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新型辟谣网站:实时追踪网络流言散布轨迹 -- 3:: 来源: 新型辟谣网站:实时追踪网络流言散布轨迹 How to Stop a Rumor Online (Bee the Rumor Becomes a Lie) 费利克斯?高根(Feliks Kogan) ShutterstockDid you hear the thing about the Florida woman who implanted a third breast in order to be "unattractive to men"? The one who is filming "her daily life in Tampa to show the struggles she faces because of her surgery"?She didn't, and she is not. The whole thing— better or worse—was a hoax.The Internet moves quickly. Rumors emerge, intentionally and not; they sp, intentionally and not. There's a reason, of course, that "wildfire" is such a common metaphor when it comes to describing this stuff: Rumors, once sparked, don't just sp extremely quickly; they are also extremely difficult to contain. And on top of everything else, it is extremely hard to predict which direction they'll take as they sp.Enter Emergent.info. The site, launched today after two months of testing and data-gathering, is hoping to change that by tracking rumors that arise in (pretty much) real time. As Craig Silverman, the rumor researcher who created the site, told me: "It's aiming to be a real-time monitoring of claims that are emerging in the press."Emergent.info works through a combination of human and algorithmic processing. Silverman and a research assistant find rumors that are being reported in the mainstream media—most often, stories that bubble up through social media and get spotted by one outlet … and then, from there, picked up by other outlets. Then they search Google News, which aggregates various news outlets' take on the story. They gather those stories and enter them into their database, classifying them according to the outlet and to how each of the outlets is reporting them. Some will report rumors not as rumors, but rather as simply true or simply false; the majority, however, simply report the fact that they have heard them. Often they'll hedge that repetition with caveats like "Sources:" or "Rumor:" or "Unconfirmed:" in headlines or texts. Just as often, however, they'll be more subtle in their warnings. In the case of the Tri-Breasted Lady, many places simply repeated the rumor as fact, their main additional caveat being a well-placed "WTF."Then their algorithm takes over. Emergent.info is essentially a web app, built on an API from the back-end database. (You can think of it as something of a data-driven version of Snopes—with a more expansive premise. "Snopes, they're amazing," Silverman says, "but they only do Snopes work; they don't aggregate what other people are doing. This site is able to identify claims and then actually see, okay, who's got the best inmation about it?") Every hour, Emergent.info's script crawls the stories to see whether their text has changed. The system also checks share counts to monitor how stories are moving through the social media ecosystem.All of which, Silverman says, helps to answer questions that haven't been so systematically analyzed bee. Among them: "What's the life cycle of a