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大理市人民医院不孕不育科大理哪家医院治妇科好Its an incredible idea. But most experts now believe that todays birds are the direct descendants of ancient dinosaurs.这是一个很不可思议的观点。但是大多数专家认为今天的鸟类是古代恐龙的直系后代。So does that mean birds actually are dinosaurs?这么说鸟类是恐龙?Yes. Absolutely.是的,当然。How can you be sure about that?你怎么如此肯定?You have evidence from the skeletal anatomy. You have evidence from the shape of the eggs and the microstructure of the eggshell, the discovery about a wealth of feathered dinosaurs, animals that are unquestionably dinosaurs and yet have feathers. They looked just like the feathers on modern birds.你能从骨骼解剖图里找到据,从卵的形状、卵壳在扫描电镜下的微观结构找到据。发现大量长有羽毛的动物,毫无疑问这种动物就是恐龙,长有羽毛的恐龙。他们看起来就像现代的鸟类。Its a discovery that revolutionizes the way we see dinosaurs. Even some tyrannosaurs were feathered. But the relationship between birds and dinosaurs can tell us much more than simply what they may have looked like.这个发现彻底改变了我们对恐龙的看法。有些霸王龙竟然也长有羽毛。鸟和恐龙的关系会为我们揭开更多奥秘,而不是仅仅展示外貌上的相似。So does this mean that we can use living birds to help us understand dinosaurs?那么这意味着我们能利用活着的鸟类帮助我们了解恐龙吗?Absolutely. You know you have 10,000 living species of birds that are providing you an enormous amount of information that you can use to understand the biology of the ancient dinosaurs.当然。你也知道世界上有10000种鸟类,这就为我们研究古代恐龙的生物学提供了大量的信息。Its quite amazing. But it also makes a certain degree of sense when really you look at them.这太令人惊奇了。但当你真正观察它们的时候,在一定程度上也合情理。If we want to learn about how the ancient dinosaurs moved and even how quickly they ran, few animals can tell us more than ostriches. They evolved on an early branch of the avian family tree. And like dinosaurs they are related to, they are large, bipedal and flightless.如果我们想要了解古代恐龙如何运动,了解他们跑得多快,那就没什么能比鸵鸟带来更多信息。鸵鸟是由早期的鸟类家族分进化而来。正如与之关系密切的恐龙一样,鸵鸟个头巨大,两足且不能飞翔。I have some living dinosaurs here to take a look at.我这儿有一些活恐龙可供观察。Hello, ladies.嗨,女士们。Theyre all ladies, are they?他们都是雌恐龙,是吗?Yes. Yes. They are a bit more manageable when they are females.是的,是的。雌恐龙才更容易控制。原文译文属!201210/203166大理医院做人流费用 The Blurry World Underwater水下的朦胧世界When you open your eyes underwater, things look blurry, but with goggles, everything looks perfectly clear. Why cant we landlubbers focus underwater without goggles?当你在水底睁开眼睛的时候,所有的东西看上去都很模糊,但是戴上护目镜,所有的东西看起来都变得很清晰。为什么我们水手在水底不戴护目镜就不能自动聚焦呢?First, we need to explore how our eyes focus when were high and dry. Our ability to focus depends on the refraction, or bending, of light rays as they pass between substances of different densities. One way to see refraction is to put a spoon in a glass of water. It looks like the spoon bends at the waters surface, but its really the light rays bending as they pass between the air and the denser water. A lens works in a similar way, but unlike the flat surface of water, which bends all the rays the same way, a lens is curved, bending rays at different angles so they come to a focus.首先,我们需要探索当我们处于高处和干燥的地方时,我们的眼睛是怎样聚焦的。我们聚焦的能力取决于光线通过不同密度的物质时发生的折射或者弯曲。观察到折 射现象的一种方法是在装水的玻璃杯中放入一个汤匙,汤匙在水面处看上去似乎是被折成了两段。但事实上,这是光线在通过空气和密度更高的水时发生的折射现 象。透镜以同样的方式运作。但不同的是,不像水平面使所有的光线以同样的角度折射弯曲,透镜是曲面的,这样就使得光线从不同的角度发生了弯曲,所以它们就 形成了聚焦。The front of the eye has two lenses, the cornea on the outside and another lens inside, to focus images on the retina, at the back of the eye. Most of the refraction takes place when light passes from the air into the cornea, which is much more dense, but water and the cornea have similar densities. So, when we open our eyes underwater, incoming light rays are hardly bent, or focused, at all. The inside lens bends the rays a little, but it cant make up for the lost corneal refraction, so the light that reaches the retina isnt focused and the underwater world looks blurry.