.参与者的雇主,一家健康务公司老板说道,这个调查使得他们明白站立式办公桌给他们带来的益处Productivity was determined by the number of successful calls to clients that the health and clinical advisors made per hour. The company earned revenue each successful call, during which an advisor checked in on a client’s progress in an exercise program, example, or verified to see that a client was taking proper medication.员工的工作效率由健康咨询顾问员工在每个小时内给客户进行成功通话的个数而定公司的盈利来源于每一个成功的通话,通话中,健康顾问询问顾客的锻炼进程,以此在确定顾客是否在用合适的药物Employees typically made between 00 and 500 calls a month, and the company wanted them to average around two successful calls each hour. Those who had standing desks met that a, while those who remained seated averaged 1.5 successful calls per hour, Gregory Garrett, a public health doctoral student and lead author on the study, told The Huffington Post. If an advisor was unable to reach a client over the phone, that was counted as an unsuccessful call.这个调查的带头人—大众健康士Gregory Garrett告诉赫芬顿邮报说,员工一般在一个月内拨打00到500个电话,公司希望他们平均每小时完成出两个成功通话调查发现,使用立式办公桌的员工能够完成这个目标,而使用坐式办公桌的员工每个小时平均只完成1.5个成功通话如果健康咨询顾问通话电话不能成功得到客户,那通话就是不成功的Interestingly, the people who stood actually made more phone calls than the ones who sat, Garrett said.Garrett说,有趣的是,站立的员工比坐着的员工完成更多通话The results almost seem too good to be true — after all, who wouldn’t want a nearly 50 percent boost in productivity just from using a standing desk?这个调查结果真是让人难以置信,只是用站立式办公桌就能将工作效率提高一半,这真是太惊奇了!“How do you justify ‘this desk makes me feel happier, and I feel better’? That’s not going to pay the bills,” Benden said.“你是如何确定‘站立式办公桌使我感到更快乐,感觉更舒适’?这不会轻易说别人买单的,” Benden说But, he continued, the study shows that standing desks can in fact “affect a company’s bottom line. That’s really significant.”但是,他说,“调查表明站立式办公桌能够影响到一个公司的最终亏损底线,这是至关重要的”印度德里知名医院肾交易曝光 -- :9: 来源: 印度警方说,他们在首都德里的一家知名私人医院,发现一桩非法人肾交易案件 Indian police say they have uncovered an illegal trade in human kidneys in one the leading private hospitals in the capital, Delhi.印度警方说,他们在首都德里的一家知名私人医院,发现一桩非法人肾交易案件They say five people have been arrested so far, including two employees of the Apollo Hospital.警察说目前已经逮捕了5人,包括阿波罗医院的名员工They are suspected of luring poor people to sell their kidneys up to ,500 bee re-selling the organs huge profits.他们涉嫌诱骗穷人卖肾,价格为7500美元个,然后再以高价卖出以获取巨额利润The hospital says it has been a victim and doctors were misled.该医院声称:医院也是受害者,医生们被误导了It is believed that the suspected gang members ged papers to dupe doctors into operating on the needy people in the belief that they were donating the kidneys to their relatives.据称,卖肾团伙伪造明文件,欺骗医生说手术所需的肾是病人的亲属捐献出来的The Apollo Hospital has said it is a matter of "grave concern", adding that it is fully co-operating with the police.阿波罗医院表示他们非常重视该案件,将全力配合警方调查此案"The hospital has been a victim of a well-orchestrated operation to cheat patients and the hospital," an Apollo spokesman said.医院发言人称:“医院也是该事件的受害者,有人精心策划了这一切,欺骗了病人和医院”"We urge the police to take the strictest of action against all those involved," the spokesman added.发言人补充说:“我们敦促警方采取最严厉的措施来惩治涉案人员”A chronic shortage of transplant organs is fuelling a lucrative black market trade in body parts across India.在印度,由于长期缺乏人体手术移植器官,催生了一些人体器官交易的黑市

红蚂蚁辣酱 你有胆放进嘴里吗? --01 :5: 来源:sohu 对食物的选择可能是个人口味的问题,但有些国家的食物却与口味无关,可能只有当地人才觉得这些东西可以称为“食物”吧 The choice of food may be a matter of taste, but the food in some countries can be so out there that it might only seem normal to the people who live there. 印度 India ''Chaprah'' 的制作过程:先预备已晒干的红蚂蚁,然后再把香料和糖放进内,这样酸辣酱就大功告成,更可以加入任何食物中作佐料 To prepare chaprah, red ants are dried, spices and sweeteners are then added and the chutney is y to be eaten with any meal. 美国 ed States ''落矶山牡蛎'', 其实是公牛的睾丸(没错,你绝对没有看错!),通常会先在外面涂上面粉,然后再拿去油炸(真的无法理解这个的意义何在) Rocky Mountain oysters, or bull testicles, are usually coated in flour and deep fried. 墨西哥 Mexico '' Huitlacoche ''是被寄生真菌感染的玉米,玉米粒会在生长期间发胀,,长成后跟蘑茹的形状很相似收割后,便可以煮成菜肴,吃起来有种木香,泥土的味道 虽然玉米是墨西哥的主食,但是不代表什么玉米都可以吃吧 ;Huitlacoche is corn infested by parasite fungus,;the kernels swell into growths that are similar to mushrooms, and are later harvested. When cooked, they take on a woody, earthy flavor. 东南亚地区 Southeast Asia “鸭仔蛋'”其实是水煮鸭胚胎,通常会加入盐、醋、辣椒和洋葱作调味 Balut is a boiled duck embryo seasoned with salt or vinegar, chilies and onions. 小编表示,这不就是中华黑暗料理“毛鸡蛋”的好兄弟吗? 你们有没有听过吃过比这更奇怪的食物呢?快来留言跟我们分享吧! English Source: B

