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Police arrested a 67-year-old man after a woman said he “charged” her in his electric wheelchair, crashing into her bicycle after chasing her around a parking lot three days.The victim said Gray purposely crashed into her leg and bicycle, knocking her off. Further, she said he picked up the bike, which her late father gave her, and “slammed” it down, causing the front tire to come off.“(The victim) stated that Gray has chased her the last three days around the parking lot, but she never called the police,” an affidavit states.Gray, who police said appeared “very intoxicated,” denied doing anything. He then offered the woman money to repair the bike.Gray was arrested on misdemeanor battery and criminal mischief charges.67岁的老头Gray在开着电动轮椅连续三天跟踪一名骑自行车的女性后,终于被捕……实际上说这三天内他是跟踪并不准确,这货其实开着轮椅直接撞来着!而且连人带车撞倒之后,他还抓起自行车使劲往地上砸,把前轮都给砸脱了……警察来到现场之后发现这老头醉醺醺的,而且他坚持声称自己什么都没干,不过转眼他就开始掏钱给那位女士让她修自行车(这算是认罪么?)至于他为啥这么干?没有人知道……目前这位Gray先生已被以“殴打他人与故意伤害”罪起诉 975岐山县治疗内分泌多少钱;Avatar; is set to receive four sequels, according to creator James Cameron.导演詹姆斯·卡梅隆透露,《阿凡达将拍摄四部续集The ;Titanic; director announced the expansion of the franchise at CinemaCon. He confirmed his plans to release four new ;Avatar; movies over the course of the next seven years with each installment intended to debut around Christmas of 18, , and 3.电影《泰坦尼克号导演卡梅隆近日在电影产业集会CinemaCon上宣布了这一庞大的续集拍摄计划他确认了将在未来七年拍摄四部《阿凡达续集的计划,上映的时间依次为18年、年、年和3年的圣诞节;Were making four epic (Avatar) films that stand alone but together m a saga. These movies were designed to be seen in theaters first,; he told the audience.他告诉观众:“我们将拍摄四部史诗级的阿凡达续集影片,每部故事独立,但又能组成一个完整的故事影片将首先在影院放映”;Ive been working with the top four screenwriters and designers in the world to design the world of Avatar going ward,; he continued. ;The environments, new cultures—whatever it takes to bring it to life.;他继续说道,“我一直在与世界顶尖的四位编剧和设计师合作,构思下一步的阿凡达世界不管需要什么样的环境、新的文化,我们都要不计一切代价去实现”Zoe Saldana most likely had a similar reaction after learning shell be speaking Navi into her 0s.(第一部的女主角)佐伊·索尔达娜在得知到了0多岁还得讲纳美语时,也许会同样惊讶Cameron originally intended to only make two sequels to the fantasy epic, which garnered immense critical and commercial acclaim upon its release, as well as pioneering new technologies in filmmaking.卡梅隆最初计划给这部年上映的影片拍摄两部续集《阿凡达一片最初上映时获得了界和商业界的广泛称赞,引领了电影制作新技术;There is too much story and visionary ideas two sequels,; Cameron said, via The Wall Street Journal. ;So we talked to Fox and expanded it to three sequels. Now that the script work is finishing up, it not three. It looks like four. So after talking it through with our partners at Fox and giving it a lot of thought, we decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project.;卡梅隆接受《华尔街日报采访时说,“用两部续集来展示这么多情节和创意实在不够用我们和福克斯公司谈了谈,扩大到三部现在剧本就要完成了,不是三部了,看上去要到四部所以我们与福克斯的合作伙伴进一步洽谈,又有了不少新创意,于是决心来一次大工程”;Our jobs as filmmakers is to keep making films onscreen,; he explained at CinemaCon. ;Well continue to make this industry the greatest show on Earth. My producer Jon Landau and I are committed to the theater experience. Despite what the folks at the Screening Room say, I think movies need to be offered in the theater on opening day. So boom.;他在CinemaCon上解释说:“作为制片人,我们的工作是坚持做电影我们将继续把电影做成地球上最好的艺术形式我和制片人乔恩·兰多将致力于影院体验不管放映室的人说什么,我都认为电影应该在影院首映这样电影产业才能繁荣” 389宝鸡前列腺炎医院哪家比较好5.L-1 Helgoland Disaster5.L-1黑尔戈兰空难Despite the German Naval Airship Division sketchy track