rumor in the press now? And how are news organizations dealing with things that are unconfirmed? And are they updating the stories, and are they sticking with it over time?"Take the reports—false reports, it turns out—that Durex is making a pumpkin-spice condom: Through Emergent.info, you can see who repeated the rumor, who checked it, and who debunked it. Or take, more seriously, the stories that emerged last week claiming that a meteorite had landed in Nicaragua. (That rumor is still listed as unverified on Emergent.info, because no one has been able to prove that such a meteorite actually fell.)A challenge news organizations face when it comes to rumor-reporting in particular is the fact that rumors tend to be much more shareable—and much more clickable—than corrections. Take your friend and mine, Ms. Tampa Triple-Breast (self-given pseudonym: Jasmine Tridevil). One of the early stories about her, in the New York Post, got 0,000 shares. The Snopes (mostly) debunking the initial story had ,500 shares—a decent amount a story that is, technically, a non-story. the most part, though, the s debunking the rumor get extremely little attention. ( a more crystalline example of all that, you can look to Buzzfeed's coverage of the story. Its initial story got more than 30,000 shares; its debunking of that story got just over 1,000.) Which means that news organizations often have very little incentive—direct, commercial incentive, at least—to put their time and energy into them. As a result, as Silverman puts it: The Total Recall rumor is "a story that, I would argue, the average person probably doesn't know is not true."The larger problem with all that is that rumors, once they're put out there into the maw of the media, are notoriously hard to correct. There's the fact that "sorry, just kidding about that three-boobed lady thing" is nowhere near as sharable as a "whoa, three-boobed lady!" thing in the first place. But there's also the fact that there is very little unimity among media outlets about how updates, corrections, retractions, and the like should be presented to ers. Most outlets will simply update a story that contains a debunked claim; a few will write new stories altogether, linking to the previous one in the process. That can leave ers, however, in a kind of epistemological limbo: You're never quite sure what's been verified and what has not. Trust is a precious resource in journalism; many outlets haven't fully figured out how to preserve it."So much of this stuff is public bee news organizations get to it," Silverman points out. "So that's a very different dynamic from what used to happen. So if something is by default public, how do you decide when you're doing to point at it in a way that's responsible? And then how do you deal with it as it sort of takes its life path to being true or false?" Bringing some data to bear on those questions, he's hoping, will help news outlets start to answer them.据《大西洋月刊杂志网站报道,你听说过那个有三个乳房的佛罗里达州女人吗?那个为了让自己“在男人面前没有吸引力”而去移植第三个乳房,还拍摄了自己“在坦帕市(Tampa)的日常生活,及由于手术而遭受的各种挣扎”录像的女人——你听说过没?