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Golf fans across the globe are yet to forget Bubba Watson#39;s tears of joy following his hard-fought Masters victory at the Augusta National Golf Club in April. But in 2013, the winner#39;s green blazer may have to be shrunk if teen prodigy Guan Tianlang, from southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, has his way.今年4月在奥古斯塔国家高尔夫俱乐部(Augusta National Golf Club),布巴·沃森(Bubba Watson)经过苦战夺得美国高尔夫大师赛的冠军。全世界的高尔夫球迷尚未忘记他夺冠后开心流泪的一幕。但2013年,如果来自中国南方城市广州的天才少年关天朗一路夺魁,大师赛冠军的绿色外套可能就得做小一些了。The eighth grader on Sunday won the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship at the Amata Spring Country Club in Bangkok by one stroke to secure an invite to the Masters in April and to the final stage of British Open qualifying in July.Reuters2012年11月4日,中国高球选手关天朗在泰国春武里府的阿玛塔温泉乡村俱乐部参加亚太业余锦标赛。在泰国赢得亚太业余锦标赛冠军后,这位14岁的中国少年将成为参加美国高尔夫大师赛的最年轻选手。11月4日,在曼谷的阿玛塔温泉乡村俱乐部(Amata Spring Country Club),刚上八年级的关天朗以一杆的优势夺得亚太业余锦标赛(Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship)的冠军,从而获得了明年4月出席美国高尔夫大师赛的参赛资格,并入围了7月的英国公开赛(British Open)资格赛。At 14 years and 5 months old, Guan will be Augusta#39;s youngest starter on record, trumping Italy#39;s Matteo Manassero, who previously held the distinction when as a 16-year-old he finished as low amateur in a tie for 36th at the 2010 Masters.14岁零5个月的关天朗将会是奥古斯塔球场迎来的最年轻球员,刷新此前由意大利人马纳赛罗(Matteo Manassero)保持的最年轻参赛选手记录。马纳赛罗16岁时以业余选手身份参加了2010年的美国高尔夫大师赛,最终成绩为并列第36名。#39;I#39;m so excited. I#39;m really happy to become the youngest player at the Masters and looking forward to going there. I don#39;t know what#39;s going to happen there, but I know I just want to do well,#39; Guan told reporters on a conference call from Bangkok, according to Agence France-Presse.据法新社(Agence France-Presse)报道,关天朗在曼谷的一个电话会议上对记者们说,我太兴奋了。我很高兴能成为大师赛最年轻的选手,并盼望着参赛。我不知道到时候会怎么样,但我知道自己只想好好表现。On that call, Guan said he hopes to organize a practice round at Augusta with idol Tiger Woods, describing the American as a player with a strong mind and a strong heart, according to AFP. The teen#39;s earliest memory of watching the Masters was in 2005 when Woods secured his fourth -- and most recent -- green blazer.据法新社报道,关天朗在电话中说,他希望能在奥古斯塔与自己的偶像老虎伍兹(Tiger Woods)打一场练习赛,并说伍兹是一个有着坚定意志和强大心灵的选手。关天朗对观看美国高尔夫大师赛的最早记忆是在2005年,当时伍兹第四次夺冠,也是最近的一次。Yet to score Woods-sized sponsorship deals, Guan currently wears apparel made by Ontario-based Sligo Wear Inc. The brand, known for its aggressive use of color, also outfits PGA Tour regulars including Brian Gay, Russell Knox and Graham DeLaet.关天朗还未能像伍兹一样获得大批赞助,目前他穿的是由安大略企业Sligo Wear Inc.生产的运动。这个品牌以其大胆用色而出名,并为布赖恩·盖伊(Brian Gay)、拉塞尔·诺克斯(Russell Knox)和格雷厄姆·德莱特(Graham DeLaet)等职业高尔夫球赛常客供应装。This isn#39;t the first time Guan has set a record. Earlier this year, at age 13, he became the youngest player to take part in a European PGA Tour event when he teed off at the Volvo China Open in Tianjin. In 2011, he took out the 11-12 division at the San Diego Junior World Golf Championships, six years after he placed fourth in the 6-and-under division. The right-hander reportedly swung his first club at age four.这已经不是关天朗首次创下纪录。今年早些时候,13岁的关天朗在天津的沃尔沃中国公开赛(Volvo China Open)上开球,成为参加欧洲职业高尔夫球巡回赛(European PGA Tour)的最年轻选手。2011年,他参加了旧金山世界青少年高尔夫锦标赛(Callaway Junior World Golf Championships)11岁至12岁年龄组的比赛,而六年前,他在六岁以下年龄组的比赛中获得第四名。据报道,习惯用右手的关天朗第一次挥杆是在四岁时。