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汉中市佳和美医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱汉中勉县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好Any land animals cut off from the mainland, had to adapt to perish, and on this island, one species has done so well, its positively flourished.而被隔绝的大陆动物如果不能适应就只好灭亡。在这个小岛上有一种动物就适应得很好,种群欣欣向荣。This is a yellow spotted monitor lizard,goanna,a few from this neck of woods,and its a very successful in abundant animal on this island,这是一只黄点砂巨蜥。当地人叫它goanna, 它成功地适应了岛上的环境,大量繁衍。And it made really impressional Captain Cook when he came here in 1770, to the degree when they sunk down to think about a name for the island,当库克船长1770年来到这里时,巨蜥给他留下了深刻印象。当他坐下来为这个岛想一个名字的时候,not to be a too long process I think, he thought its a island, and its covered in lizards, got it, lizard island, which is rather clever I think, you see why he did that.我觉得一定没费多长时间。他想这是个岛而且到处都是蜥蜴,有了,蜥蜴岛。我觉得这个名字很贴切。你看到它在这里做了什么呢?When hunting, the goanna is alert to any movement,if the grasshopper remains still, it has a chance of escaping the goannas attention.当猎食的时候,巨蜥对任何移动物体都相当敏感,如果蚱蜢不动,它就有机会逃脱。 201502/358570汉中割包皮环切费用 汉中3201医院看男科怎么样

陕西飞机制造公司第一职工医院阳痿早泄价格Thousands of miners in the north-eastern Chinese city of Shuangyashan staged protests over unpaid wages. The state-owned company they work for has suffered because of falling demand for its coal as Chinas economy slows.中国东北双鸭山市发生大规模矿工讨薪抗议活动。随着中国经济增长放缓,市场对煤的需求下降,矿工所属的国有公司一直处于亏损状态。Taiwans president-elect, Tsai Ing-wen, named a former minister of finance, Lin Chuan, as the countrys next prime minister. Ms Tsai and Mr Lin will take office on May 20th when President Ma Ying-jeous term ends.台湾当选总统蔡英文任命前财长林全担任本届政府阁揆。现任总统马英九将于5月20日结束任期,届时蔡林二人将正式上任。Angela Merkel, Germanys chancellor, and her European Union counterparts met to discuss a deal with Turkey, the main transit country for migrants making their way to Greece and beyond. Agreement is near, but controversial: Turkey must take back migrants from Greece; in return the EU must take an equal number from refugee camps in Turkey. In Germany anti-immigrant parties made significant gains in local elections.德国总理默克尔与欧盟其他领导人同土耳其就难民问题商讨协议。土耳其为难民入欧的主要通道,难民由此进入希腊,到达欧洲各地。目前各国已基本达成一致,但尚存在分歧——土耳其必须从希腊接回难民,作为交换条件,欧盟将从土耳其难民营接收同等数额难民。德国国内反难民政党的民众持率正日益上升。A bomb in Ankara killed 37 people, the third attack in Turkeys capital within five months. A Kurdish militant group claimed responsibility for the attack. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president, called for terrorism to be redefined. There should be no difference, he said, between “a terrorist holding a gun or a bomb and those who use their position or pen to support terror”.土耳其首都安卡拉目前发生一起爆炸事件,已造成37人死亡,这是近五个月以来第三次恐怖袭击事件,系一库尔德军事组织所为。土耳其总统埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)称需重新定义恐怖主义,“持或携带炸弹的恐怖分子与利用自己的地位和文字鼓动恐怖主义的人并无二致”。A shoot-out took place at a flat in Brussels, Belgiums capital, as police hunted for suspected terrorists. The raid was linked to the search for the remaining perpetrators of the Paris attacks last November by Islamic State, which killed 130 people. Four police officers were shot and wounded in the exchange of fire and one suspect, an Algerian living illegally in Belgium, was killed. Two other suspects escaped.比利时首都布鲁塞尔一民居内发生战,警方正在搜捕嫌疑恐怖分子。据悉参加战者与去年十一月实施巴黎恐袭(已造成130人死亡)的逃亡者存在联系,均系极端恐怖组织IS成员。在激战中,四名警方人员遭射伤。一名嫌疑人系非法滞留比利时的阿尔及利亚人,目前已被射杀,另两名嫌疑人已逃脱。The introduction of a new tax on sugary drinks was the highlight of the British governments budget. A 330ml can of Coke exceeds by a sixth the recommended daily amount of sugar for a child. Although a similar tax in Mexico has had a noticeable effect on sales, research suggests the benefits in Britain may be bittersweet, as such drinks make up less than 20% of Britons added-sugar intake..