她没有做过那种手术,她也没有第三个乳房整件事不论怎样——是一场骗局网上消息传播快不论有无意,谣言空穴起;不论有无心,谣言传千里这当然有原因,“野火”是形容这种事的常用隐喻:谣言,一旦被点燃,不仅流传极快,而且极难控制不过最可怕的是,我们极难预知谣言会往哪个方向发展登录Emergent.info网站经过两个月的测试和收集数据,这个网站于9月日正式启用,希望通过追踪流言产生的(接近)真实时间,改变流言四起的困境网站创立者,谣言研究员克雷格?西尔弗曼(Craig Silverman)告诉我:“网站致力于实时监测媒体中产生的各种言论”在比较广大的前提下,你可以把它当作数据驱动版的Snopes(美国一家专门核查并揭穿谣言和传闻的网站)Emergent.info网站通过人工处理和算法处理相结合来运作西尔弗曼和一位研究助理发现,那些被主流媒体报道的谣言大多最早只是在社交媒体中冒了个泡,而后被某个渠道发现……然后以此为中转,被其他渠道获取了消息他们随后搜索了谷歌新闻,这里聚集各类新闻渠道对消息的报道他们将这些报道收集编入数据库,并以其渠道来源和报道方式进行分类有的报道不把谣言当谣言,而是进行了简单的真或假区分;不过大部分报道仅仅告诉读者有这么个传言通常标题或正文中会用一些像“来源”,“传言”,或“未确认”之类的标注来避免重复然而,往往报道中的警告会更加微妙在“三乳女子”事件中,许多媒体仅仅将谣言当作事实重复,它们的主要附加警告便是一个方便顺手的“WTF.”他们的计算机算法接手了这种状况Emergent.info实质是一个网页应用,建立于一个后端数据库的应用程序界面(API)(在比较广大的前提下,你可以把它当作数据驱动版的Snopes“Snopes非常棒”西尔弗曼表示,“但是它也有局限,它无法收集其他人正在做什么的信息这个网站能够识别各种言论,然后切实发现是谁掌握了消息的最可靠信息”)每隔一小时,Emergent.info的脚本程序就会监测消息的文字是否发生改变这个系统还检查消息被分享的次数,以此监控信息在社交媒体生态系统中是如何移动的所有这些,西尔弗曼表示,有助于回答不少此前从未被系统分析过的问题其中包括:“谣言在新闻界的生命周期是什么样的?新闻机构如何处理未经确定的消息?报道是否有及时更新,或是一直不变?”拿那些报道——假报道为例,竟有“杜蕾斯(Durex)推出南瓜香型的安全套”的消息:通过Emergent.info,你可以分别知道是谁散布、遏制以及揭穿了谣言或者以较严肃的报道为例,上周有数篇报道称有一颗陨石坠落于尼加瓜拉(这则谣言依然在列于Emergent.info的未经实列表中,因为无人可以明确有这么一颗陨石坠落)新闻机构尤其在报道谣言时会面临一个挑战:谣言比辟谣更容易被分享——也更容易吸引点击以大家都熟悉的“坦帕市三乳女士”为例(她给自己造了假名字:茉莉?三乳恶魔(Jasmine Tridevil))早期一篇《纽约邮报(New York Post)关于她的报道被分享了万次而Snopes发表的(主要)拆穿初期报道的文章仅1.5万次分享——这对于一篇从技术层面上不算报道的报道来说,也相当可观“三乳妖妇,纯属恶搞”报道远不及“亮瞎!惊现三乳妖妇”报道来得吸睛然而大多情况下,辟谣的文章总是乏人问津(举个最清楚透明的例子,你可以查看在新闻聚合网站Buzzfeed对那个新闻的报道首篇文章被分享逾3万次;而辟谣文章仅1万余次)这意味着新闻机构缺乏足够的激励——直接的商业激励,懒得把时间和精力放在辟谣上结果如西尔弗曼所说的:电影《全面回忆(Total Recall)的谣言就是“一个我敢说大多数人都信以为真的故事”更大的问题在于,谣言一经媒体的轮番反刍,便人尽皆知,难以澄清最近的例子就是“抱歉,三乳妖妇,纯属恶搞”的分享量远不及“亮瞎!惊现三乳妖妇”不仅如此,各媒体渠道在如何向读者更新、澄清、撤回文章等问题上缺乏默契大多数媒体仅简单更新一篇辟谣声明的报道;鲜有媒体会集中重新报道,并提供先前文章的链接如此便给读者留下了认识上的不安定状态:你总是无法确定什么是已经实的事实,什么是无凭无据的谣言信任是新闻业的宝贵资源,但许多媒体还不知道要如何保护它“这些东西不少在经手媒体之前就已经众人皆知,”西尔弗曼指出,“所以这是一种与以往极为不同的动力,如果面对一桩已经公众化的事情,你决定以怎样负责任的方式处理?如果它正沿着其或真或假的轨道发展,你又该如何处置?”就此,西尔弗曼收集了一些数据,他希望可以借此帮助新闻机构回答这些问题。

  • 联合国测试:迷失的小女孩儿在不同着装下 路人竟这般反应 -- :0:5 来源: 联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,他们让一个小女孩在不同着装下装作走丢的样子站在街道,观察人们会对此有何反应 Would you stop if you saw a 6-year-old girl alone in a public place?当你看到一个6岁的小女孩孤零零站在街头的时候,你会停下来对其提供帮助么?A social experiment conducted by UNICEF shows how differently people reacted — depending on the girl’s appearance.联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,他们让一个小女孩在不同着装下装作走丢的样子站在街道,观察人们会对此有何反应The posted to YouTube on Tuesday features a 6-year-old child actor named Anano. When Anano was dressed in a nice dress and coat, people stopped to ask if she was lost, tried to comt her and made phone calls on her behalf.本周二YouTube网站公开了此次实验的全程录像,参与这次实验的6岁小女孩名为阿娜诺视频中显示,当阿娜诺穿着时尚整洁的衣站在街边时,人们都会停下来询问其是否迷路,并试图安慰她,有些行人还会主动打电话为其提供帮助Then makeup artists covered her face with soot and dressed her in dirty sweats and a knit cap. The shows people walking right past her without a second glance.随后,化妆师在阿娜诺的脸上涂上煤灰,并让其换上了破旧的毛衣,戴上一顶脏兮兮的针织帽视频中显示,当阿娜诺以衣衫褴褛的面貌站在街边时,来往行人无人问津UNICEF then repeated the experiment inside a restaurant. When Anono was clean and dressed nicely, diners welcomed her at their tables. Strangers smiled at her, patted her arm and even rubbed her cheeks.