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探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 12This correlation is the most important thing we've learned about supermassive black hole so far. Astronomers are always looking for correlations. Whenever you find one that's really tight like this one, it's a sign that there is some basic physics there that you need to look for. As it happens, the physics that might explain what was going on had been suggested years before by theorists Martin Rees and Jo Silk. Jo Silk has spent much of his life trying to solve the mystery of galaxy formation. Three years ago it became clear that he had been missing a vital ingredient. If there was a black hole in every galaxy, then scientists would need to explain what it was doing there. We had to rethink our ideas of how galaxies were made. To understand the first light at(of/in) the universe we really have to include the role of the supermassive black holes in galaxy formation. All previous ideas of galaxy formation had assumed that gas in the early universe simply condensed to form stars in galaxies. Silk and Rees came up with a completely different idea. They proposed that the center of each early gas cloud could have collapsed to form a giant black hole. The black hole would immediately start feeding on the gas around it creating a brilliant quasar.correlation: a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things200808/46189。

US Says North Korea 'Getting Closer' to Restarting Nuclear Plant美促北韩贯彻六方协议停止核项目   The ed States said Friday North Korea is continuing to take steps to reverse the shutdown of its Yongbyon reactor complex. The State Department urged North Korea to remain in compliance with the six-party accord, under which is to scrap its nuclear program in exchange for aid and diplomatic benefits. 美国星期五表示,北韩正在继续采取措施重新启动已经关闭的宁边反应堆设施。美国国务院敦促北韩坚持贯彻六方协议,停止核项目,以换取经济援助和外交利益。Officials here acknowledge that North Korea is taking tangible actions to back up its threat to restart the Yongbyon reactor, but they say the facility is not yet back in operation and are urging Pyongyang to desist. 美国国务院官员获悉北韩正在采取切实行动,以显示重新恢复宁边反应堆的决心,不过美国官员认为,宁边核设施还没有恢复运转,美国官员因此敦促平壤打消这个念头。North Korea said early this month it was taking steps to restart the reactor - source of the plutonium for its small nuclear weapons stockpile - because the ed States has failed to remove it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. 北韩这个月早些时候表示,正在采取措施恢复宁边核反应堆的运转,这个反应堆生产的金属钸是北韩小型核武器库的原材料,北韩之所以要重新启动这个核反应堆,是因为美国没有将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单上除名。President Bush has informed Congress of his intention to "de-list" North Korea but the administration says removal is dependent on Pyongyang's provision of a verification plan for the declaration of nuclear assets it made in June. 美国总统布什已经告知美国国会,他打算把北韩从这个名单上删除,但是美国政府表示,这要取决于平壤提出的核实方案条款是否可行。这项核实方案是为了核实北韩今年6月提交的核项目清单。North Korea Friday said it no longer wants or expects to be taken off the list and is making what were termed "thorough preparations" to restore its nuclear facilities. 北韩星期五表示,已经不再需要或者不再指望从持恐怖主义的名单上除名,北韩还说,正在做好“充分准备”重新启动宁边核设施。The ed States, which has monitors at Yongbyon, said two weeks ago North Korea was observed moving equipment out of storage at Yongbyon. Briefing reporters Friday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said the activity has moved to a second stage, of actual preparations to reverse the reactor shutdown. 美国在宁边核设施派有监督人员。美国两个星期之前说,监督人员观察到北韩把设备从宁边仓库里往外搬移。美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期五向记者通报情况时说,这一行动已经发展到第二阶段,也就是为重新启动这座关闭的核反应堆进行实际的准备工作。"They continue to move to the right - getting closer and closer to that point where they are to the point of operationalizing Yongbyon again," McCormack said. "They haven't gotten to that point, and we would urge them not to get to that point. As always, throughout this process they have a choice - they can go down the pathway of having a different kind of relationship with the rest of the world, receiving the benefits of that relationship, or they can keep themselves isolated [and] move the process backwards." 