Guan#39;s success follows that of compatriot Andy Zhang, who in June came through qualifying to become the youngest-ever U.S. Open competitor at the age of 14.在关天朗之前,14岁的中国选手张华创(Andy Zhang)于今年6月通过资格赛,成为史上最年轻的美国公开赛参赛者。That same month, Feng Shanshan won the women#39;s Wegmans LPGA Championship title in New York, becoming the first Chinese player to win a major tour event and title, at age 22.同月,22岁的冯姗姗在纽约赢得维格曼斯女子高尔夫球赛(Wegmans LPGA Championship)冠军,成为首位在高尔夫大满贯赛事中夺冠的中国选手。 /201211/208800As Hollywood#39;s best-known “cougar”, Demi Moore has become the envy of millions。作为好莱坞最著名的“吃嫩草”熟女,黛米·尔成为万千女性羡慕的对象。But while British women may wish for the 47-year-old#39;s youthful, toned figure, it seems they do not hanker after her toyboy husband, 31-year-old Ashton Kutcher。尽管英国女性也许渴望拥有像这个47岁的女星那样年轻、健美的身材,但她们似乎对她的小老公——31岁的阿什顿·库彻并不感兴趣。New research has found that 71 percent of women over the age of 35 said they would not date a man who was more than three years younger than them。一项最新调查发现,年龄在35岁以上的女性中有71%的人表示她们不会与比她们小三岁以上的男性约会。Two-thirds of the women told a poll they believed shared values and interests were more important than looks。三分之二的女性认为在择偶方面,共同的价值观和兴趣爱好比相貌更重要。The survey#39;s findings go against the recent publicity surrounding so-called cougars, middle-aged women who date considerably younger men。这一调查结果与近来流行的“熟女”一说似乎并不相符。“熟女”指的是和与比自己年轻很多的男性约会的中年女性。Demi Moore, Madonna and British artist Sam Taylor-Wood are all in relationships with younger men, and the trend has even sparked a hit television series, Cougar Town。黛米·尔、麦当娜和英国艺术家萨姆·泰勒-伍德都有过“弟恋”,这一潮流甚至还催生了一部热门电视连续剧——《熟女镇》。But the research, by dating website matchaffinity.com, found that three-quarters of British women wanted relationships with men their own age。然而,这项由约会网站matchaffinity.com开展的调查发现,四分之三的英国女性希望与和自己年龄相仿的男性发展恋情。Psychologist Dr Cecilia d#39;Felice said: #39;For British women, the key to a successful relationship is finding someone on the same wavelength, a person whom they genuinely resonate with。心理学家塞西莉亚·德·费莉丝士说:“对于英国女性而言,一段成功恋情的关键在于找到志趣相投的人,也就是能够与她们真正产生共鸣的人。;While some couples successfully transcend conventional age barriers, many people find it more satisfying to relate to someone their own age because their experiences and outlook on life are more likely to be similar。;”尽管有些伴侣超越了传统的年龄障碍,但很多人认为找一个与自己年龄相仿的伴侣会更美满,因为这样两个人在人生经历和人生观上都有更多的共同点。“Clearing up after a twenty-something who doesn#39;t know how to use the washing machine, however gorgeous, is not most women#39;s idea of fun。”“不管人长得有多帅,整天要跟在一个连洗衣机都不会用的毛头小伙后面收拾残局,想必不是多数女性希望的生活乐趣。 /201307/247820

Next time you get your debit card out, you might want to use it to buy some hand wash.下次你把自己的提款卡拿出来时,也许你会想用它去买些洗手液。A study has found that nearly one in 10 bank cards contains faecal matter. Cash is little better with one in seven bank notes containing high levels of bacteria similar to that found in a dirty toilet bowl.一项研究发现,近十分之一的卡都携带粪便物质。现金还稍微好点,七分之一的钞票上所含的大量细菌相当于肮脏的抽水马桶的细菌含量。The research, carried out at Queen Mary, University of London and the London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine, showed our hands are therefore dirtier than we might think.伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院与伦敦卫生学和热带医学院开展的这一研究显示,我们的手比我们想的还要脏。More than a quarter (26 percent) of hands sampled showed traces of faecal contamination including bacteria such as E.coli, the study found.