联合国儿童基金会随即又将饭店作为实验地点当阿娜诺穿着整洁得体的衣出现在餐厅时,很多用餐的顾客都非常欢迎她坐在自己身边,冲她微笑,拍她的手臂甚至还抚摸她的脸颊以示喜爱When she returned to the restaurant in the dirty sweats and knit cap, people clutched their purses and bags when she passed by. One man signaled to an employee and asked, “Can you take her out please?”当她换上破旧的脏衣再次出现在饭店时,情况却截然不同有些顾客特意将自己的包远离阿娜诺,还有一位顾客直接向店员表示将阿娜诺赶出餐厅The shows Anano running out of the restaurant in tears.视频的最后显示阿娜诺流着眼泪跑出了饭店“We stopped the experiment because Anano became too upset,” UNICEF said.“由于阿娜诺情绪特别低落,我们的拍摄工作便没有再继续进行下去”联合国儿童基金会表示“They were all telling me to go away,” UNICEF ed the little girl as saying.联合国儿童基金会引用阿娜诺的话说道:“大家都叫我快点走开”“Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive,” UNICEF stated on YouTube. “It doesn’t need to be this way. Our State of the World’s Children Report is a call to action the world to treat its least tunate children the way it treats its luckier children.”联合国儿童基金会在YouTube上公开发布:“世界上平均每天有数以百万计的儿童处于贫困的境地他们被人忽视,被人冷落,被剥夺了他们成长所需要的一切事实本不应该如此,年世界儿童状况报告就曾呼吁全世界用平等的方式对待所有的孩子,无论其贫穷还是富有”。
  • 宇宙级网红霍金送祝福 祝愿高考考生金榜题名 -- 18:51: 来源: 目前,全中国高三考生都在准备人生中最重要的一次考试这次考试将会决定他们将要走进哪所大学,甚至有可能决定其未来的人生走向在此重要的时刻,著名宇宙学家、作家以及《辛普森一家人的客串明星斯蒂芬·霍金也在微上为广大考生送去简短的祝福 As students across China prepare to take the most important exam of their life, which will certainly decide where they get into university and theree possibly their entire future, none other than celebrated cosmologist, author and occasional Simpsons guest star Stephen Hawking has chimed in to offer a few words of encouragement.目前,全中国高三考生都在准备人生中最重要的一次考试这次考试将会决定他们将要走进哪所大学,甚至有可能决定其未来的人生走向在此重要的时刻,著名宇宙学家、作家以及《辛普森一家人的客串明星斯蒂芬·霍金也在微上为广大考生送去简短的祝福As many of you prepare to take the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, I want to wish you, the next generation of scientific minds, success in your academic endeavors. This culmination of your hard work marks just the beginning of your very bright futures.你们当中的许多人即将参加年的高考我在这里祝愿你们,新一代的科学人才,金榜题名这是你们勤学不辍的顶峰,也标志着你们人生美好未来的开始Growing up, my parents placed a high value on education and I am grateful the limitless opporties provided by my studies. Whether you aim to be a doctor, teacher, scientist, musician, engineer, or a writer — be fearless in the pursuit of your aspirations. You are the next generation of big thinkers and thought leaders that will shape the future generations to come. - SH在我成长的过程中,我父母一直很重视教育我很庆幸这一路来的学习给我带来了无数的机会无论你励志成为一名医生,老师,科学家,音乐家,工程师亦或是一名作家,请勇往直前地追逐你的梦想你们是下一代的大思想家和意见领袖,未来将因你们而生——斯蒂芬·霍金Hawking shared his thoughts on his Weibo , which was opened in April to supernova-sized support from Chinese netizens. Hawking’s gained over a million followers in just the first six hours and it’s now past million. His inaugural post gained over 800,000 likes, 375,000 comments and 350,000 shares in the first hours.霍金将上述两段话发布在了新浪微上他早在四月份就已开通新浪微账号,并在短时间内备受中国网友追捧,成为一代“网红巨星”在霍金刚刚开通账号的六个小时内,粉丝数就已经飙升至一百万,到目前为止,粉丝数已高达四百多万在他发布首条微之后的短短二十四小时内,该微就已获得八十万个点赞,三十七万五千条,被网友转发三十五万次In hours, Hawking’s bilingual gaokao post has racked up 90,000 likes, 5,000 shares and 3,000 comments. Here are few of the top ones:在霍金发布这条高考祝福的微之后,十小时之内该微已获得二十九万个赞,收到四万三千条网友,并被转发十二万五千次"I feel like the whole universe is cheering me on," s the top comment with over 18,000 likes.