在眼睛的前部有两个透镜,通过外部的角膜和另一个位于内侧的晶状体,我们得以把图像聚焦到位于眼睛后部的视网膜上。当光通过空气进入角膜时,角膜密度比空 气大,大多数折射就发生在这个时候。但是水的密度和角膜的相似,所以,当我们在水底睁开眼睛的时候,入射光线很难弯曲或者聚焦。内部的晶状体可以使光线发 生一些弯曲,但这不能弥补在角膜处失去的折射,所以到达视网膜的光无法聚焦,水底世界看起来就很模糊。Goggles clear things up by inserting a pocket of air in front of the cornea, restoring that crucial interface between substances of different densities to refract the light.护目镜可以保留在角膜前方的空气,恢复了不同浓度物质的界面,实现了光的折射,从而使我们看到的东西变得清晰。 /201207/189040Now from the Boston Museum of Science, Scitech Today on NECN.有线新闻波士顿消息。Well, you may have heard the myth, but do all of those antibacterial products really make bacteria stronger? Joining us now from the Museum of Science, Boston is Dr. Duane Hill. Good to have you here.我们都听说过关于抗菌产品的传说,抗菌产品真的只是会使细菌进化得更加强大吗?来自波士顿科技馆的士Duane Hill将向我们做详细介绍。你好。Oh good morning. How are you?观众们上午好,主持人你好。Im good. So are we talking about, you know, what you spray on your kitchen counter and wipe up?你好。我们需要谈论的是喷洒在厨房台面然后再擦掉的消毒剂吗?Sort of, I mean, a lot of those common household disinfectants, ur, that we think of things like Lysol or even things like wet wipes, things like that, have disinfectants in them. Theres one research. Theres one piece of research that was on in Ireland not too long ago, looked at a common disinfectant called benzalkonium chloride which is the disinfectant that we find in wet wipes, things like Lysol and a lot of those products, even cosmetics that we use everyday.某种程度上说,是的。我是说一般的家用除菌用品比如煤酚皂溶液,湿纸巾这类用品都含有消毒剂。有一项研究,也就是不久前爱尔兰的一项研究显示在湿纸巾,煤酚皂溶液这类产品,甚至是每天都可能用到的化妆品中存在一种名叫氯化苯甲烃铵的物质。Ok,and the findings are interesting.It was actually making the bacteria grow stronger.好的,这项研究结果很有趣,因为这些物质可以促进细菌的生长。Exactly. What they did was they exposed these bacteria, a kind of bacterium called Pseudomonas, it causes a lot of different health conditions in humans. They exposed these bacteria to this benzalkonium chloride, this just infecting for only about a month. And what they found was that the bacteria became not only more resistant to the disinfectant itself but also to the antibiotic Sypro. So the bacteria kind of got a two for one learning by being exposed to this common disinfectant.没错,研究人员找到一种名为假单胞菌的细菌,一种能引起人类疾病的细菌。研究人员将这种细菌与氯化苯甲烃铵相互接触。仅仅一个月的时间,研究人员发现这些细菌的抗药性就增强了,甚至能对抗抗生素。因此,暴露在抗菌药物下,细菌反而生长得更加旺盛。And why does that happen?那么,为什么会这样呢?Well, I mean, when you think about it, a lot of the things that we have at our disposal, disinfectants, antibiotics are poisons from the point of view of the bacteria. And bacteria have these little things calls efflux pumps. Just little pumps that the cells use, we actually use them ourselves, different ones to pump poisons out of their cells. And what they think was happening is that the bacteria that could figure out how to defend themselves against this disinfectant also use those same pumps to protect themselves against the antibiotic sypro.当我们想要对付细菌的时候,有很多选择。消毒剂,抗生素都是细菌的天敌。细菌细胞有一种叫做外排泵的功能,和我们人类的基本相同,都是将有毒物质排出机体的功能。正如人体细胞,细菌细胞同样能对抗抗细菌产品甚至是抗生素,把它们排出体外以保护自己。Does that mean you should throw away your little wet wipes?这是说我们要扔点湿纸巾这些产品吗?Absolutely not. No one is saying that we should stop using disinfectants. Disinfectants are really important part of our arsenal against bacteria. But I think what the research is suggesting is that physicians, public health professionals, we ourselves need to kinda think about what some of the side-effects might be from these disinfectants and not just grab them and use them so indiscriminately. We need to kind of think about it.