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Your birthday only comes around once a year. Make this special day yours and wish big.生日每年只有一次。充分利用这个属于你的特别的日子,许下美好的愿望。You Will Need你需要Wishes愿望Pen and paper纸笔Birthday party生日聚会Birthday song生日歌Cake蛋糕Candles蜡烛Steps步骤Step 1 Write down1.写下来Write several wishes on a piece of paper before your birthday.生日之前先在一张纸上写下几个愿望。Step 2 Narrow your focus2.缩小范围Narrow your focus to your most desired wish and then destroy the paper so no one else can ever see it.把焦点集中在最希望达成的愿望上,然后把这张纸销毁,这样就没人看到了。Focus on a realistic wish, but not so easy to attain that it won#39;t feel like an accomplishment.集中在一个比较符合实际的愿望,但是不要太容易达成了,否则没有成就感。Step 3 Enjoy the party3.享受聚会Enjoy your birthday party as you wait for the birthday song, which comes as your host is bringing out the cake.在生日聚会上开心的玩闹,直到生日歌响起,聚会主办人拿出蛋糕。Step 4 Think about your wish4.想一下自己的愿望Think about your wish one final time and visualize it coming true.最后想一下你的愿望,想像能够成功。Step 5 Wish5.许愿Make your wish and blow out the candles.许下愿望,吹灭蜡烛。Step 6 Do not tell6.不要说出来Shhhh. Don#39;t tell anyone your wish, or it surely won#39;t come true!嘘!不要把你的愿望告诉任何人,否则就不会实现了。Madam Jeanne Louise Calment of France set a record for living to be 122-years old.法国的詹妮·路易·卡门(Jeanne Louise Calment)女士创下了最长寿记录,活到122岁。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/237806

视频出处:本影片片段来自《非洲》Whiskered catfish work as a team.长须鲶鱼正在进行团体作业They take a gulp of air at the surface他们浮出水面深吸一口气and then belch it out underwater to create a net of bubbles.再潜入水底将气吐出 织成一张气泡网And that traps little fish.小鱼们纷纷中计There are fish for everyone.鱼之盛宴 群雄共享And each species has its own technique for catching them.各路英雄都有自己的绝招It#39;s all very well having a big beak,拥有大而长的喙固然便利之极but you#39;ve still got to know how to use it.但也要能运用自如才好This young pelican has a lot to learn...这只年幼的鹈鹕仍需努力学习...and not long to do so.不要急于求成Maybe, like the catfish, teamwork is the answer.也许应该学学鲶鱼 进行团体合作It#39;s certainly working for the flock,那对鸟群来说显然是个妙计and this pelican seems to be getting the hang of it.而这只鹈鹕似乎有些开窍了But surely it can#39;t swallow that catfish.但他显然无法吞下这只鲶鱼 Article/201403/283137

HS2 Rail Project Comes Under Renewed Attack A public spending watchdog says the apparent benefits of the proposed high-speed rail link are dwindling as costs spiral.Its promises to slush journey times between our major cities. But plans for HS2 are going too fast for parliament spending watchdog which is yet to be convinced it#39;s worth the 50-billion-pound cost.We can have been overoptimistic on time, overoptimistic on the benefits. Are they having gotten handled on the real costs of this? And if you really want to spend 50 billion pounds which you#39;ll all do on infrastructure investment, there are better ways of spending it, sooner getting better benefit to the provincial cities.In 2017 constructions due to start on HS2#39;s first phase linking London with Birmingham if parliament approves. The estimated cost has gone up from 16 to 21 billion pounds. But MPs in the Public Accounts Committee are worries that the estimated return of that investment has gone down because of an error with how it was calculated. And they want a fresh analysis carried out before giving the go-ahead to phase 2.The trouble of the authority#39;s report is by the time they service, they can be out of date. But look , I#39;m determined that the points that are made by the National Audit Office, the points that are made by the major projects authority are points that we address ... prominent and we users#39; points are getting right.As time moves on, it feels like HS2 is winning more enemies than friends. Former champions have turned skeptical. The Institute of Directors has called this a ground folly. Under debate, it#39;s followed the Prime Minister all the way from here in Buckinghamshireto the G20 in Russia, where his pledge to fight back against the unholy alights opposing yes.It seems strange in this austere time to hear the government fighting so hard to spend money. This week expected to make the case for HS2 even stronger.Tygan Rise, Sky news. /201309/256624

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