人工智能大发展 50%职业未来将消失 -- ::3 来源:   From self-driving cars to carebots elderly people, rapid advances in technology have long represented a potential threat to many jobs normally permed by people.  从自动驾驶汽车到为老年人设计的看护机器人,长期以来,对于某些通常由人类完成的工作来说,技术的迅猛发展一直是一个潜在的威胁  But experts now believe that almost 50 per cent of occupations existing today will be completely redundant by 5 as artificial intelligence continues to transm businesses.  而现在,专家相信,随着人工智能对商业的不断改变,到5年,有近50%的现有职业将是完全多余的  A revolutionary shift in the way workplaces operate is expected to take place over the next to years, which could put some people's livelihoods at risk.  在未来-年,职场的运作方式将发生一场变革,而这会威胁到一些人的生计  Customer work, process work and vast swatches of middle management will simply 'disappear', according to a new report by consulting firm CBRE and China-based Genesis.  根据咨询公司CBRE和立足中国的Genesis公司的一项最新报告,、加工和大量的中层管理工作将会“消失”  'Experts predict that 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist by 5 as people will take up more creative professions,' said Martin Chen, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis.  Genesis首席运营官马丁·陈说:“专家预计,到5年,50%的现有职业将不复存在,人们则会从事更富创造性的工作”  'This means that jobs will evolve and so will real estate development.'  “这意味着工作会发生演变,房地产也会得到发展”  Workspaces with rows of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, according to the report.  报告显示,成排摆放办公桌的工作场所将变得完全多余,这不是因为不符合实际用途的需要,而是因为需要本身已不复存在  'The next fifteen years will see a revolution in how we work, and a corresponding revolution will necessarily take place on how we plan and think about workplaces,' said Peter Andrew, Director of Workplace Strategy CBRE Asia Pacific.  CBRE亚太地区职场战略总监皮特·安德鲁说:“未来年将见我们工作方式上的革命,与之相应的,在我们对于职场的规划和考量方面,也必然会有所改革”  A growing proportion of jobs in the future will require creativity intelligence, social skills and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence.  在未来,越来越多的工作要求创造性智慧、社交技能和利用人工智能技术的能力  'And most people that will be a route to happiness and fulfilment,' the report states.  报告指出:“对于大多数人来说,会有获得快乐和成就感的途径”  ' many of us, artificial intelligence will be a tool to undertake tasks of a scale and complexity that were once unimaginable but which are now eminently possible and hugely rewarding.'  “对于我们中的许多人来讲,人工智能将成为一种用于承接任务的工具从规模和复杂程度的角度出发,这些任务曾经是难以想象的,但现在已经极有可能完成并且具有极大的价值”  The report - Fast ward : The Future of Work and the Workplace - is based on interviews with 0 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.  报告《快进:工作和职场的未来是基于对亚太地区、欧洲和北美的0位专家、商界领袖和年轻人的采访撰写而成的  Data in the US suggests that technology aly destroys more jobs than it creates, as GDP has been able to grow faster than employment since 00.  美国的数据表明,00年以来,GDP的增长超过了就业率的增长,从而可以看出,技术毁掉的职业已经超过了其创造的职业  But the report states: 'Losing occupations does not necessarily mean losing jobs – just changing what people do.'  不过报告指出:“失去职业并不等于丢掉工作,只是改变了人们做的是什么”  TOP JOBS AT MOST AND LEAST RISK OF BEING REPLACED BY ROBOTS