麦科马克说:“他们继续向右侧移动,也就是越来越接近他们可以再次运转宁边核反应堆的位置。和往常一样,他们在整个非核化过程中都可以选择,就是说,他们可以跟世界其它国家有一种跟现在不同的关系,并从这样的关系中获益;也可以继续受到孤立,让非核化过程倒退。”North Korea's increasingly tough line in recent weeks coincides with press reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may have suffered a stroke. 北韩最近几个星期表现出越来越强硬的立场,与此同时,有报道说,北韩领导人金正日可能曾经中风。Spokesman McCormack said he would "not discount" the reports of the North Korean leader's illness, but would not elaborate.  美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,对北韩领导人得病的消息,他“不会不信”,但他不愿对此详细说明。He also said while the ed States has been in recent diplomatic contact with North Korea, he said it has yet to see "any outputs" from Pyongyang for the past month or so - suggesting an absence of decision-making. 麦科马克还说,尽管美国最近一直跟北韩有外交接触,但是他说过去一个月左右美国还没有得到平壤方面的“任何反应”,显示平壤没有任何决策行动。Some analysts have suggested North Korea may have decided to stall the six-party process until a new U.S. administration takes office next January. 一些分析人士认为,北韩可能决定在美国新一届政府明年一月上台之前,让六方会谈进程陷入停滞状态。McCormack said he would not presume to offer Pyongyang political advice, but that the likelihood is that the benefits North Korea would accrue from disarming would not be different or better under the next U.S. president. 麦科马克说,他不想冒昧地向平壤提出政治建议,但是如果认为下一届美国总统会给北韩的非核化带来的好处会跟现在不一样,或者更好,这种情况不太可能出现。 North Korea shut down and was in the process of disabling the reactor complex in exchange for energy aid from the other parties. Submitting a verification plan was to open the way to the next phase of the accord, which would include among other things the lifting of terrorism-related sanctions and a phased normalization of relations with the ed States.Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to discuss the stalled process next week at the ed Nations with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi of China, the chair of the six-party talks.200809/49438。

Embattled US Housing Chief Resigns美国住房和城市发展部长宣布辞职  The top U.S. housing official, who is under criminal investigation, has announced he is resigning.  美国负责住房事务的最高官员宣布辞职。与此同时,他正在接受司法调查。 Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson says he will step down April 18.  美国住房和城市发展部长杰克逊说,他将于4月18号离职。"There comes a time when one must attend diligently to personal and family matters," he said. "Now is such a time for me." 杰克逊说:“有时候一个人需要细心处理个人和家庭的事务。现在是我这么做的时候了。”For two years, Jackson has been fighting allegations that he behaved improperly in awarding contracts with his agency. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been probing the relationship between Jackson and a friend who was paid 392,000 by his department as a construction manager in New Orleans, following Hurricane Katrina. 过去两年来,杰克逊不断遭到指控,说他在把合同授予承包商时行为不当,他也一直在驳斥这种说法。联邦调查局正在调查杰克逊和他的一个好友之间的关系。杰克逊的这名好友在卡特里娜飓风之后以新奥尔良一名建筑经理的身份获得住房部付的39万2千美元。Also, the housing authority in the city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) has filed a lawsuit alleging that Jackson tried to punish the city agency for rejecting a deal involving one of Jackson's friends. 另外,费城住房部门控告杰克逊,说他因为费城住房部门拒绝与杰克逊的一个朋友签约而试图处罚费城住房部门。Jackson did not mention the controversies as he announced his resignation. Instead, he concentrated on what his agency has accomplished since he became Secretary in 2004. 杰克逊在宣布辞职时没有提到这些争议,他反而把重点放在他的部门自他2004年担任部长以来所取得的成就上。"We have helped families keep their homes. We have transformed public housing. We have reduced chronic homelessness. And we have preserved affordable housing and increased minority homeownership." 杰克逊说:“我们帮助一些家庭保住了家园;我们改变了公共住房;我们减少了长期无家可归的人;而且我们让人们买得起房,还让更多的少数族裔拥有住房。”Alphonso Jackson's resignation will likely leave the Bush administration without a Housing Secretary at a time when a crisis in the housing industry, set off by risky mortgage lending, is causing problems for the U.S. economy. 杰克逊的辞职可能使布什政府在房地产业出现危机时无人出任住房部长。这次危机由风险高的抵押贷款所引发,正在给美国经济带来问题。President Bush, who has had a friendship with Jackson since the late 1980's, accepted his resignation with regret, calling him "a strong leader and a good man." 布什总统和杰克逊从80年代末期以来就是朋友。布什遗憾地接受了杰克逊的辞呈,布什称他是个坚强的领导人和好人。Jackson says he has spent more than 30 years improving housing opportunities for all Americans, regardless of income or race."As the son of a lead smelter and [a] nurse midwife, and the last of 12 children, never did I imagine I would serve America in such a way. I am truly grateful for the opportunity."Jackson said he is staying on for three more weeks to ensure an orderly leadership transition at his agency.  杰克逊说,他将再任职3个星期,以确保住房部领导的平稳过渡。200804/33032。

