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Wood Carving木刻Wood carving refers to a folk handicraft involving carving decorative patterns or designs by hand on wood or wood ware;it also refers to the wood or carved wood ware. The famed wood carving technology today in China is mostly inherited from the Qing Dynasty,of which Dongyang wood carving in Zhejiang,mahogany carving of Suzhou,gold lacquer wood carving, palace lantern of Beijing and carved wood ship are the most representative carved wood ware today. The current wood carving technology is not only used as decorations on furniture and architecture,but also used as visual artistic handiwork such as statues of Buddha and arhats, animals, wall hangings, etc.木刻是一种民间工艺品,是用手雕刻装饰木材或木制品的花纹或图案,它也指木材或雕刻的木制品。今天在中国著名的木雕技术主要是从清朝继承,浙江的东阳木雕,苏州的红木雕刻,雕刻在船上的北京金漆木雕和宫灯是今天最有代表性的木刻制品。目前的木雕技术不仅用作家具和建筑装饰,也是视觉艺术的杰作,如佛像和罗汉,动物,壁挂等。 /201610/470089。

Ice Lantern冰灯The ice lantern display first appeared one hundred years ago to mark the Lantern Festival in the northern provinces of China. There are two ways to make ice lanterns. One is to fill water into different moulds and then to freeze the water;the taken-out fillings,when connected to electric sources, are lanterns in different shapes. This is a way preferable for making smaller ice lanterns. The other is to cut different figures from great masses of natural ice with tools like axes,saws,shovels,files and so on. The figures may be in the shapes of mountain peaks,pagodas,towers, flowers and animals. When connected to electric sources, they are illuminating lanterns. An ice lantern display is a sea of lights, feast for any visitors#39; eyes.冰灯最早出现一百年前中国的北方各省庆祝元宵节。有两种方法可以做冰灯。其中之一是在不同的模具里装满水,然后冻结成冰;然后取出填充物,接通电源,可制作不同形状的灯笼。这是一种适合用于制造小冰灯笼的方法。另一种是由提取然冰,像用斧头,锯子,铲子,锉刀等工具切割大量巨大的冰块。这些图形可以是山峰,宝塔,寺庙,花草和动物的形状。当连接到电源,这些灯笼会发光。冰灯展会有很多灯,为游客照亮盛宴。 /201611/477679。

Jesse#39;s new colleague seemed ambitious杰西的新同事看起来野心勃勃啊 /201704/501916。

Time was when being single was considered failing in life - but society has changed and it#39;s now something to celebrate.在过去,单身被看做是人生的失败;如今,时代已经变了,单身变成了值得庆贺的事。Not only is singledom no longer pitiable, but for a lot of people it#39;s preferable.单身生活不仅不再是可怜的事,反而很多人开始有所偏爱。Being single allows you to be selfish in the best possible way - you can focus on yourself, your goals and what really makes you happy.单身允许你自私地选择对自己最好的方式生活--你可以只关心自己的生活、目标以及真正使你开心的事。In recent years, science has proven that there really are many benefits to being single, just as society has realised not all singletons are tragic Bridget Joneses, crying into our wine glasses, desperate for a boyfriend to complete us.近年来,科学研究明单身真的有很多优点,正如这个社会所意识到的,不是每个单身的人都是悲惨的布里吉特·琼斯(《单身日记》女主角),只能对着酒杯哭泣,渴望一个男朋友围绕身旁。Increasingly, research is suggesting that some of us just aren#39;t suited to relationships - a New Zealand study from 2015 found that people who tend to avoid conflict and confrontation were happier single than in a relationship.越来越多的研究表明一些人的确不适合谈恋爱--2015年,一项来自新西兰的研究发现,极力避免矛盾冲突的人,过单身生活比谈恋爱更快乐。Because as many singletons know, you can be totally fulfilled and happy without having an #39;other half#39; - in fact, many of us feel completely whole in our single state.因为很多单身的人都知道,没有另一半你能够感到完全的满足和快乐--事实上,我们很多人在单身阶段都会感到完全的充实。Here are four very real benefits to being single.接下来是单身的四大真实好处。You#39;ll have closer friendships你会有更亲密的朋友关系Ever had a friend basically fall off the face of the planet when they get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, only to come back into your life once they break up? Exactly. Research shows that singletons have better relationships with their families, friends and neighbors.是不是当一个朋友一旦有了男/女朋友时,他/她的脸就像从这星球上消失了一样,只有当他们分手了,他/她才会重新回到你的生活中?是这样的,研究表明单身的人有更好的家庭、朋友、邻里关系。You#39;ll be fitter你会变得更健康A study found that 73 per cent of Brits who fail to get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week are married - whether divorced or never married, singles are much more likely to keep fit. A 2013 study also found that happily married newlyweds are more likely to gain weight in the four years after tying the knot.一项研究表明73%没有完成所推荐的每周150分钟锻炼时间的英国人都是已婚人士-然而离婚或未婚的单身人士更可能保持健康。一项2013年的研究也发现幸福结婚的新婚夫妇更可能在结婚四年后增重。You#39;ll be more satisfied at work你会变得更满意自己的工作When you#39;re single, you#39;re free to put as much time into your career as you like without feeling guilty, and if that#39;s what makes you happy in life, that#39;s great. Research even suggests that single people may enjoy their work more because they tend to value meaningful work more.当你单身的时候,你对于按照自己的意愿自由地投入大量时间到工作上不会有负罪感。如果这样能使你感到快乐,那便是极好的。研究结果甚至表明单身的人会更享受工作,因为他们更倾向于从有意义的工作中寻找价值。You#39;ll have more disposable income你会有更多供配的收入Whether it#39;s train fares across the country to visit your significant other, presents for the in-laws or just more money spent on dinners out, being in a relationship can be a lot more expensive than being single. What#39;s more, a study has found that singletons tend to have less debt.无论是去看望重要伴侣的跨国旅费、买给亲属的礼物或仅仅是外出晚餐的开销,谈恋爱会比单身时花费的更多。此外,一项研究还发现单身族有更少的债务。译文属 /201702/492531。