研究:城市多种树可减少犯罪率 --5 :51: 来源:中国日报   Can a tree help prevent crime? It just might. Two new studies, led by US est Service researchers, took a closer look at urban green space in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Youngstown, Ohio. In each of these cities, adding green space to crime-ridden areas helped reduce crime rates, the researchers found.  种树可以预防犯罪吗?有可能哦美国林务局研究员做的两项最新研究仔细调查了费城、巴尔的和俄亥俄州扬斯敦的市区绿化情况研究人员发现,在这三个城市中,在治安糟糕的区域增加绿化面积可以有效减少犯罪率  In 00, Philadelphia launched a program to plant vegetation along roadways to help soak up rainwater. Researchers looked at 5 of these vegetation plots and compared them with control plots that didn't receive the greenery upgrade. After tracking types of crime in nearby areas, researchers found that narcotics possession in those areas decreased by 18 to 7 percent, even as the rate the rest of the city rose by 65 percent.  00年,费城启动了一个项目,在道路两旁种植绿化带吸收雨水研究者们观察了5处绿化点,与没有进行绿化改造的对照区进行对比在追踪了附近种犯罪手段之后,研究者发现,这些区域的毒品持有量下降到7%,下降了18个百分点,尽管这一数字在城市的其它地区还上涨了65个百分点  Michelle Kondo, a social scientist and lead researcher with the est service, speculated the increased presence of city trucks and vans in the landscaped areas ; planting and maintenance ; was enough to deter illicit activity.  林务局首席研究员、社会学家米歇尔bull;近藤推测,在这些区域负责绿化和养护的市政车辆增加,有效阻止了违法活动  A similar effect was noted in Youngstown, Ohio ; a depressed Midwestern town known its high rates of crime and unemployment. From to , city officials embarked on a project to reclaim some of the city's empty lots and derelict buildings by converting them into green space. In , they added another initiative that gave local commies funding to plant green space in vacant lots in whatever method they chose ; lawns, commy gardens, playgrounds and more.  在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦也发现了类似的情况这是一座经济萧条的中西部城市,以高犯罪率和失业率闻名从年到年,政府开启了一项回收城市空地和无主建筑的计划,把这些区域改造成绿地年,他们又启动了一项绿地基金计划,鼓励当地民众以各种形式绿化空地;;无论是草坪、社区花园、运动场还是其它  When Kondo and her team compared crime around these vegetation plots with undeveloped plots in nearby areas, they found the areas around new green spaces had lower crime rates than elsewhere in the city. Interestingly, the crime reduction was different depending upon the type of green space that was developed. example, lots that were planted with grass and maintained by contractors saw a reduction in property crimes such as theft and burglary, whereas commy-maintained plots saw a sharp reduction in violent crime. This suggests that different types of green space could be developed to deter certain types of crime.  近藤和她的团队对比了这些绿化区域和附近未绿化区域的犯罪情况,发现新绿化区域的犯罪率比城市其它地区的犯罪率低有趣的是,开发的绿地类型不同,所减少的犯罪类型也不同比如,种植了草坪并由承包商维护的绿地,周围盗窃和入室行窃之类的财产犯罪就减少了,而由社区维护的绿地附近,暴力犯罪大幅下降这就表明可以通过开发不同类型的绿地来阻止特定类型的犯罪活动  Kondo's study collaborates another est service study conducted by researcher Morgan Grove on the link between lawn care and crime in downtown Baltimore. Grove's study looked at the level of lawn maintenance in 1,000 residential yards throughout Baltimore County. His team looked at everything from tree cover to litter to the presence of garden hoses. Not surprisingly, Grove found that well-maintained lawns were linked to lower crime rates than lawns that were given less care.  与近藤的研究相合作的林务局另外一项研究中,研究员根bull;格鲁夫研究了巴尔的市中心犯罪率与草坪维护情况之间的关联他调查了整个巴尔的郡00户人家院子的草坪维护情况他的团队查看了所有细节,包括林木植被、垃圾和花园的浇水管果然,格鲁夫发现,维护良好的草坪周围的犯罪率比维护欠佳的草坪周围的犯罪率要低  It's tempting to use income as the connection. After all, if you have the time and money to water your lawn, you probably live in a neighborhood that sees less crime. But Grove argued that the greenery itself helped to deter crime, by announcing to would-be criminals that there are ;eyes on the street; that care their neighborhood and would be more likely to report a crime.  当然你很容易把这个与收入联系起来毕竟,如果你有时间和金钱为草坪浇水,那么你很有可能住在较为安全的社区但是格鲁夫认为,是绿化本身减少了犯罪,绿地是一种宣示,警告潜在的罪犯;街上有眼睛;照看着社区,并且发生了犯罪会更有可能上报  The takeaway from these two studies is that urban green space may help to deter crime and could be a useful tool in city-wide crime prevention policies. We aly know greenery is beautiful to look at and can help improve mood and health while reducing pollution. Now we can add crime-fighting to the list of vegetation's many benefits.  这两项研究的重要发现是,城市绿地有助于阻止犯罪,可以作为整个城市预防犯罪政策的有力工具我们已经知道,绿色植物既养眼,又有助于改善情绪、提升健康状况、减少污染现在我们又可以给植物的种种好处再加上一条;打击犯罪;  Need a better reason to plant a tree?  这难道还不是种树的最好理由吗?  Vocabulary:  derelict: 无主的;被抛弃了的  takeaway: 重点

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