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云南省中医医院激光去斑手术多少钱云南鼻翼改薄整型鼻头改小整形线雕美容多少钱Business.商业。Business ethics.经营道德。Going bananas.购买香蕉。Chiquita has tried hard to be good—and got no credit for it.奇基塔一直努力作为一个好企业,但一直得不到信任。SOMETIMES you bend over backwards to please, but still get nowhere. That is what appears to have happened to Chiquita Brands, an American firm which is one of the worlds biggest suppliers of bananas and other fruit. Despite accommodating eco-warriors, social activists and unions, it has found little reward.有时你使出浑身解数来取悦对方,但仍毫无结果。这就像是在奇基塔身上发生的一样,美国奇基塔公司是世界上一个大的香蕉及其他水果供应商。尽管帮助于生态保护斗士,社会积极分子及其组织,但是奇基塔公司没得到什么好处。After a campaign by a green group called ForestEthics, Chiquita agree d in November to avoid fuel from Canadian tar sands. Extracting this oil is a dirty process. Environmentalists have worked furiously to block a pipeline, called Keystone XL, which would carry it from Canada to America. Chiquita told ForestEthics that it does not use such fuel in its ships and agreed to avoid its use in lorries.环保组织;森林伦理;(ForestEthics)发起环保运动后,奇基塔公司11月承诺不再从加拿大焦油砂中提取燃油。提取这种燃油是一个污染环境的过程。环保人士竭力阻止加拿大通往美国的Keystone XL输油管道的修建。奇基塔公司告诉环保组织;森林伦理;(ForestEthics),在其船运中他们不再使用这种燃油,同时也避免将这种燃油使用于陆运。This may have pleased environmentalists, but it infuriated Canadians who depend on the oil industry. A pro-business lobby called EthicalOil.org is urging a boycott of Chiquitas products that is said to be costing the company a fortune. Chiquita would not quantify its losses.这样的举动或许能讨好环保人士,但是激怒了依赖于这种燃油产业的加拿大人。一个称为EthicalOil.org的商业主义游说团体呼吁抵制奇基塔公司的产品,据称这将损失公司一大笔钱。奇基塔公司不会量化其损失。Chiquita traces its origins to the late 1890s and the ed Fruit Company, which treated some of the Central American countries it operated in as banana republics. In recent years, however, the firm has made huge efforts to promote social responsibility and sustainability, working with activist groups such as the Rainforest Alliance. ;We can do good and do well at the same time,; Fernando Aguirre, the firms chief executive, wrote in the companys latest social responsibility report, issued in 2008.追溯奇基塔公司的起源可到19世纪90年代末,当时还是联合果品公司,把操控着一些的中美洲国家戏称为;香蕉共和国;。然而,近几年,该公司同像雨林联盟这样的激进分子组织在促进社会责任和提升可持续发展能力上作出了巨大的努力。该公司总裁兼首席执行官费尔南多.阿格里在公司最新社会责任报告中写到,;我们能做好事同时也能做好;,该报告发行于2008年。Chiquita has signed and largely upheld a global agreement with local and international food unions. It has embraced sustainable farming techniques and allows products to be certified for environmental and other standards. Last year it promised to promote more women and to ensure there is no sexual harassment on the plantations it owns and buys from. But that has not provided protection from big retailers buying bananas direct from plantations and bypassing Chiquita and its main rivals, Dole and Fresh Del Monte Produce.奇基塔同当地和国际食品组织已签署了并很大程度上持的一份全球协议。该协议囊括了可持续农业技术,给予产品环保认以及其他标准。去年,该公司承诺将提升更多的女性同时确保在其拥有和购买的种植园内不存在性骚扰。但是,对于那些避开奇基塔和其主要竞争对手的杜尔和德尔蒙食品公司直接在种植园从大零售商那里购买香蕉并不能够提供相应的保障。Many firms in conflict zones face extortion. In 2003 Chiquita became the only American company voluntarily to admit to the Department of Justice that it had paid protection money to Colombian paramilitary forces surrounding its plantations. Now it is facing a raft of American and Colombian lawsuits.