英国开始实施对含糖饮料征税,此举让英国政府预算备受关注。一听330毫升的可口可乐含糖量超过儿童日摄入量六分之一。尽管此前墨西哥实施的类似法案对含糖饮料的销量产生了冲击,但研究者称英国的收获或将喜忧参半——该类饮料的收入占英国添加糖分饮料总收入的一成多。Protesters in cities across Brazil demanded the impeachment of the president, Dilma Rousseff; at least 500,000 people took to the streets of S?o Paulo alone. Ms Rousseffs Workers Party and its coalition allies are enmeshed in a bribery scandal and the country is going through the worst recession since the 1930s. But in a defiant mood, Ms Rousseff appointed Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, a former president, to her cabinet, meaning any charges he faces can be tried only in the supreme court.巴西各地发生大规模游行示威活动,要求罢免现任总统迪尔马·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)。仅圣保罗市有至少50万人占领了街道。一方面罗塞夫总统率领的劳工党及其联合政党深陷贿赂丑闻,另一方面巴西正在经历自上世纪30年代以来最严重的经济衰退。罗塞夫逆民意而行之,任命前总统路易斯·伊纳西奥·卢拉·达席尔瓦(Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva)作为其内阁成员。这意味着,无论卢拉遭受何种质询,只有最高法院有资格审讯他。America loosened restrictions on travel to, and transactions with, Cuba ahead of Barack Obamas visit. Americans will now be permitted to go to Cuba on their own, rather than as part of an organisation for educational purposes.美国在奥巴马总统访古之前放宽与古巴的通航和交易限令。美国公民现今可不再以教育组织成员的身份自由出入古巴。Colombias president, Juan Manuel Santos, and the leader of the FARC guerrilla group, Rodrigo Londoio, said they will miss a self-imposed deadline of March 23rd for signing a peace agreement. The postponement means that the deal will not be signed when Mr Obama is in Havana, where the peace talks are taking place.哥伦比亚总统胡安·曼努埃尔·桑托斯(Juan Manuel Santos)与该国革命武装力量(FARC)游击队领导人罗德里格·隆多尼奥共同宣称无法在预计的3月23日之前签署和平协议。此次延期表明在美国总统奥巴马访问哈瓦那(Havana)期间将不会签署和平协议。哈瓦那系哥国双方领导人和平谈判所在地。 翻译:张力文 赵悦 校对:林朵朵译文属译生译世201603/434215略阳县中医院男科电话 汉中哪间医院割包皮最好

陕西汉中男科专家Monetary policy货币政策A long low note长期低息Why interest rates can be expected to stay low for years为什么可以肯定利率在未来数年都会维持在低位?CENTRAL bankers have a reputation for snatching away the punch bowl just as the party gets going. So, almost as soon as Britains economy started to recover, commentators and markets started fretting about when interest rates would rise. Mark Carney, the Bank of Englands governor, has tried to soothe them with “forward guidance”, in effect promising to hold off until the economy recovers. But Mr Carney also whispered something else: that rates would stay unusually low even when they do budge. The punch bowl will go, he suggested, but there will still be plenty of booze around.央行高管们因为“在宴会开始前拿走调酒杯”式的工作而备享荣耀。所以,几乎就在英国经济刚刚开始有起色时,员和市场就担忧利率可能会上涨。而英格兰主席马克.卡尼已经尝试以“前瞻指导”政策进行安抚(注2)。事实上,他承诺会拖住利率直到经济完全复苏。但是马克.卡尼也暗示了其他一些事情:即便到了必须妥协的时候,利率依然会不同寻常得停留在低位。他示意道:调酒杯也许会拿走,但成瓶的酒会留下很多。Since the Bank of England was founded in 1694 its main interest rate has bounced around an average of 5%. It stood at 5.75% when the financial crisis struck in 2007; since it has been at a record low of 0.5%. But as Britains economy recovers, Mr Carney expects rates to settle below the historical norm, and points to market expectations of 2-3%. That is only a shade higher than the banks 2% inflation target.英格兰成立于1694年,其主要利率在平均值5%附近浮动。2007年金融危机到来时,利率达到5.57%;而自年开始,其破纪录的停留在0.5%的低位。随着英国经济恢复,马克.卡尼期望利率能维持在历史常规水平之下,即设定为市场所期望的2-3%。这只比央行2%的通胀目标略高了一点。The bank believes Britains “equilibrium interest rate”—the rate needed to keep inflation and economic growth on an even keel—is being depressed by three things. One is the ongoing fiscal contraction. With the state using a shrinking share of resources, the private sector has to expand faster to take up the slack. A lower interest rate is needed to achieve that.央行认为英国的“均衡利率”—这个利率要求稳定通货膨胀与经济增长—受到三个方面的压制。第一个因素是持续的财政紧缩。在国家所配的资源的比例越来越少时,私人部门必须更快发展,以充分利用社会闲散资源。为此,利率必须降低。