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襄阳樊城区前列腺炎包皮手术多少钱襄阳治疗阴道炎费用Creditors have better memories than debtors. (Benjamin Franklin, American president )放债的比借债的记忆好。( 美国总统 富兰克林) /201109/154328襄阳谷城县无痛人流多少钱 Dragon Heads-raising Day.二月二龙抬头。Dragon Heads-raising Day falls on the second day of the second lunar month, which is a traditional festival. In ;Imperial Capital Accounts About Seasons;, Pan Rongbi in Qing Dynasty wrote the following: The second day is the Dragon Heads-raising Day. On the day, farmers and villagers made an ash path into the houses and kitchens, then wind around the water vats from the outside. This is called leading the dragons back to houses. People in the capital city fry broomcorn millet flour, cakes made of wheat flour and dates, husked wheat rice, and other things as their food. They call this ;fumigating insects;. Dragons are auspicious omen, for which Chinese people have an admiration that bordered on worship. Dragons dominate wind and rain. So in ancient days, every time when there was a drought, people would make a straw dragon with sorghum stalks about one zhang (3.33 meters). Then in front of the straw dragon, four men carried the Dragon King#39;s memorial tablet on a tablet tray and in front of it, people perform acrobatics, singing and dancing, as walking on stilts, doing yangge dance, gongs, drums and flags leading the way. Everywhere contingent of parade passed, every family offered sacrifices, burned incenses and candles to worship the Dragon King. When the straw dragon passed by, people would carry buckets and sprinkle water over the straw dragon and the dragon dancers. They believe that the Dragon King would feel grateful and then make plentiful rain for the mankind.二月二,汉族民间传统节日。流行于全国各民族地区。此节风俗活动较多,又有花朝节、踏青节、挑莱节、春龙节、青龙节、龙抬头日之称。因时间在农历二月初二日,故称。当时及其后民间以刀尺、百谷、瓜果种籽、迎富贵果子等相问遗,并有挑菜、踏青、迎富等活动。元费著《岁华纪丽谱》:明以后,二月二又有关于龙抬头的诸多习俗,诸如撒灰引龙、扶龙、熏虫避蝎、剃龙头、忌针刺龙眼等节俗,故称龙抬头日。 /201202/172362襄州区人民医院妇科整形多少钱

襄阳市第一人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱襄阳市流产手术哪家医院最好的 Women really DO like the strong, silent type: Scientists find happy men are #39;significantly less attractive#39; to ladies女性更偏爱肌肉沉默型男;专家发现“阳光男”对女性更缺乏吸引力Men rank women more attractive than women rank men, researchers concluded Women find happy men significantly less sexually attractive than those who swagger or brood, researchers said today.女性对男性的吸引力要大于男性对女性的吸引力,研究人员得出结论,那些看上去阳光快乐的男性较之于他们昂首阔步、沉默寡言的同类,对女性而言更缺乏性的吸引力。They are least attracted to smiling men, instead preferring those who looked proud and powerful, or moody and ashamed, according to a study.据一项研究结果,女性对微笑的男性并无太大兴趣;她们倒是更喜欢那些看上去傲慢自大、强硬或者忧郁、害羞的男性。In contrast, men are most sexually attracted to women who look happy, and least attracted to those who appear proud and confident.与之相反,男性更容易被那些看上去快乐的女性所吸引,而很难对那些看似骄傲和自信的女性感兴趣。The University Of British Columbia study, which is the first to report a significant gender difference in the attractiveness of smiles, helps explain the enduring allure of #39;bad boys#39; and other iconic gender stereotypes.不列颠哥伦比亚大学研究首次发现了两性之间最为明显的差异是对微笑的兴趣,这有助于解释“坏男孩”持久的吸引力以及其它一些象征性的性别类型。It is also the first study to investigate the attractiveness of displays of pride and shame.同时,这个研究也首次探究了骄傲和害羞这两种表情的吸引力。Lead researcher Professor Jessica Tracy said: #39;While showing a happy face is considered essential to friendly social interactions, including those involving sexual attraction - few studies have actually examined whether a smile is, in fact, attractive.首席研究者杰西卡·特蕾西(Jessica Tracy)教授说:“快乐的表情被认为是进行友好社会交往的基本要素,包括那些包含了性的吸引的---- 但是没有研究真正地考察微笑是否具有吸引力。”#39;This study finds that men and women respond very differently to displays of emotion, including smiles.#39;这一研究发现男性和女性对包括微笑在内的表情的反应是不同的。More than 1,000 adult participants rated the sexual attractiveness of hundreds of images of the opposite sex.参与调查的1000多名成年人对数百张异性的图像进行了性吸引力的评价。These photos included universal displays of happiness (broad smiles), pride (raised heads, puffed-up chests) and shame (lowered heads, averted eyes).这些图片包括了被公认的下列表情:快乐(开怀大笑),骄傲(昂首挺胸)和害羞(低头,转移目光)。The researchers found that women were least attracted to smiling, happy men - in contrast to men, who were most attracted to women who looked happy.研究者发现女性对微笑的快乐男性最不感兴趣——相反地,男性最易被看上去快乐的女性所吸引。Overall, the researchers said, men rank women more attractive than women rank men.总之,研究者声称,两性之间,男性更易被女性所吸引。Study co-author Alec Beall said: #39;It is important to remember that this study explored first-impressions of sexual attraction to images of the opposite sex.合作研究者亚力克·比尔(Alec Beall)说:“这个研究考察了当第一次看到异性照片时所感受到的性吸引力,这一点很重要。”#39;We were not asking participants if they thought these targets would make a good boyfriend or wife - we wanted their gut reactions on carnal, sexual attraction.#39;“我们并非在询问参与者们,她(他)们认为这些人是否能成为好的男友或妻子——我们只是想要知道她(他)们对这些人是否具有身体和性的吸引力的本能反应。”Professor Tracy and Mr Beall said that other studies suggest that what people find attractive has been shaped by centuries of evolutionary and cultural forces.特蕾西教授和比尔先生称,其它一些研究揭示人们所认为的吸引力受到几个世纪以来进化和文化力量的型塑。For example, evolutionary theories suggest females are attracted to male displays of pride because they imply status, competence and an ability to provide for a partner and offspring.例如,进化理论认为女性更易被具有骄傲表情的男性吸引,是因为这些男性表现了地位、才干和供养伴侣和后代的能力。According to Mr Beall, the pride expression accentuates typically masculine physical features, such as upper body size and muscularity.比尔先生认为,骄傲的面部表情强调了典型的肌肉体征,比方说,宽肩阔背。#39;Previous research has shown that these features are among the most attractive male physical characteristics, as judged by women,#39; he said.他说:“之前的研究表明,女性认为,这些体征被认为是最具吸引力的男性体征。”The researchers said more work is needed to understand the differing responses to happiness, but suggest the phenomenon can also be understood according to principles of evolutionary psychology, as well as socio-cultural gender norms.研究人员认为,在理解对快乐的不同反应方面,还需要做更多的工作,但这一现象也可以通过进化心理学以及社会文化的性别规范的原理来理解。For example, past research has associated smiling with a lack of dominance, which is consistent with traditional gender norms of the #39;submissive and vulnerable#39; woman, but inconsistent with the #39;strong, silent#39; man.例如,以往的研究将微笑与缺乏控制配地位相联系,这也同传统性别规范中“居于从地位和脆弱的”女性相一致,与“强大而沉默的”男性不相符。Professor Tracy said: #39;Generally, the results appear to reflect some very traditional gender norms and cultural values that have emerged, developed and been reinforced through history, at least in Western cultures.特蕾西教授说:“通常地,研究结果反映了在历史发展过程中曾出现、发展并得到巩固的一些非常传统的性别规范和文化价值,至少是在西方文化中。”#39;These include norms and values that many would consider old-fashioned and perhaps hoped that we#39;ve moved beyond.#39;“它们包含了许多曾被认为过时,我们希望将之摒弃的规范和价值。” /201211/209663襄阳市医院预约医生