Senator Barack Obama won the Wisconsin state Democratic presidential primary, Tuesday, the ninth win in a row for the charismatic junior senator from Illinois. On the Republican side, Senator John McCain was the winner. The two frontrunners are targeting each other in anticipation of the fight they see coming in November. 奥巴马参议员星期二赢得了威斯康辛州的民主党初选胜利。这是这位魅力十足、但资历并不深的参议员自伊利诺伊州初选以来的连续第九次获胜。在共和党这边,麦凯恩参议员再次赢得胜利。这两名领先者相互把矛头指向对方,为11月总统大选作准备。Voters in Wisconsin handed Barack Obama another big win, accelerating his momentum as he heads into the delegate-rich primaries here in Texas and Ohio on March 4.  威斯康辛州的选民给予奥巴马又一次大胜,为他向代表人数众多的德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州初选进军加添了动力。Speaking to supporters in a stadium in downtown Houston, Barack Obama hailed his victory in Wisconsin. 奥巴马在休斯敦市中心的一个体育馆向持者发表讲话,欢呼自己在威斯康辛取得的胜利:"I am grateful to the people of Wisconsin for their friendship and support and their extraordinary civic pride. You know, in Wisconsin, when you go to vote it is five degrees outside," he said. “我感谢威斯康辛人民的友情和持以及他们杰出的公民自豪感。要知道,在威斯康辛投票意味着要走向室外华氏5度的寒冷中。”Obama urged his supporters here in Texas to get out and vote before the March 4 primary. Early voting began here Tuesday and volunteers from both the Obama campaign and from Hillary Clinton's campaign were aly on the streets today urging people to get to the polls. 奥巴马敦促他在德克萨斯州的持者参加3月4号的初选投票。德克萨斯州星期二开始提前投票,奥巴马阵营和克林顿阵营的志愿工作人员已经上街敦促人们前往投票站。The other big winner on Tuesday was John McCain, whose win moved him closer to locking up the Republican nomination. Speaking in Columbus, Ohio, McCain thanked his supporters and praised his last viable challenger, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who, in spite of a string of losses, has refused to drop out of the race.  星期二的另一位是麦凯恩,他的胜利把他进一步推向接近于锁定共和党提名的地位。麦凯恩在俄亥俄州的哥伦布讲话时感谢他的持者,并且赞扬了仅存的竞争者、前阿肯色州州长哈克比。尽管哈克比经历了一连串的失败,但是他依然拒绝退出竞选。McCain looked beyond the nomination contest and directed his political fire at the presumed Democratic nominee. In a thinly veiled reference to Barack Obama, he said he would fight to make sure "Americans are not deceived by an eloquent, but empty call for change." 麦凯恩的目光已超越了提名竞争,他把火力对准假定会得到民主党提名的总统侯选人。他毫不掩饰地针对奥巴马说,要展开斗争,让美国人不被慷慨激昂却空洞无物的变革言词所蒙骗。McCain also made reference to comments Obama had made in a debate last year and suggested he would make dangerously naive decisions if he were to become president. 麦凯恩也提到奥巴马去年在辩论中所作的,说奥巴马一旦当选总统,会做出危险的决定。He said "We will risk the confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate who once suggested bombing our ally, Pakistan, and suggested sitting down without preconditions or clear purpose with enemies who support terrorists and who are intent on destabilizing the world by acquiring nuclear weapons…" 他说:“一名缺乏经验和困惑糊涂的侯选人将给我们带来风险,这个人曾提出要轰炸我们的盟友巴基斯坦,并建议在不加任何先决条件和没有任何明确目标的情况下,与持恐怖分子并努力获得核武器以扰乱世界稳定的敌人谈判。”In Houston, Obama also targeted McCain, saying that he represents failed policies of the past. Obama criticized McCain for supporting the war in Iraq, which he said has diverted attention from the real enemy, the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked the ed States in September, 2001. 奥巴马在休斯敦也把矛头指向麦凯恩,他说麦凯恩代表过去的失败了的方针。奥巴马批评麦凯恩持伊拉克战争。他说,这场战争转移了对真正敌人的注意力,美国的真正敌人是2001年9月11号袭击美国的基地组织恐怖分子。Hillary Clinton has also questioned Obama's iness to be president. She continued in that vein speaking to supporters in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night, saying Americans cannot afford someone who needs what she called "on the job training." 希拉里.克林顿也质疑奥巴马是否做好了担任总统的准备。星期二晚间,她在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦对持者的讲话中继续提出这个问题。她说,美国人不能让一个需要“在职培训”的人担任总统:"They need a president y on day one to be commander in chief, y to manage our economy and y to defeat the Republicans in November," she said. “美国人需要一名就任总统第一天就有充分准备的总指挥,这个人马上就能管理起经济,并能在11月击败共和党人。”Clinton used similar statements in her campaigning in Wisconsin, but it appears to have little effect. Obama won in almost every demographic group, cutting into her strongest blocs of support, including women voters, which split about evenly between the two candidates.  克林顿在威斯康辛的竞选中也使用了类似的声明,但是看来收效甚微。奥巴马几乎在所有族群中获胜,包括克林顿的最坚强的持阵营,包括妇女选民,克林顿和奥巴马在妇女选民中平分秋色。200802/27663。