研究人员对人的手进行取样,在超过四分之一(26%)的小样上发现了粪便污染物的痕迹,其中包括大肠杆菌这样的细菌。And we may be making ourselves ill as a result. A further survey of the 272 participants revealed only 39 percent washed their hands before eating.我们还可能因此而染上病。对272名参与者的进一步调查揭示,只有39%的人在吃饭前洗手。The vast majority (91 percent) of respondents also stated that they washed their hands after using the toilet, although the levels of faecal organisms contaminating the cards and currency suggested otherwise, researchers said.此外,绝大多数(91%)的被调查者称自己在上完厕所后会洗手,然而研究人员称,卡和钞票上携带的粪便污染物含量反映出的却不是这么一回事。Washing hands with soap can reduce diarrhoeal infections by up to 42 percent but only 69 percent of people reported doing this whenever possible.用肥皂洗手可以将腹泻感染几率降低42%以上,但只有69%的人报告说自己只要可能都会用肥皂洗手。Dr Ron Cutler, who led the research at Queen Mary, said: #39;Our analysis revealed that by handling cards and money each day we are coming into contact with some potential pathogens revealing faecal contamination including E. coli and Staphylococci.玛丽皇后学院带头开展这一研究的罗恩#8226;卡特勒士说:“我们的分析揭示,每天接触卡和钞票之时,我们都在和数种潜在病原体打交道,包括大肠杆菌和葡萄球菌这样的粪便污染物。#39;People may tell us they wash their hands but the research shows us different, and highlights just how easily transferable these pathogens are, surviving on our money and cards.#39;“人们也许告诉我们他们洗了手,但是研究显示出的结果却不是这样,这突出表明这些存活在我们的钞票和卡上的病原体是多么容易被传播。Dr Val Curtis, from London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine, said: #39;Our research shows just how important handwashing is - the surprising levels of contamination that we found on everyday objects is a sign that people are forgetting to wash their hands after the toilet, one of the key moments for infection prevention.#39;来自伦敦卫生学和热带医学院的瓦尔#8226;柯第斯士说:“我们的研究显示出洗手有多么重要——我们在日常物品上发现的污染物含量高得惊人,这表示人们在如厕后忘记洗手,而如厕后洗手对于预防传染病十分重要。”Nick Wilcher, marketing manager of Radox, who funded the study to raise awareness of Global Handwashing Day, said: #39;Our research highlights just how much bacteria we are exposed to in our everyday lives, on objects such as money and cards.该研究由乐多适公司出资赞助,目的是为了提高公众对世界洗手日的意识。乐多适公司的营销经理尼克#8226;威尔彻说:“我们的研究突出显示了我们在日常生活中接触的细菌有多少,像钞票和卡这样每日经手的物品上就含有这么多细菌。#39;We hope this study makes people think twice and encourages people to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating.#39;“我们希望这一研究能让人们好好想一想,鼓励人们在如厕后和吃饭前都洗洗手。” /201210/204106

You go into a restroom and there are 9 urinals/cubicles, all available. Which one would you choose, from left to right?你进入一个厕所,里面有9个厕位,全部都可用,从左往右看,你会挑哪一个使用Analysis分析Gentlemen:男士:The behavior of men in choosing urinals is different from that of women choosing restroom stalls, according to some reports. Whereas more women prefer stalls in the middle section, men prefer urinals to either end of the line, obviously hoping to draw as little attention as possible. Those men who actually choose urinals in the middle (4, 5, or 6) seem to be less self-conscious and less likely to succumb to external influence or pressure.根据一些相关报告,男士选用厕位的思维跟女士是不一样的。更多女士会选择中间的位置,而男士则多选择靠边的位置,明显是希望尽可能减少别人对自己的注意。选择中间(4、5、6)位置的男士比较随和或者比较不会屈于外在影响和压力之下。Ladies:女士:Women who choose stalls 1-3 are more flexible and can adjust to a new situation quickly. These women tend to be direct and straightforward, and they would not hesitate as much as others when confronted with decision-making.选择1-3号位置的女士为人灵活,对新环境能快速适应。这类人个性直率,当面对抉择时,他们不像其他人犹豫。Women who choose stalls 4-6 are cautious, moderate, balanced. They refrain from going to extremes and generally want to feel safe.选择4-6号位置的女士为人谨慎、随和安稳。她们避免走向极端,希望有安稳的生活。Women who choose stalls 7-9 have a stronger sense of ones’ own space; they would not mind going a little deeper into the corners, where it’s less likely that they’ll be disturbed, even though other women would consider such positions more “dangerous” ones.选择7-9号位置的女士有强烈的个人空间感,她们不介意躲在角落最深处,因为在那里可以减少被打扰的机会,尽管其他人会觉得那里可能“更危险”。 /201210/204821