襄阳哪里去做人流好 Overweight and obese people shouldn#39;t put off regular physical exercise because of worries it could lead to osteoarthritis of the knees, according to a report in the Journal of Epidemiology amp; Community Health. A study of overweight and obese people found their risk of knee osteoarthritis was significantly higher than normal-weight individuals but exercise didn#39;t increase that risk. 《流行病学与公共卫生杂志》(Journal of Epidemiology amp; Community Health)刊文称,超重和肥胖人群不应以可能导致膝关节骨性关节炎为由,抗拒定期的体育锻炼。一项针对超重和肥胖人群的研究发现,该类人群罹患膝关节骨性关节炎的风险远高于正常体重的人群,但体育锻炼并不会增大这种风险。 Previous studies examining the effects of recreational exercise on osteoarthritis risk have had mixed findings. Tim Bower以往也有过一些针对休闲运动是否会引发或增加骨性关节炎风险的研究,但结果莫衷一是。 Researchers analyzed osteoarthritis risk in nearly 30,000 Norwegian women and men enrolled in national health surveys from 1984 to 1997. Subjects were in their mid-40s and pain-free at the start. Just over a third of the participants exercised an hour or more per week and were considered physically active. Physician-diagnosed osteoarthritis was reported by the subjects. 研究人员对1984至1997年接受全国健康调查的近三万挪威人进行了骨性关节炎风险分析。调查对象的年龄处于45岁上下,起初并无关节疼痛症状。其中只有三分之一强的调查对象每周运动超过一个小时,被认为属于积极锻炼的人群。调查对象均报告称医生诊断其患有骨性关节炎。 Risk of knee osteoarthritis was more than four times as high in obese men and women as normal-weight subjects over 11 years of follow-up, the study found. But there was no additional risk associated with exercise or exercise intensity for any body-mass-index category, the analysis showed. Hip osteoarthritis wasn#39;t linked to either high BMI or exercise. 研究发现,在11年的跟踪分析中,肥胖人群(不分男女)罹患膝关节骨性关节炎的风险较正常体重的人群高出四倍多。但分析显示,按体质指数(BMI)划分的任何一类人群中,运动或运动强度均不会导致罹患骨性关节炎的风险增大。髋关节骨性关节炎与体质指数或运动强度均无直接关系。 Caveat: Information about types of exercise performed wasn#39;t available. It is possible participation in high-impact sports can increase the risk of knee and hip osteoarthritis within all categories of BMI, researchers said.警告:有关调查对象所进行的运动的类型不得而知。研究人员指出,不论体质指标是属于哪一类的人群,都仍有可能因为进行高强度运动而导致罹患膝关节和髋关节骨性关节炎的风险增大。 /201205/184629枣阳市第二人民医院妇科专家襄阳市第一人民医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱



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