该微之下的一条热门置顶写道:“我感觉收到了来自全宇宙的祝福”目前,该条已收到一万八千个个赞"Jiayou, jiayou, don’t let Stephen Hawking down," s another comment.还有网友道:“加油加油,不要让霍金失望!”"With Stephen Hawking’s support, I can aly feel my IQ getting higher," wrote another netizen.一位网友道:“有了霍金的鼓励,我感觉我的智商顿时变高了”The gaokao will be held over the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday). We’d like to wish everyone good luck as well and encourage them to blow off some steam in healthy ways.高考将会在本周周二和周三两天进行我们在这里也祝愿所有考生都能够答题顺利,沉着应战,同时适当减压。
  • 英女王:我要加薪啦! -- 18:55: 来源:chinadaily The Queen is in line a 6.5% payrise and could net a cool pound;5.6 million from the taxpayer next year if the way she is funded stays the same. 英国女王可能将加薪6.5%如果拨款方案不变,明年她将从纳税人手中获得560万英镑 Figures released show a total profit of pound;3.1 million the Crown Estate. 公布的数据显示,英国皇家财产局的总利润为3亿万英镑 If the Queen receives her Sovereign Grant calculated at the customary % of that she would be handed pound;5.6 million from the Treasury in April , an increase of pound;.8 million up from pound;.8 million this year. 皇家财产局利润的%通常作为君王拨款若以此计算,年月,女王将从财政部获得560万英镑,比今年的0万英镑高出0万英镑 However, the mula the Sovereign Grant is being reviewed this year by The Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Keeper of the Privy Purse who will potentially change the way it is calculated to less than % of Crown Estate profits. 但今年,君王拨款的方案正交由首相、财政大臣和王室司库负责人重新审议,计算方式可能被改变,拨款将少于皇家财产局利润的% This could mean her payrise is smaller, but she will still be in line a bumper sum as rules state she cannot get less than any previous year. 这或许意味着女王加薪的幅度会减小,但因为“女王的收入不得低于以往任何一年”的规定,其总收入依然将非常丰厚 But a source said about the negotiations lately in light of Brexit turmoil: “This is hardly the moment where we are going to finalise a review of the Sovereign Grant.” 然而鉴于英国退欧的混乱局势,有消息透露了日前的磋商情况:“当前不是我们敲定君王拨款的时候” News of the potential payrise came as Keeper of the Privy Purse Sir Alan Reid revealed how the royals have spent the pound;0.1 million they were given in April - amounting to 6p per person per year in Britain. 王室在年月获得0万英镑,相当于英国国民为此每年人均付出6便士女王可能加薪一事传来的同时,王室司库负责人艾伦?里德爵士透露了这笔收入的花销情况 He also stressed they have added to this by raising pound;.9 million of their own money including through renovating and renting out apartments. 爵士还强调,王室除此收入外,还有90万英镑的私人收入,包括整修和出租房屋的所得 Last year it was reported they were renting one in St James’s Palace thought to bring in nearly pound;50,000 per year. 报道称,王室去年出租了圣詹姆斯宫的一套房子,据认为带来了近5万英镑的年收入 Prince Charles also revealed that his income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate rose to more than pound; million the first time to pound;.67 million up from pound;19.85 million the previous year. 查尔斯王子也透露,他从康沃尔公爵领地获得的收入从前一年的198.5万英镑上升到6.7万英镑,首次超过了00万英镑 Expenditure on the area of his s that funds Prince William, Kate and Harry was also up 9.5% from pound;.965 million to pound;3.9 million, although officials would not say how much of the increase was down to the three young royals or itemise how that money was spent. 