冲突地区的许多公司都面临着勒索敲诈。2003年,奇基塔就是美国唯一家公司主动承认他们向驻扎在种植园附近的哥伦比亚军事部队交过保护费。现在正面临着一系列美国和哥伦比亚的诉讼。Chiquitas conspicuous lack of reward is beginning to worry some veteran campaigners. Neither Dole nor Del Monte has been interested in following Chiquita in signing a global union agreement, says Ron Oswald, head of IUF, the international foodworkers union.;Its not sustainable for any company in a competitive sector to make progress and gain no recognition for it,; he grumbles.奇基塔显著的不讨好开始有点让一些资深活动家感到担心。国际食品劳联首领罗恩?奥斯瓦德讲到,在奇基塔同全球联盟签订一份协议后杜尔和德尔蒙食品公司对此都不会感兴趣。并抱怨到这对于在一个竞争激烈的行业中取得发展和得到认可都是不可持续的。 /201209/198566昆明遗传雀斑 Sometime Cavemen曾经的山顶洞人From the bestselling novel ;Clan of the Cave Bear; to the 1981 movie ;Caveman;, pop-culture tends to misrepresent prehistoric people as cave dwelling brutes. But even the most speculative recreations of early human society are based on a few essential facts. For instance, cavemen made their homes in caves, right?从畅销小说“洞熊家族”到1981年的电影“山顶洞人”,流行文化倾向于将史前人类曲解为住山洞的野兽。但是关于早期人类社会的最玄妙的再创作也是基于一些基本的事实。例如,山顶洞人将家安在洞穴中,对吗?Well, not exactly. According to archeological evidence, prehistoric human ancestors such as Homo habilis, Homo erectus, and Homo ergaster were nomadic.好吧,这是不准确的。根据考古学的据,史前的人类祖先,例如能人, 智人和山顶洞人都是居无定所的游民。Rather than settle in one place for long periods of time, they were constantly on the move in search of food and shelter. In other words, the term ;caveman; is a bit misleading, since our stone age ancestors did not set up permanent homes in caves.他们不会长期驻扎在一个地方,相反,为了寻找食物和躲风避雨的住所,他们总是在迁徙。换句话说,“山顶洞人”这个名词带有误导性,因为我们在旧石器时代的祖先没有在山洞里建造长期的家。Then why are prehistoric people so often referred to as cavemen? There are several reasons. First, much evidence of prehistoric civilization is found in caves because the natural shelter helps preserve artifacts.那么为什么史前人类被频频称作山顶洞人呢?有以下几个原因。首先,在山洞中发现了史前文明的大量据, 因为天然的屏障帮助保存了这些人造物品。The earliest cave dwellers date to the Paleolithic period, around 2.5 million years ago, and evidence suggests that these ancient nomads used caves as temporary shelters during their seasonal wanderings. The caves often lay on valley slopes and provided excellent views of animal migration routes.最早的山洞住处要追溯到250万年前的旧石器时代, 有据显示这些远古时代的人在季节性迁徙过程中,将山洞用作临时遮风避雨之地。这些山洞通常在山谷的斜坡上,是观察动物迁徙途径的绝好视角。But there is no evidence that Stone Age peoples set up shop in caves for very long. Even Neanderthals, who lived in relatively cold regions of ancient Europe, used caves only for temporary shelter.但是没有据显示石器时代的人们在山洞里建造了长久居所,即使是住在古欧洲相对寒冷地区的穴居人也没有,他们只是将山洞用作临时遮风避雨之地。Our more immediate ancestors did, of course, eventually move indoors. But permanent dwellings came about only with the invention of agriculture and animal husbandry. Before those world-changing inventions, prehistoric people were forced to follow their food away from the warmth and shelter of the cave.当然,我们的直系祖先最终搬入室内。但那是在发明农业和动物饲养之后才出现的长久固定住处。在这些改变世界的发明出现之前,史前人类被迫随着温暖地区的食物和遮风避雨的山洞而四处迁徙。 /201206/188574解放军第四七八医院打瘦脸针多少钱