record since the building of the Zeppelin I in 19, the latest military model was in the North Sea perming reconnaissance and war maneuvers just north of Helgoland when it flew into a hurricane. The airship crew had trouble maneuvering in the strong wind. After sending a wireless message to base help, they tried to land in the water, but they lost control and crashed. The airship weight caused the gas bag to split, trapping many crew members in the water. By the time rescue boats arrived, only seven were still alive.除了19年建造齐柏林飞艇时德国海军飞艇师粗略的成绩记录,最后的军方模型在北海进行侦察和战争演习——它飞进飓风里时,就在黑尔戈兰北边战舰上的船员很难在强劲的风中操纵飞艇在向基地发送求救的无线电信息后,他们试图在水上着陆,但是他们失去控制,坠毁了飞艇的重量导致气囊爆裂,把许多船员困在水里救援船只抵达时,只有7人还活着.Charles Stewart Rolls.查尔斯·斯图尔特·劳斯One-half of the famed partnership that founded the Rolls-Royce Motor Company, Rolls was a skilled racing car driver and keen aeronaut and aviator, making hundreds of balloon ascents and piloting an airship. After meeting the Wright brothers in New York and witnessing a flight demonstration in 19, he was hooked on airplanes. Rolls taught himself to fly, accomplished the first double crossing of the English Channel, and gave demonstrations and exhibitions to enthralled crowds all over England. During an aerial show in Bournemouth, England, while competing a prize in his modified Wright Flyer biplane, part of the tail snapped off. The biplane broke apart in midair and plunged to the ground. Rolls sustained a skull fracture and died.劳斯不仅是创建劳斯莱斯汽车公司这个著名合作的一半,他还是娴熟的赛车手、热情的热气球驾驶员和飞行员,升起过几千个热气球,还驾驶过一艘飞艇19年在纽约与莱特兄弟见面并亲眼观看过一次飞行表演之后,他迷上了飞机劳斯自学飞行,完成了第一次往返穿越英吉利海峡的飞行,还为英格兰各地痴迷的观众进行展示表演在英格兰伯恩茅斯(Bournemouth)进行飞行表演时,他用其改进的莱特双翼飞机争夺一个奖项时,飞机尾部一处啪的一声断了双翼飞机在半空解体,坠向地面劳斯颅骨骨折,死了3.Imperial Airways Tragedy3.皇家航空公司空难Imperial Airways ;City of Liverpool; luxury airplane was scheduled to fly from London to Brussels with passengers and three crew. During the flight, the plane caught fire, broke apart, and crashed outside Diksmuide, Belgium, killing everyone aboard.皇家航空公司的豪华客机;利物浦之城;,计划搭乘名乘客和3名机组人员从伦敦飞往布鲁塞尔在飞行中,飞机起火,解体,坠入比利时迪克斯梅德(Diksmuide)城外,机上人员全部罹难Investigators studied the wreckage and gathered eyewitness reports. One fact stood out: A passenger, Dr. Albert Voss, jumped from the plane prior to the fire. He didnt survive, but further digging revealed that Voss was involved in illegal drug smuggling. A police case had been built against him, and an arrest seemed imminent. Apparently, Voss scheme involved boarding the plane, setting a fire, and escaping bee it crashed. He had probably hoped to be declared dead and start a new life in Europe.调查人员研究了飞机残骸,收集了目击者的描述一个事实显现出来:一位乘客,阿尔伯特·沃斯医生(Dr. Albert Voss),在起火前从飞机里跳了出来他并没有生还,但是进一步调查发现沃斯涉及非法走私毒品警方已经针对他立案,似乎随后就要展开抓捕显而易见,沃斯计划登上飞机、纵火,并在飞机坠毁前逃离他很可能希望被宣布死亡,然后在欧洲开始新生活.Cornelia Clark t.科妮莉亚克拉克堡After working hard to become the first female flight instructor in Nashville, Tennessee, -year-old Cornelia was hired to train civilian and military students in Hawaii—in 191. On the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, while on a training flight with a student, she took the controls to avoid a Japanese Zero and brought her plane to a safe landing in the midst of machine-gun fire. In 19, she accepted an invitation to join the Women Auxiliary Ferrying Service (WAFS) flying planes from factories to military bases. While with a group piloting BT-s to Dallas in March 193, a novice male pilot clipped her plane with his plane landing gear, causing her to crash. She didnt parachute out and was killed instantly on impact. You can learn more about Cornelia in this Nashville Public Television documentary.