当然不是,没有人说我们不能够实用抗细菌产品。抗细菌产品是我们对抗细菌的有效武器。但我认为这项研究想要做的是提示医生们,以及所有的卫生行业从业者们,我们不能不加选择地一味使用抗菌产品而忽视它的副作用,我们应当适当地考虑一下。Woo its interesting, Dr. Duane Hill, thank you so much for joining us this morning.很有趣,Duane Hill士,谢谢你的介绍。Oh, my pleasure!不客气!And youll be sure to join us every Thursday morning at this time for Scitech Today. You can also log on to the Museum of Science website at MOS.ORG欢迎每周四早上准时收看Scitech Today,或者关注我们的网站mos.org。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/182735弥渡县盆腔炎哪家医院最好的

大理人流在哪家医院好Is squinting really that effective?眼睛真的有效吗?Male: Thanks for coming on this fact-finding trip with me and share the driving.谢谢你来跟同我一道进行实地考察。Female: Glad to do it. It should be a fun trip. I imagine I will learn a lot.很乐意!应该会很有趣的。我觉得我也会学到很多东西。M: I hope so. So i think we are getting close to our exit.So Ill keep an eye on it.For there is a sign but I cant quite make it out.但愿如此!我想我们正在靠近出口了,所以我要集中精力,因为有个地方我总是辨别不出来。F: Donne, youre squinting to see the sign. Does that really help?多恩,你(眼睛)眯着看东西,真有帮助吗?M: It really does. I can it now when I am squinting.是的。当我眯着眼睛的时候就可以认出来。F: Lets see now.Light enters the eye from many directions. The lens of the eye bends these rays so that they come together at a focal point. When the rays come together at the retina, the image is in focus. If this focal point is in front of the retina, close objects are clear-nearsightedness; if it is behind the retina, distant objects are clear-farsightedness.让我们现在来看看。光线从四面八方进入到人的眼睛里,眼睛里的晶状体会使这些光线转向,好让它们聚集到同一焦点。当光线聚集到视网膜,清晰的图像就形成了。如果该聚焦点在视网膜前,进出的东西就会很清楚——即近视;如果在视网膜后,远处的东西就很清楚——即远视。M: Right. Now because they are bent more, the rays that pass near the edge of the pupil are blurred more. If you can eliminate these edge rays then you will have less blurring.正确!现在由于它们太过倾斜了,经过瞳孔边缘的光线就会被模糊掉。如果你能消除这些边缘的光线,你就会看的清楚些。F: That must be what squinting does.那就是眯眼睛的效果。M: Exactly.Squinting uses the eyelids to block the blurred rays that enter the pupil near its edge. Squinting is not a long-term solution to poor vision, but it sometimes helps in a pinch.完全正确。眯眼睛(的时候),眼皮阻挡了进入瞳孔边缘地区的光线。可这只是在必要时有些帮助,并不是一个解决视力差的方法。M: Ah, I think we can end this field trip now. Ive learned about all I can stand for one day.阿,我觉得我们现在可以结束这次旅程了。我已经学到了一天能承受的量了。 /201209/199649大理学院附属医院妇科做人流 大理白族自治州早孕检查多少钱

大理东方妇科医院妇科预约 Business商业Fashion retailers and social media时装零售和社交媒体The buying game购物游戏Can play shopping transform the real thing?在线玩购物能改变零售业的现状吗?A LUXURY handbag by Stella McCartney worth £600 (0) is the prize in an online game to design the best virtual outfit featuring the accessory, using real items on sale in Matches, a real store.价值600英镑(960美元)的斯特拉?麦卡特尼名牌手提包,这是一个在线游戏针对设计出最佳的虚拟装配饰的奖励,而这些配饰在实物店Matches都有销售。Players of a game created by Fantasy Shopper will pick the winner.在这个Fantasy Shopper网站所设计的线上游戏里,赢家由玩家们自己挑选产生。The firm is a pioneer of ;relevant social gaming;. This combines features of online games such as FarmVille and World of Warcraft with data and deeds from the real world.作为;相关社交游戏;领域的先驱,该网站把像开心农场和魔兽世界等线上游戏的特点与现实生活中的实际情况整合成了这样一个游戏。;Gamification; is an ugly word, but it sounds like money to some.;实业游戏化;的字眼并不讨喜,但是对某些人而言却是商机。Online games are fun.在线游戏很有趣。Why not borrow some of that fun and apply it to real life?为什么我们不把游戏中的一些乐趣带到现实生活中了?This can be hard.这确实还是有困难的。Plenty of firms have flopped by trying to bolt a gaming element unconvincingly onto a boring pre-existing website.有不少公司贸然将游戏元素与已有的内容乏味的网站勉强结合在一起,但这些尝试均以失败告终。