The second has to do with the countrys convalescing banks. During the crisis the sp between the central banks policy rate and the interest rates commercial banks charged their customers for loans jumped. Although the sp has fallen since, it remains much higher than it was before the crisis. So the Bank of England need not raise its rate so high to generate a given level of private-sector interest rates.第二个因素与本国业的复苏有关。在这次金融危机中,央行的政策利率与商业向客户收取的贷款利率差额大幅上升。尽管之后利率差有所回落,却仍比危机之前高很多。所以英格兰不需大幅上调其政策利率来让私人部门的贷款利率达到设定水平。The final factor is the rest of the world. Britains openness, through trade and finance, ties it to foreign economies. The euro-zone crisis has hit the countrys exporters and banks. “Secular stagnation”, a notion recently popularised by Larry Summers of Harvard University, might also be at play: falling investment demand in advanced economies, combined with a glut of savings in emerging markets, has pressed down on equilibrium interest rates throughout the world.最后一个因素在于世界的其他国家。通过贸易与金融的开放,英国经济与外国经济紧密相连。欧元区的危机打击了该国的出口商和。近日颇为流行的经济学术语“长期性经济停滞”或许可以解释这种情形。这个术语是由哈佛大学的拉利·萨默斯提出的,指的是在发达经济中,投资需求持续下降;再加上新兴经济体中储蓄过剩,这就使得全球市场中的均衡利率都被压低。These pressures seem unlikely to abate soon. Britains major political parties are all committed to eliminating the fiscal deficit over the next parliament. Credit sps are unlikely to shrink to their pre-crisis lows, which reflected an overly sanguine attitude to financial risk. The euro zone faces a lengthy slog back to health. And if, as Mr Summers suggests, global stagnation persists, the downward pressure on Britains equilibrium interest rate might even increase.这些方面的压力不可能很快消失。英国的主要政党都承诺在下届国会中减少财政赤字。利率差降低到危机之前的水平也微乎其微。危机之前的利率差是对金融风险乐观过度的反映。欧元区经济也要经历一段漫长的跋涉方能恢复。如果正如萨默斯而言,全球经济停滞会持续,那么英国均衡利率的下行压力甚至还可能会增加。A persistently low bank rate would be bad for savers but a boon for borrowers. Britains 9m or so mortgage-holders are sensitive to the banks policy rate: the average new mortgage is fixed for just two years (compared with 27 years in America) after which it tends to track the banks rate. Matthew Whittaker of the Resolution Foundation, a think-tank, calculates that the difference between a bank rate of 3% in 2018 and a rate of 5% is that 620,000 fewer households would be in “debt peril”, defined as spending more than half their disposable income on debt payments.长期的低利率对储户不利,但对借贷方则有利。英国九百万左右的按揭对政策利率很敏感:平均来看,新按揭头两年利率固定(相比之下美国可以有27年期),之后就倾向于锁定利率。智库决议基金的马修.惠特克这样计算:2018年3%的利率与5%的差别就是前者可以使六十二万户家庭脱离“债务危机”。后者指一半的可配收入用于偿还债务。The prospect of rates remaining low for years should also improve companies behaviour. British investment is startlingly weak at present—still 20% below its pre-crisis peak, and lower than in any other G20 country as a share of GDP. The expectation of more cheap finance, together with dwindling spare capacity and rising demand, ought to entice firms to build and buy. The Bank of England predicts an extraordinary 43% rise in business investment by 2016, which would boost both demand and productivity.在未来几年,维持在低位的利率会对公司起到促进作用。英国的投资目前惊人的低迷—只有危机前峰值的20%。其占GDP的比例比20国集团中任何一国都低。而对廉价贷款的期待,加上闲置产能的减少和市场需求的上升,应该能够刺激企业的创建与购买。英格兰预测2016年的商业投资会额外增加43%,而这就能够持需求和生产率。But a low equilibrium interest rate should make Mr Carney nervous. Bank rates cannot easily be cut to below zero. A new normal of 2-3% would thus leave the bank with little space to cut rates when future shocks hit. Britains emergency monetary experiments, such as quantitative easing and forward guidance, are known as “unconventional”. In time they could become part of the new normal, too.但是一个较低的均衡利率让卡尼很紧张。利率不会轻易降低到负数。常规的2-3%的利率会让在应对未来冲击时没有空间去降低利率。英国尝试了紧急状态下的货币政策,例如定量宽松和前瞻指导,都以“非传统”而著名。在适当时候,它们就可以成为新常规的一部分。翻译:王化起 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201510/404276 汉中哪个医院泌尿外科最好汉中市中医医院割包皮多少钱



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