经过努力奋斗成为田纳西纳什维尔第一位女飞行教练之后,岁的科妮莉亚接受聘用,在夏威夷训练民航和军队的学生——那是191年偷袭珍珠港当天,她正与一个学生进行飞行训练,她控制飞机躲过一架日本零式舰载战斗机,并在林弹雨中将自己的飞机驾驶到安全的着陆地带19年,他接受邀请加入妇女辅助运输务队(WAFS),把飞机从工厂驾驶到军事基地193年3月,她与一群人将BT-驾驶到达拉斯时,一位经验不足的男飞行员驾驶的飞机上的起落架碰到了她的飞机,导致坠机她没有跳伞,立即丧生从纳什维尔公共电视台的纪录片可以了解到关于她的更多信息1.Calbraith Perry Rodgers1.卡尔布雷斯·佩里·罗杰斯The first of the pioneering aviators to fly the Wright EX across the US from New York to Calinia in 19, Rodgers became known as the ;Vin Fiz Flyer; because his historic trip was sponsored by the Armour Company of Chicago, makers of a soft drink called Vin Fiz.作为飞行先驱中首位驾驶莱特EX穿越美国本土——19年从纽约飞往加利福尼亚——的人,罗杰斯被人们称作;Vin Fiz Flyer;,因为其具有历史性的飞行是由芝加哥装甲公司赞助的,而这个公司生产了一种叫做;Vin Fiz;的软饮料Several months later, during a public exhibition at Long Beach, Rodgers biplane was struck by a seagull. He lost control of the craft and struggled to pull up the plane nose. Spectators watched the biplane crash into the beach close to the spot where hed completed his record-breaking journey. The impact broke his jaw, back, and neck. Rodgers died on the way to the hospital.几个月后,在长岛进行公开展演时,罗杰斯的双翼飞机被一只海鸥击中飞机失去了控制,他挣扎着拉起机头现场观众看着飞机冲向海滩——就在他曾经完成创纪录飞行的地点的旁边事故导致他下颚、背部和脖子受伤罗杰斯在去往医院的路上死去翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 398861宝鸡西大医院治疗前列腺炎不存在坑人呵

宝鸡西大医院怎么样不坑不坑宝鸡割包皮的医院哪家专业Alexander Kettler was playing in his grandmother home in Diepholz, Germany, last week when he stumbled across something unusual: a sarcophagus.德国男孩亚历山大.科特勒上周在奶奶(迪普霍尔茨)家玩耍时,发现了一件不寻常的东西:一口石棺Alongside dust-covered boxes and clutter, the -year-old found a mummy in his grandmother attic, according to local reports. His family reportedly had never bee come across the curious items.;There was a huge sarcophagus and inside a mummy,; Kettler father Lutz Wolfgangtold Spiegel Online. ;Then we opened the other cases and found an earthenware Egyptian death mask and a Canopic Jar.;当地媒体透露,这个岁的男孩是在奶奶家布满尘土的杂乱的阁楼上发现石棺的,打开石棺,里面尽然是一具木乃伊!男孩的家人也大为惊讶,表示从来没见到过这么奇怪的东西“石棺很大,里面有一具木乃伊”男孩的爸爸告诉媒体“打开几个木匣子,我们发现了一个陶氏的埃及人面像,还有一个卡罗皮克陶罐”The elder Kettler suspects the ancient artifacts may have belonged to his late father, who traveled through North Africa during the 1950s. As the B notes, Kettler believes the sarcophagus and artifacts are replicas, but he said he thinks the mummy may be the real deal.老科特勒估计这些古文物应该属于他的先父老大爷说他的父亲于18世纪50年代去过北非老大爷觉得石棺和脸谱等文物应该是复制品,但那一具木乃伊应该是真品Testing will be required to confirm if the wrapped figure within the sarcophagus is an actual mummy. Kettler told the Bild newspaper that he plans to transport the mummy to Berlin examination.木乃伊将送去检验是否是真品,科特勒告诉报社,他们会把木乃伊送到柏林去验明正身If the mummy is proven to be an authentic Egyptian antiquity, authorities in Egypt will seek to bring the relic back to the country.;Diplomacy is a successful way to resolve these sorts of issues, and it is not costly,; Abdel Maqsoud, deputy director of the Antiquities Sector at Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, told Egypt Independent. ;We should first check if the piece left the country legally and find out if it is registered at any museum.;如果木乃伊被检验出是真品,埃及当局希望将木乃伊送还回埃及“外交手段是处理这种事件的有效手段,这是不需要重金赎买的”埃及文物局副主任Abdel Maqsoud对媒体讲到“我们应该第一时间查明,这一具木乃伊是否是合法出境的,也应该查明是否是任何一家物馆的文物” 530宝鸡西大医院治疗早泄没有的啊黑宝鸡哪个治疗生殖器疱疹医院好些

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