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嘉兴玻尿酸的作用嘉兴市新塍人民医院去胎记多少钱古诗词汉译英:《中庸中英文版 第章 -- ::35 来源: 第二十二章 诚意--从一个方面下功夫  “其次致曲曲能有诚,诚则形,形则著,著则明,明则动,动则变,变则化唯天下至诚为能化  Next to the above is he who cultivates to the utmost the shoots of goodness in him. From those he can attain to the possession of sincerity. This sincerity becomes apparent. From being apparent, it becomes manifest. From being manifest, it becomes brilliant. Brilliant, it affects others. Affecting others, they are changed by it. Changed by it, they are transmed. It is only he who is possessed of the most complete sincerity that can exist under heaven, who can transm.    其次致曲(1),曲能有诚诚则形(),形则著(3),著则明(),明则动,动则变,变则化(5)唯天下至诚为能化    (1)其次:次一等的人,即次于”自诚明”的圣人的人,也就是贤人致曲:致力于某一方面曲,偏()形:显露,表现(3)著:显著()明:光明(5)化:即化育    比圣人次一等的贤人致力于某一方面,致力于某一方面也能做到真诚做到了真诚就会表现出来,表现出来就会逐渐显著,显著了就会发扬光大,发扬光大就会感动他人,感动他人就会引起转变,引起转变就能化育万物只有天下最真诚的人能化育万物  【读解】  这一章相对于上一章而言上一章说的是天生至诚的圣人,这一章说的是比圣人次一等的贤人换句话说,圣人是“自诚明”,天生就真诚的人,贤人则是“自明诚”,通过后天教育明白道理后才真诚的人贤人虽然致力于某一方面,但通过教育和修养,通过:“形、著、明、动、变、化”的阶段,同样可以一步一步地达到圣人的境界:化育万物,与天地并列为三  说到底,只要你努力奋斗,曲径通幽,条条道路通罗马,最终都可以大功告成,修成正果  在劝人真诚的问题上,《中庸真可以说是苦口婆心,不遗余力的了嘉兴美容院 Justin Bieber's driving under the influence (DUI) trial date has been delayed until May 5.职场妈妈:如何平衡事业与生活 -01- :7:9 来源:   由于巨大的生活压力,现在很多有了小孩的妈妈一休完产假马上又投入到紧张的工作中去了,但是妈妈毕竟是妈妈,就算是工作也还是会想念自己的孩子,那么职场妈妈要如何才能在工作和生活中找到平衡呢?  Achieving work life balance is the ultimate question working moms. It's not easy, but it's worth it to try to find work life balance.  如何在工作与生活中得到平衡是每个职场妈妈要面临的根本问题 要解决它并不容易,但是这个平衡点是值得努力找出来的  Finding work life balance begins with learning to say no. Stop doing everything. Say no to every task that is non-essential. The way you define your priorities is by saying yes to some things and no to others.  要想找到工作与生活的平衡点,首先要学会说不不要再什么都去做拒绝做没必要的工作你对你的优先权的定义应该是有些事可以做,但另一些事情拒绝去做  That means when your daughter is anxious at bedtime because of a scary movie she saw or goes through a bout of separation anxiety at daycare drop off, you take an extra minutes to cuddle and reassure her bee leaving the room. But when it's your busiest time at work and you're asked to chaperone a field trip, inquire if you can help at school later in the year.  这就意味着当你的女儿因看了一部恐怖电影或者在日托所经历了一场分离的焦虑而害怕得睡不着觉时,你需要在离开之前用分钟去拥抱她,并安慰她,使她平静下来但是当你正为工作焦头烂额,还得陪着别人去实地考察的时候,你就该问问是否可以在今年迟些时候再去学校帮忙了  If your boss drops a mammoth, urgent project in your lap, ask which other tasks he'd like you to delay in order to get it done on time. Don't pull multiple all-nighters to finish the extra work on top of your regular job.  如果你的老板让你完成一项紧急而又艰巨的任务,问问他为了保这件任务如期完成其他什么事情可以缓一缓,不要为了完成这项追加的工作熬很多个通宵  And please, lower your standards so you're not killing yourself to have a perfectly clean home, lavishly planned parties, from-scratch cookies soccer practice or whatever else is important to other people and not to you. You'll never find work life balance unless you let some things go.  还有,请降低你的标准,不要累死累活的去完成一些对其他人重要而对自己并不重要的事情,比如将家里打扫得一尘不染,准备丰盛的宴会,为了足球比赛而自己准备的蛋糕,或其他类似的事情除非,你有选择的放弃一些事情,否则你永远无法找到工作和生活的平衡  You simply cannot be everything to everybody. It's up to you to draw the line when you see it's hurting your children or your own peace of mind. A good test is to ask whether the question you're wrestling with will matter in years. Generally speaking, the time you spend with family or on genuinely career-building projects will pass muster -- but the extra three emails you can answer at p.m. will fail.  你不可能成为所有人的万能帮手如果你发现自己伤了孩子的心或者失去了内心的平静,你就该在心里划条线了有一个很好的衡量标准是你所做的事情是否年后仍有意义一般说来,你和家人在一起或者你真正给自己做职业规划的时间是合格的、有意义的,但是你在半夜点回的三封邮件,这个时间就不那么值得了嘉兴缩鼻头哪家医院好

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