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The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to a group which helped support Tunisia’s democratisation process when it was in danger of collapsing, according to the Nobel committee.据诺贝尔全国委员会宣布,2015诺贝尔和平奖颁予一个小组,表彰其在突尼斯面临崩盘危险时对民主化进程的持。Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet won for showing an example of peaceful transition in a region otherwise struggling with violence and upheaval.突尼斯全国对话大会赢得诺奖因推进国家和平过渡,避免了暴力和动荡的斗争。“It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, in the space of a few years, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights.” “这有助于突尼斯在几年的时间内建立一个政府保障基本权利的宪法制度。”The Nobel Peace Prize, worth about 860,000 euros, will be presented in December.诺贝尔和平奖大约860000欧元,将于十二月颁发。Many Tunisians were delighted to hear the news.许多突尼斯人很高兴听到这个消息。“It’s something of great pride for all Tunisians, and as a Tunisisan I’m proud as well, I’m very proud. The Dialogue Quartet is really representative of Tunisia.”“这是所有突尼斯人值得骄傲的事,作为一名突尼斯人我也很骄傲,很自豪。全国对话大会真的代表了突尼斯。”“The Nobel Peace Prize, we have really deserved it since the beginning of the revolution, because Tunisain People really support peace.” “从革命开始我们就应该获得诺贝尔和平奖,因为突尼斯人是真正持和平。”After an uprising in 2011 that inspired the “Arab Spring“protests, Tunisia now has a new constitution, free elections and a coalition government with secular and Islamist parties.自2011年爆发“阿拉伯之春”抗议活动后,突尼斯现在有了新的宪法、自由选举以及与非宗教和伊斯兰党的联合政府。译文属。 /201510/402663。

  • 英语非常道 第3期:锐词发布-给力 微笑 神马都是浮云英语这样说(上) Article/201507/385178。
  • South Korea slams Japan#39;s textbook claims on history日初中历史书主张独岛主权 韩国会通过决议谴责South Korean lawmakers have passed a resolution to denounce Japan#39;s version of history over the territorial issue on the Dokdo islets, called Takeshima in Japan.韩国国会议员们一致通过了关于谴责日本审定通过进一步主张独岛主权的初中历史教科书的决议。独岛日语写作竹岛。Today#39;s resolution comes after Japan approved 18 textbooks for middle school students a week ago Monday.针对上周周一日方通过18本中学生教材,韩国今天做出此决议表示回应。The textbooks lay territorial claims to the islets.那些教科书宣称日本了对该岛的领土主张。 Article/201504/370314。
  • In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, ;time is money.; Spend it wisely.按照本杰明·富兰克林不朽的名言,“时间就是金钱。”所以要明智地安排时间。You Will Need你需要An online calendar or day planner在线日历或每日计划表A watch手表Steps步骤STEP 1 Prioritize and record1.按重要性排序并记录Schedule only commitments that are important and learn to say no to others. Use one main online calendar or day planner.只安排重要的活动,学会对其他活动说不。使用一个主要的在线日历或每日计划表。Schedule events after rush hour and other off-peak times so traffic doesn’t make you late.把活动安排在上下班高峰期后和其他非高峰期,这样交通状况不会成为你迟到的理由。STEP 2 Set reminders2.设置提醒Set email or text reminders at set intervals on your online calendar. Give yourself a reminder one hour before and 15 minutes before an event.用在线日历按照固定的时间间隔发送电子邮件或短信提醒。某项活动分别在1小时和15分钟之前提醒自己。STEP 3 Plan to be early3.计划提前If you have a two o#39;clock appointment, enter it in your schedule at 1:50.如果你2:00有一个约会,在日程安排中记为1:50。Have extra work on hand to keep busy if you#39;re early.手头安排一些额外的工作,如果你早到了,也可以保持忙碌。STEP 4 Add more time4.多安排一些时间Add 25 percent to the time you think you#39;ll need to get where you’re going or to finish a job.如果你认为到某个地方或者完成某项工作需要一定的时间,多预留25%的时间。STEP 5 Plan ahead5.提前计划Lay out your clothes, lunch, keys, and anything else you’ll need for the day the night before. If you wake up late, you’ll probably still be on time.提前一天晚上安排好装,午餐,钥匙和其他你需要的东西。即使你醒来得比较迟,也仍有可能准时。STEP 6 Keep gas in your tank and money in your wallet6.保油箱里有油,钱包里有钱Keep your gas tank above one-quarter full at all times. Always have at least on hand so unplanned expenses don’t hold you up.时刻保持油箱里的汽油超过四分之一。钱包里至少有20美元,这样计划外的花费不会让你为难。STEP 7 Wear a watch7.戴手表Wear a watch or bring your phone everywhere you go so you’ll always know the time.无论你到任何地方都要戴着手表或手机,这样你就总是知道是什么时间。Did you know? There are 17 million meetings in America on an average day.你知道吗?美国每天平均有1700万次会议。 Article/201411/345337。