香格里拉妇幼保健院激光祛痘手术多少钱昆明中医第二医院打溶脂针多少钱 Hi, Im Becky Worley and this is Good Stuff.大家好,我是Becky Worley,欢迎来到Good Stuff节目。Its flu season and were more vigilant than ever about all the flues that are making around, when your kids are sick, you take their temperature, but thats easier said than done. The words Rattle thermometer sent the shiver down on my spine, So, I went on a quest to find the best digital thermometers, ones that arent traumatic for your kids or for you when you need to get an accurate temperature ing.现在是流感多发季节,我们比平时更加注意周围的病毒。如果你的孩子们病了,你就要给他们量体温,但这说着容易做着难。传统的温度计总是冻得孩子瑟瑟发抖很不舒,因此我要找的是一款最佳的数字温度计,当你需要孩子的准确体温时,不会对你的孩子或是你造成任何伤害的温度计。The first one I tested was your standard digital thermometer, looks like a regular analog thermometer, but it has a digital off. I try to get the old under the armpit temperature, which works fine when your kids are complaining. But when theyre ornery, this becomes a battle.首先测试的是一标准电子温度计,看上去和普通温度计差不多,只是数字读数。把这只温度计放入孩子的腋窝测量体温,也许你的孩子会不情愿地抱怨,也许会发脾气,那可就麻烦了。So I moved on to plan B, next we tried one of these ear thermometers, it looks so easy to use these things when the nurses have in the pediatricians office, but at home not so much. Number one problem there are these little covers that you actually have to put on the tip of the thermometer and I couldnt find them when I really need to use it the most.于是,我换个方案,使用这种耳温计。当护士在儿科用它给孩子测温度时看上去很简单,但在家里用就没有那么简单了。第一,温度计尖端要按上这个入耳的小东西,现实生活中的情况是当你要用它的时候,总是找不到。Next, when I finally did find the covers and try this on myself I knew I was healthy and should have been, about 98 degrees. I could not get an accurate ing. If you really jam this thing into your ear and its more finicky than you think. So I wasnt really happy with the accuracy of the ings. And then there is how it goes with your kid, so you have to actually pull the ear low down and get this thing way deep into the ear. Oh, I am Sorry. When the poor kids were sick, this whole event turned into a wresting match that ended in tears.第二,即使我找到并安装好了温度计,我还是很难获取孩子准确的体温。当你真的把耳温计放入耳朵,你就会发现那真的很不舒。所以,我不会乐意这样给孩子测体温,同样的,对于孩子来说,把耳温计塞进他的耳朵只会让他痛哭流涕。对不起,宝贝。如果你的孩子病了,这样测体温只能变成一场充满泪水的摔跤比赛。Then I found this, its a digital touchless thermometer, yeah, touchless, its from a company called Kidsmed, its called the Thermofocus, watch how it works, you push the button and it puts a beam of light on the childs head, just like that, I have an accurate temperature ing. Now this thermometer is pricy, about 70 dollars, but here is something to consider, you can use it on a sleeping child, and not disturb them because its touchless. So it might be worth making that investment as flu season looms around all of us. Hey, Thanks for watching and Im Becky Worley and this is Good Stuff. You say Good stuff. ;Good Stuff.;于是我用了这种电子免触温度计,你没听错,是免触,这种名叫Thermofocus的产品产自Kidsmed公司。让我们来看看如何使用,按下按钮,一束光映在孩子额头上,像这样,就能准确测量出孩子的体温。现在,这种温度计价格不菲,约70美元。但有了这种温度计你就可以在不惊醒孩子的前提下给睡梦中的孩子量体温,价格偏高也不是不能考虑。因此,在这个流感四起的季节买上一也挺划算。感谢您的收看,我是Becky Worley。这确实是个好东西。Good Stuff节目向您介绍好东西。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/181198昆明麦格假体费用

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