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南京市第一人民医院治疗狐臭多少钱南京附属医院抽脂价格南京市第二医院去皱祛皱木偶纹眉间纹多少钱 邀请1. 词组句型拜访come over, visit, drop in on somebody, call at, call onsentence patterns:Why dont you come to Australia for a holiday?Most tourists in London visit the London Bridge.I thought I should drop in on you.We droped into a pub on the way.Two days later I will call at Beijing.Will you call on you teacher this week?忙碌be tied up, be busysentence patterns:We tied the boat up alongside the quay.I am tied up in a meeting until tomorrow.I am busy doing my homework.Yesterday evening I was busy doing my washing.2. 多种表达Are you free next weekend?Will you have free time next weekend?Will you be occupied next weekend?Could I see you again?May I see you again?Will it be all right to visit you tomorrow evening?Can I go to see you tomorrow evening?Would it be convenient to visit you tomorrow evening?Do you mind if we drop in on you tomorrow evening?Do you mind if we pay a visit to you tomorrow evening?Are you doing anything tomorrow?Will you have plans for tomorrow?Are you busy tomorrow?Could you give me your telephone number?May I have your phone number?Where will they meet?How about going to the cinema with me?How about cinema?Lets see a film together.Id love to, but I dont think I can.Id love to, but I am fraid I cant.Id love to, but I am not sure whether I can.I truely would like to come, but I will not be able to.I wish I could, but I am fraid I cant.Im tied up.I have something else on.I have got a previous engagement.I wouldnt be able to make it.I am busy.Thanks for asking.Thanks for the invitation.Its very kind of you to invite me.Lets do it another time.Could we plan it for another day?Could you make it another time?Would you prefer some other time?Some other time.I hope you can come.Id like to have you over.Id like you to come.Id like you to be my guest.Id like you to join us. /201208/1938765. Can I ask you to get a cup of tea for me?你能给我拿一杯茶吗?还能这样说:Can you get me a cup of tea?Can you bring a cup of tea for me?应用:for all the tea in China 不管怎样(也)……;无论如何(都)……;tea eggs 茶叶蛋;tea seat 茶具;整套茶具6. Could I make a reservation for Flight 9 to Beijing?我可以预订去北京的9号班机的座位吗?还能这样说:Can I reserve a seat on the Flight 9 to Beijing?May I book a ticket on Flight 9 to Beijing?应用:make reservations 预订,订房间;附保留条件;without reservation 直率地,坦白地;无条件地;with reservations 有保留地7. Id like two seats on todays Flight 8 to London, please.我想买两张今天到伦敦的8号航班的机票。还能这样说:Id like to buy two seats on todays Flight 8 to London.I wish for two seats on todays Flight 8 to London.应用:seat belts 安全带;seat frame 座架;seat back 座椅靠背;seat cover 座椅套8. May I have a second-class one-way ticket to Chicago, please?请给我一张去芝加哥的单程二等票好吗?还能这样说:Could you give me a second-class one-way ticket to Chicago, please?A second-class one-way ticket to Chicago, please.应用:Thats the ticket.那正好,正是如此。 /201405/299305马鞍山妇幼人民中医院隆鼻价格

镇江去鼻唇沟多少钱Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Linda:Hello! Who is speaking?您好,哪位?John:Hello! This is John. I want to speak to Linda。你好,我是约翰,我想找琳达。Linda:This is her。我就是。John: Hi, Linda. I’m just calling to invite you to a dinner party tomorrow evening。Hi, 琳达,我打电话事项邀请你参加明天晚上的派对。Linda:Really? What time and where?真的吗?几点?在哪儿?John: 7:30 pm, at Longding Chinese restaurant. I’ll be at your place at 7:00 to pick you up if you need a ride。晚上7点,在龙鼎中餐馆,如果你要搭顺风车的话,我们明天晚上7点到你那儿接你。Linda:Yes, please. I’ll need a ride. I’ll be waiting for you then。好的,我要搭顺风车,我到时候等你。John: See you tomorrow at 7:00. Make sure you dress a little formally. I heard the restaurant is kind of upscale。明晚7点见,记得穿得稍微正式点,我听说那是一家比较上档次的餐厅。Linda:Thank you. See you then。谢谢,到时候见。John:See you。明天见。重点句子:喂!我是汤姆。Hello! This is Tom。我就是。This is him。哪位?Who’s speaking?请稍等,我看他在不在。Hang on a moment, please. I’ll see if he’s in。莉莉,有你的电话。 Lily, there’s a phone call for you。抱歉,他不在。Sorry, he’s out。他现在正忙着呢。He is tied up right now。对不起,让你久等了。I’m sorry to have kept you waiting。我把电话给你转过去。Let me transfer your call。你要跟谁通话?Who do you want to talk to? /201412/349494南京韩辰整形医院治疗痘痘多少钱 Situation 74情景74Push five,please.请按五楼。Well,hello Lisa.哟,哈罗丽莎。Hi,Jim.嗨,吉姆。I didnt know you worked here.What floor do you want?我不知道你在这儿工作。你要到哪一楼?Push five,please.Ive been working here for almost a year.请按五楼。我在这儿工作已经快一年了。What company are you with?你在哪家公司工作?Wang,Min and Wu.Its a law firm.王明武,它是个律师事务所。Let me help you with your packages.让我来帮你提行李。I have them.Thank you,anyway.我自己拿就可以。不管怎样,谢谢你。What floor do you want?你要去几楼?Ten,please.十楼,谢谢你。Are you sure I cant help you?你确定不需要我帮忙?Im okay,thank you.我没问题,谢谢你。Hold it,please.请等一下。We just missed it.我们刚错过它。It looked pretty full.Maybe the next one will be empty.看起来相当拥挤。也许下一班会是空的。Push the up button again.再按一次上楼的钮。Do you work in this buiding?你在这栋大楼里工作吗?Yes,on the fifth floor.是的,在五楼。 /201208/194471芜湖玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱

无锡妇幼保健院祛痘去痘痘印痘疤粉刺要多少费用9. When the flowers open out, the tantalizing aroma perfumes the air.花盛开时,到处弥漫着诱人的芳香。还能这样说:The air is full of aroma when the flowers come out.The blossomed flowers make the air aromatous.应用:a bottle of perfume 一瓶香水;perfume ones hair 在头发上洒香水;a perfumed talk 骂人话,坏话10. Calyx canthus can be in full bloom even in winter.腊梅在寒冬依然开花。还能这样说:Calyx canthus put forth flowers in winter.Calyx canthus are in flower even in winter.应用:and (so on and) so forth 等等;so far forth as ...到……的程度;sway back and forth 前后摇动;burst forth (芽、蕾)绽放;(火山等)爆发11. I am going to grow some roses.我想栽些玫瑰花。还能这样说:Id like to plant some roses.I want to cultivate some roses.谚语:No rose without a thorn.玫瑰都有刺。12. In the garden more grow than the gardener sow.有意栽花花不开,无心插柳柳成荫。还能这样说:A watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows.Follow love and it will flee thee, flee love and it will follow thee.应用:Everything in your garden is nice.一切都是再好不过了;天官赐福,令人满足了(常带讽刺意味)。 /201303/228940 今天要讲的习惯用语最近都出现在美国的一份有相当影响力的报刊上,也就是《华盛顿邮报》上。更确切地说是在联邦储备委员会主席格林斯潘向参议院预算委员会提出一项关于国家财政的建议之后。他的建议是美国国会应当利用预计中的联邦政府开预算部分的结余来减税。于是《华盛顿邮报》的文章发表了这样的:例句-1:Until now Mr Greenspan had been ;gung ho; for using the budget surpluses to reduce the federal debt, so why the change of heart?这句话是说:迄今为止,格林斯潘先生一直热衷于利用预算结余来减轻联邦债务,那么为什么他一改初衷了呢?在这句话 里我们重点要学这个习惯用语:gung ho。 奇怪得很,gung ho这个习惯用语还是来自中文的。其中的gung就是中文“工作”的“工”,而其中的ho是中文里“合作”的“合”。“工合”令人想到中文的“分工合作” 这个说法。这也确实是gung ho这个习惯用语的原意。 Gung ho最早出现在二次大战派驻亚洲地区的美国海军陆战队内。当时率领这军队的Carlson中校借用了中文里的这个意思,把gung ho作为军内的口号,勉励部下齐心协力、团结一致、勇往直前。 Carlson当时对部下反复宣讲gung ho精神,以致gung ho在全军上下深入人心,成为军内人员生活的一部分,比方说往卡车上装货的军人会对碰巧走过的士兵这样说:例句-2:Hey, how about a little gung ho on the box?他是在招呼那人发扬热心助人的协作精神,帮一手把箱子搬上卡车去。逐渐gung ho这个说法被借用到军外的生活中了,表示热情、起劲、卖力,而且既可以当名词用,也可以作为形容词。我们听个例子,这段话说的是女权运动积极分子Paula。这里gung ho当形容词用了。例句-3:Paula is certainly gung ho on equal rights for women. You see her at almost every rally in Washington, chanting slogans and carrying signs that demand equal rights for women.他说: Paula确实热衷于女权运动。在所有那些华盛顿举行的妇女大会上,你几乎都能看到她边在喊口号边举着要求妇女权利的标语牌。Paula凡是有争取妇女权益的大会就必定积极参与,可见她热衷于女女权运动,所以这里的be gung ho on...意思就是热衷于什么。******既然习惯用语gung ho来自中国,那么我们就再听个用gung ho来说有关中国的事情的例子吧。大家知道筷子是中国人最基本的食具,用筷子吃饭少说也是从公元前1500年的商朝就开始了,但是在中国用白桦树木和白杨树木大批生产一次性筷子还只是 a waste! Making them destroys what little is left of the forests. Im impressed with the truck driver who is so gung ho on environmental protection that he carries his own set of chopsticks and washes them after every meal!他觉得一次性筷子是极大的浪费,因为制作这些筷子毁灭了已经稀少的森林。有一位热心从事环境保护的卡车司机给他留下了深刻的印象,因为这位司机随身带自己的筷子,每次饭后洗了再用。这段话里的be gung ho on...也是热心从事什么的意思。******二十世纪八十年代中才开始有的。根据政府部门的统计为了年产四百五十亿双一次性筷子,每年砍伐的树多达两千五百万棵。这是个值得注意的问题。我们听一个环境保护主义者在发表议论。例句-4:The disposable chopsticks are such今天要学的第二个习惯用法起源于另一种外语。这个习惯用法是: bugaboo。 Bugaboo来自印欧语系的派凯尔特语。在凯尔特语中bugaboo是虚构的怪物,尤其是大人用来吓唬小孩的那种妖魔鬼怪。 Bugaboo在成人世界里常被借用来指令人没完没了烦恼忧虑的事情, 而且还往往是一种过虑或者是自寻烦恼。我们再听个也是来自《华盛顿邮报》的例子。这段话是在说目前可能使美国经济下降的因素。例句-5:Tumbling stock prices and the low level of consumer confidence are some of the bugaboos that can bring the nations economy down from the present level.他说:下跌的股票价格和消费者低落的信心是令人忧虑的根由,并且会导致国家经济从目前水平下降。这里的bugaboos是指困扰人的问题或根由。 /201409/327984江苏中医院治疗痘坑价格无锡注射丰下巴费用




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