  • ;Keep an eager guard over your behaviour;翼翼矜矜,For thence happiness will come.福所以兴。Fulfil your duties calmly and respectfully;靖恭自思,Thus shall you win glory and honour.;荣显所期。The painting that illustrates this poem also has a high moral purpose and interestingly, although the lessons are ostensibly for women, they can also speak to men. When the Emperor refuses to be seduced by his vain wife, he sets an example of male judgement and strength. Dr Shane McCausland, a leading expert on early Chinese painting, has studied the Admonitions Scroll in detail:而表现诗歌的画作也有崇高的道德目标。劝诫的对象不只是女性,也包括男性。皇帝拒绝妃子的引诱,表现了男性的决断与力量。肖恩麦克索兰士是中国古代绘画的知名专家,他曾仔细研究过《女史箴图》。;I think it#39;s about positive criticism, he#39;s trying to not tell people what not to do, but to tell them how to do something better, and each of the scenes describes ways in which ladies of the court could improve their conduct, their behaviour, their character. Admonition is really about learning, improving yourself, but in order to do that, if your audience is very jaded, I think you need to inject quite a lot of wit and humour into it, and I think that#39;s exactly what this artist has done.;It bears very closely on kingship, on the tradition of statecraft, of principled government. It#39;s a really incredibly insightful portrayal of the human interactions which go to governing.;这是一种正面的劝导。艺术家的目的并不是想告诉别人哪些事不能做,而是告诉他们如何能够做得更好。每一幅场景都描述了宫廷女性应如何改善自己的行为举止、个性品行。画的主题是关于学习与改进。为了避免欣赏者对说教感到厌烦,艺术家还加入了机智幽默的内容。而且我认为这正是艺术家们所致力于打造的。画作的内容与为君之道密切相联,是对治国者与他人互动模式富有洞见的描画。Unfortunately Empress Jia was impervious to the poem#39;s moral message, and she carried on with her scandalous sexual exploits and her murderous activities. Some of her ruthlessness may have been warranted, since there were rebels stirring up civil war, and ultimately in 300 AD there was a successful coup. She was captured and forced to commit suicide.但遗憾的是,贾皇后并不为诗文所动,继续过着荒淫的生活。她的冷酷也许在某种程度上情有可原,因为当时有藩王叛乱引起内战。公元300年政变成功,贾皇后被俘获并赐死。 Article/201501/357031。
  • These are actually penile组织浴槽中放置的blood vessels that we have in a tissue bath.是真的阴茎血管组织Think of this as the brain.把这个看作是大脑This is the brain and the spinal cord.这是大脑和脊髓When you#39;re becoming aroused,当你性唤起时 your brain switches on.大脑就会激活We can mimic this by switching on我们可以通过打开这些等同于the equivalent of the central nervous system in the brain.中枢神经系统的开关来模拟这一过程It sends electricity down它将电流传递到to the tissue bath and across the tissues,组织浴槽中 穿过组织and when we pass an electric current across these当电流通过小片的阴茎组织时small pieces of penile tissue, they relax and它们就会松弛下来ultimately that#39;s what happens during penile erection.事实上 这就是阴茎勃起的过程Relaxed penile blood vessels mean阴茎血管松弛more blood flow to the penis, and so an erection.意味着更过血液流向阴茎 导致勃起What Chris did was take penile blood vessels克里斯从阳痿病人体内from impotent men,提取了阴茎血管组织vessels that didn#39;t respond当大脑开关被打开的时候 when he flicked the brain switch,血管组织并没有产生反应and then added UK 92480 to the tissue bath.随后将UK92480加入组织浴槽中What was most amazing about this study最不可思议的事情发生了was that we saw a restoration of erectile response.阴茎组织重新出现了勃起反应It#39;s very rare in any tissue preparation在任何组织标本里 由功能障碍to convert dysfunctional to normal function, and so now到功能正常的转变都是很罕见的we were really onto something因此我们现在所经历的这一切that could only be described as special.只能用一个词来形容 特别 Article/201502/360081。
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