Well, early education for soon-to-be husbands and wives. More and more engaged couples are going for premarital lessons. Hey, what do you have to lose? They should learn more because maybe they can avoid a divorce. Debra Mandel is the author of "Your Boss is not Your Mother". Oh that's a relief. She's given a lot of couples advice too on how to stay together. How are you, Debra? I'm great. How are you doing?Good. I, I like this, cause I think you can never be too prepared. I'm married a very, very long time and that first year is tough for any couple, so what do you think you can learn if you go for somebody's courses? In, in the Catholic religion, you have to, but for people who wanna do it anyway, what can you learn?Well, I'm always so excited when people come to me, it, for couples' counseling before they've aly tied the knots, so that we can really help them understand a lot of the pitfalls that people get into. For one, people assume that once they're married, everything is gonna be just nice and rosy and you don't have to do anything anymore and not understanding that when that honeymoon period wears off, it could really be devastating for people if they don't have realistic expectations (I hope) about actual marriage. Yep, hoping that it never wears off that honeymoon phase. I thought this was interesting the Journal of Family Psychology says that if couples receive premarital education, they will have a 31% lower chance of divorce, do you believe that?Oh, absolutely, because when people get information, information is very helpful for people, cause too often people think that things are just gonna be magical, you don't have to do anything, but really and truly for having a great relationship, you have to put a lot of time and energy into nurturing the whole concept of a couple, you know, we need to look at ourselves as, now, we are two people joining together and every decision we make is going to affect our partner, so we need to be really aware of everything about our person that we're gonna be with. (And that's one of the...) in advance.One of the tips that you have, the other ones I saw, assess the quality of communications. Obviously, communication is key and I thought this one was great too, Debra, one of your tips. Understand your partner's family dynamics. Is this (yeah) what they say you actually marry his mother or vice versa, I guess?Yes, as, as a matter of fact, what we need to understand is whenever we're marrying a partner, we are marrying their entire family, because they have had relationships with their family all the way since they were born and so those people are usually going to have an impact on how your partner behaves and thinks and their ideas and their values. You need to be comfortable with your partner's family and if you are not comfortable with certain members of that family, you need to make peace with that and talk that through and that's why communication is so important cause people need to be able to understand their differences, to communicate with empathy, with compassion for each other and really be able to listen to each other and not talk over each other. Debra Mandel, author of "Your Boss is not Your Mother". Great advice. Thanks so much.Thank you so much. (That's so easy, just do whatever your like at once )Sounds easy. I... 200809/51011。

to cut it out ———— 住手(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) An order to stop doing what you are doing.例句 My son was teasing his sister all morning, and when she started crying,I told him to cut it out.我儿子整个上午都在逗他玩,当开始哭时,我让他住手。 /201607/455742。