查尔斯王子账户上用于威廉夫妇和哈里王子的出也从96.5万英镑上升到3.9万英镑,上涨9.5%不过官方不会说明上涨的出有多少是因为这三位年轻的王室成员,也不会详细列明钱是怎么花出去的 The bill royal travel was down to pound; million from pound;5.1 million the previous year, but there were still some eye-watering travel costs billed to the taxpayer including a pound;9, charter plane Prince Charles and Camilla’s tour of the Balkans in March. 王室旅行开从前一年的5万英镑降至00万,但纳税人依然要承担一些巨额旅行开销,比如查尔斯王子和卡米拉三月访问巴尔干半岛时所花的9万英镑包机费。
  • 不爱喝牛奶?七种食物让你快速入睡 -- :55:1 来源:sohu 难受多喝水?失眠多喝奶?这种不走心的意见是不是已经听到吐!到底小伙伴能不能提些有建设性的意见呢? 整晚辗转反侧不能入眠,确实是令人沮丧 另外,缺乏足够睡眠也会导致不少健康问题:如腰围上涨、高血压和情绪变化要解决问题, 其一是通过饮食来改善睡眠质素,但这方法却往往被忽视 Tossing and turning is frustrating, and the lack of shut-eye can lead to such health problems as an expanding waistline, high blood pressure and an altered mood. Typically overlooked, one way to improve sleep is through diet. 1.香蕉 Bananas 香蕉含有丰富的钾质,可以舒缓不宁腿的症状和防止夜间腿抽筋香蕉还能为身体提供镁,有助肌肉和神经放松,促进血液循环和消化 They’re high in potassium, which may calm restless legs and help prevent nighttime leg cramps. Plus, bananas also provide magnesium, which helps relax muscles and nerves and promotes healthy circulation and digestion. .杏仁 Almonds 杏仁含有镁,可以帮助你进入更好的睡眠状态它还能提供蛋白质,助你在睡眠时维持稳定的血糖水平 Almonds contain magnesium and can help ease you into a better night’s sleep. They also provide protein, which can help you maintain a stable blood sugar level while you’re sleeping. 3.凉茶或不含咖啡因的绿茶 Herbal Tea or Decaffeinated Green Tea 专家指出,大多种不含咖啡因的茶也可以引起睡意绿茶含有茶氨酸,可更容易让人入睡 Experts say most varieties of decaf tea will encourage drowsiness. Green tea contains theanine, which may promote sleep. .燕麦粥 Oatmeal 它含有大量的钙,镁和钾,这些物质都能帮助你更快速地入睡只是不要放太多糖,因为睡前吸收过量糖份会对睡眠产生反效果 It packs plenty of calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which may help make you fall asleep more quickly.Just go easy on the sugar -- too much bee bed can have the opposite effect. 5.甘薯 Sweet potatoes 甘薯可提供丰富的钾质,它可以放松肌肉和神经,促进血液循环和消化 Sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium, which relaxes muscles and nerves and aids circulation and digestion. 6.麦片 Cereal 一小碗低糖、全谷麦片可以作为睡眠时段的健康零食 A small bowl of low-sugar, whole-grain cereal can be a healthy snack that sets the stage sleep. 7.鲜奶 Milk (地球人都知道) 钙可以直接生产褪黑素,有助维持体内的小时醒睡周期豆浆比牛奶更好吗?大豆产品可以令人睡得更快、更香,还可以帮助受失眠困扰的更年期妇女 Calcium plays a direct role in the production of melatonin, which helps to maintain your body’s -hour sleep-wake cycle. Prefer soy milk to cow's milk? Soy products have been known to make people fall asleep faster and deeper. They may help insomnia in menopausal women. 现在大家应该知道哪些食物可以让你快速入睡了吧! 小编善意介绍 [健康] 戒掉这种食物 收获好睡眠(双语) 让你真正拥有优质睡眠,迎接健康人生,走向顶峰! Photo source: Baidu livestrong.com English Source: livestrong.com。
  • 优雅地吐槽 大概就是这样吧 -- 18:6:37 来源:chinadaily 莎士比亚是世界文学史上的一代文豪,凭借一妙笔,写活芸芸众生 作为语言大师,谐趣幽默、精妙绝伦的对话是莎翁作品的一大特色,而对话中令人捧腹的吐槽桥段层出不穷一起来看看00年前的莎士比亚的吐槽技能! 从上述各例吐槽来看,精准无误、一击致命的吐槽实在是一门艺术列位读者如果觉得自己的吐槽功力不够深,请向莎翁学习,开卷有益,适时离开手机屏幕以上吐槽用语均引自《莎士比亚全集;英汉双语本(外研社版) (以上文字为原创,图片均来自网络)。
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