Fantasy Shopper was designed from the start as a hybrid between game and real-world activity says its founder, Chris Prescott.据Fantasy Shopper网站创始人普雷斯科特称,其建设的初衷就是一个游戏和现实生活行为结合的产物。Players visit a city (London for now, New York and others to follow) and compete to find bargains and assemble the best outfits using virtual money to spend on goods actually sold in shops there.在线玩家选择购物城市(暂时只有伦敦,稍后纽约和其他城市会陆续开放),然后竞相去淘一些特价时装,接着用装配饰自行装搭配,而且这些配饰商品都可以在该城市的线下商店使用虚拟金币购买。The choices can be published on Facebook news feeds, where other players vote on the looks on offer.每件创意搭配组合都会发布到脸谱网(Facebook)的新闻提要,供其他玩家参看投票。Besides the occasional shot at winning an expensive handbag, players are rewarded virtually, with badges and the like to show off to friends, and vouchers they can use at real shops.除了有机会赢得名牌手提包,玩家们还会得到虚拟荣誉勋章和可供炫耀的;赞;,当然还有实物店的代金券。Mr Prescott reckons that Fantasy Shopper will appeal to those who shop as much for the fun of the chase as for the kill.普雷斯科特认为,Fantasy Shopper将会吸引那些喜欢竞争和过关斩将的人们。The game aly has an enthusiastic following among girls aged 20-25, he says.他还说,这游戏已经吸引了一批年龄在20岁到25岁之间的女性追随者。Retailers have been quick to team up with the firm because it helps with promoting products and gives instant feedback from potential customers about what is likely to sell.一些零售商也已很快地和Fantasy Shopper搭成了合作协议,因为该网站除了能够帮助他们推销商品之外,还能让他们得到一些潜在客户的及时反馈,让他们知道应该卖什么样的商品。Soon it is likely to offer stores the ability to lure in players as they pass by with offers on their mobile phones.很快,这样商家就有可能通过发布整合后的商品信息从而吸引在网上浏览的玩家。The main appeal of Fantasy Shopper and similar ;social shopping; firms is their potential to transform fashion retailing by generating vast amounts of data on shoppers tastes.Fantasy Shopper以及类似的;社交购物;网站公司最大的吸引力在于通过充分让经销商们了解消费者的需求,从而潜在地改变着时装零售业。The trick will be to keep adding new players and, even harder, to keep existing ones fully engaged.这个游戏将需要更多新玩家的参与,更困难的是让现有的玩家全身心地投入。For Fantasy Shopper, the big test will come when it opens in America, probably within weeks.对Fantasy Shopper网站而言,当其在美国开通时最大的考验可能就在数周内。So far it has played a deft hand.目前为止, Fantasy Shopper运营甚好。In November, one month after launching, Fantasy Shopper beat 1,500 rivals to win the Amazon Global Start-up Challenge.去年十一月,在投入运营一个月之后,该网站一举击败了其他1500名竞争对手,摘得了;亚马逊全球创业挑战赛;的冠军。It is rumoured to have turned down an offer from Amazon.据说,该网站的创始人拒绝了到亚马逊旗下发展的邀请。In January the company secured funding from Accel Partners and NEA, two Silicon Valley venture-capital outfits.而今年一月份,该网站公司分别获得了硅谷两家风险投资基金—阿塞尔合作基金(Accel Partners)和恩颐(NEA)的注资。Yet Fantasy Shopper is based far from any high-tech hub, in the English town of Exeter.但是Fantasy Shopper公司在埃克塞特德文郡的一个小镇,离任何一个高科技核心区都很远。Thanks to the ubiquity of cloud computing, entrepreneurs can start firms anywhere, says Mr Prescott. Even in Devon, a county better known for cream teas than digital cookies.普雷斯科特这样称,云计算的普及,任何地方都可以创业,即便是在德文郡这样以奶油下午茶闻名而不是数码产品的地方。It is not just traditional shopaholics who may get hooked on Fantasy Shopper.其实, 吸引在Fantasy Shopper网站上的玩家不仅仅是那些传统的购物狂们。Mr Prescott claims that the male geeks in his office have realised that they can reduce the risk of being laughed at for their fashion choices by posting pictures of clothes they want to buy in advance, to see what reaction they get before they splash the cash.普雷斯科特表示,他公司里的极客们(书呆男们)也已经意识到,他们可以通过事先把所欲购买的饰的图片上传至网络,在掏钱购买之前先看看别人的反应,从而降低因为不懂时尚而遭嘲笑的风险。For fashion victims of every kind, ;pre-purchase validation; could be a game-changer.对于所有的时装奴而言,;购前验效;的做法将会成为游戏的变革者。 /201210/206691大理市不孕不育症云南大理白带异常哪家医院最好的



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