Who's the odd one out of these four: Is it the footballer Wayne Rooney, The cricketer Andrew Flintoff, The Olympic Gold medal heptathlete Denise Lewis? Or the Conservative MP and legendary launching Nicholas Soames.It is, of course, Nicholas Soames, because all of the others were born between September and December.New research, this is the serious bit, shows that children born in the latter part of the academic year, that's from June to August are less likely to become elite athletes. It's simply because they are smaller than others in their school year who have been picked to join teams and academies. Richard Watson reports.Yes!I think I was one of the lucky ones. I very quickly was picked for the football team, the basketball team, and obviously when the cross-country season started in the middle of the winter, I found I was pretty good at it. er, possibly because I was a bit taller, a bit stronger, a bit quicker and than a lot of my pals, and I think that then I guess for me, cemented my love of sport straight away. And I wanted to be involved. 6 times gold medalist and former world record-holder, Steve Cram, the man who went on to break 3 world records in 19 days, one of Britain's most successful ever athletes, has always suspected of being born in October gave him a big advantage.I think I with, er, you know I was fairly tall because that helped me, with my running certainly helped me with getting on the basketball team and football. And I might have been lucky in little bit in skill, to be honest, but you know, I was physically developed enough to stand out at the age of 11 or 12. And ,and I think that's, what teachers tend to look for. Don't they? At that age, that they are looking for the ones, who just look a little bit more developed, a bit quicker, a bit stronger, they get them in the team.The report from a new think-tank headed by Steve Cram, has correlated performance against age. It says that 67 percent of the football association's youth academy were born between September and November, while just 2 percent were born between Junes to August. In athletics, 65 percent of top teenage performers were born in the autumn term, while 8 percent were born in the summer. And the team noted that a 14-year-old boy born in September will be on average 7 centimeters taller and 5.7 kilograms heavier than a boy born in August.I think the research that is actually quite startling in terms of the strength of the evidence. You know, The high percentages of people who do go onto a successful career is born in literally 3, 4 months of the year.This is one of the government's flagship sports colleges, Landon School, just a couple of miles from the 2012 Olympic Site in London. Across the country, close to a billion pounds has been invested in school sport over the past 4 years. The proportion of the children doing more than 2 hours of P.E. a week has increased from 25 to over 80 percent. But there's still a concern that an early focus on teen selection is teaching failure based on nothing more than physical strength linked to date of birth.What we are very concerned about is that children all dropping out of sport and recreational exercises because they are being overlooked. And we know that there are more and more people in the country who are becoming obese, we want people to enjoy healthy and active lives. And if we can give them every opportunity taking part in sport at school level and not be overlooked, we very firmly believe that they would then go on; maybe not to represent the country but to exercise regularly throughout their lifestyles. So it's about winning more medals but it's also crucially about improving the level of participation in sport across the whole society.The sports asserted here in Landon School are probably second to none. But if this academic research due to be published tomorrow is correct, that implies that even in schools like this, more could be done to help children who were born in the early part of the year. But the key question is in pouty terms, what could or should be done about it?200805/39569。