While an economic crisis results in untold misery for countries and their people, a new study of health in Cuba has suggested there could be a silver lining during lean times.尽管经济危机会给许多国家及其人民造成难以名状的苦难,但是古巴的一项新健康研究指出,经济困难时期的黑暗也有一线光明。Researchers appear to have implied that people can lose weight during a recession due to a reduction in eating and increasing physical activity.研究人员暗示说,由于摄入食物的减少和体力活动的增多,人们在经济萧条时期体重会下降。Their dramatic findings, published online in the British Medical Journal, were based on a study in Cuba, where the population suffered food and fuel shortages following the economic crisis of the early 1990s triggered by the collapse of the Soviet Union.这一发表在《英国医学杂志》网刊上的引人注目的发现基于古巴的一项研究。20世纪90年代早期古巴在苏联解体后陷入经济危机,古巴民众因此遭受食品和燃料的短缺。This resulted in an average of 4 to 5kg (8 to 11 lbs) being shed by the people and subsequent rapid declines in deaths from diabetes and coronary heart disease.这导致古巴人的平均体重下降了4到5千克(8到11磅),古巴因糖尿病和冠心病而导致的死亡人数随后也迅速下降。The scientists from the University of Alcalá, in Madrid, also discovered that when Cubans put the weight back on, cases of diabetes surged again.马德里的阿尔卡拉大学的科学家还发现,古巴人体重回升后,糖尿病的发病率又再度猛增。The researchers concluded that the Cuban crisis could have lessons Britain.研究人员得出结论说,英国可以从古巴危机中吸取教训。They suggested that an average weight loss of just eleven pounds across the UK could cut deaths from heart disease by a third while the mortality rate of type 2 diabetes, the form of the condition related to obesity, could also be halved.他们指出,英国人口平均体重只需减少11磅,死于心脏病的人数就能减少三分之一,与肥胖有关的Ⅱ型糖尿病造成的死亡率也可以减半。Whole population trends in food consumption and transport policies linked to physical activity could reduce the burden of two major illnesses, said the researchers.研究人员称,全体民众食物摄入量的减少以及和体力活动有关的交通政策可以降低这两大疾病的负担。;During the deepest period of the economic crisis in Cuba, from 1991 to 1995, food was scarce and access to gas was greatly reduced, virtually eliminating motorised transport and causing the industrial and agricultural sectors to shift to manual intensive labour,” said Prof Manuel Franco, who led the international team of researchers from Spain, Cuba and the ed States.这一国际研究团队的成员来自西班牙、古巴和美国,团队的领头人曼纽尔?弗朗科教授说:“在古巴经济危机最严重的时期,即1991年至1995年这段时间,食品和燃气的供给量大幅减少,实质上降低了机动车的使用量,并导致工业和农业部门改用高强度的体力劳动。”;We found a population-wide loss of 4-5 kg in weight in a relatively healthy population was accompanied by diabetes mortality falling by half and mortality from coronary heart disease falling by a third.“我们发现,如果一个相对健康的人口体重整体减少4到5千克,那么糖尿病导致的死亡率会随之减半,冠心病死亡率也会降低三分之一。;So far, no country or regional population has successfully reduced the distribution of body mass index or reduced the prevalence of obesity through public health campaigns or targeted treatment programmes.;“到目前为止,还没有哪个国家或地区能通过公共健康运动或有针对性的治疗项目成功地降低人口的身体质量指数或肥胖发生率。” /201304/237385

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