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星沙不孕不育的原因是什么长沙星沙什么不孕不育医院最好长沙星沙哪里有看男科 And that is how I wash my hair in space on the International Space Station.这就是我在国际空间站 在太空中洗头的方式。Hi there,Ive had a lot of people ask me how I wash my hair in space and I thought Id show you how I do it.各位好。此前有很多人问我在太空中我是如何洗头的。我觉得是时候该表演真正的技术了。Lets see,to get started,these are the things I need;a bag of warm water,a little;no rinse; shampoo,a towel,and my comb.What I like to do is start by just putting some hot water squirt it onto my scalp,and I have a mirror here so I can kind of watch what Im doing,Sometimes the water gets away from here and youre trying to catch as much as you can.And i just work the water up through to the ends of my hair.好的。为了洗头 我需要这些东西;一袋温水。一点无水洗发液 一条毛巾 还有我的梳子。最开始 我一般会把一些热水。挤到头皮上这还有个镜子这样我就能看到自己在做什么了。有时水会从这跑出去 你就会把水尽可能多的抓回来。我把水向上抹 一直抹到头发的最顶端。And i take my ;no rinse; shampoo and squirt it also on the scalp;just a little bit and rub it in,again kind of working it out to the ends.And sometimes Ill actually take my comb to help work it all the way to the ends.现在我把无水洗发液拿出来 同样挤到头皮上;一点点就够了 把它揉到头发里,也差不多是把它揉到头发最顶端。有时我会用我的梳子来帮我把它们一直弄到头发末端。Then I like to take my towel while I have the shampoo in there and just kind of work it because without standing under running water,you kind of need use the towel a little bit to help get some of the dirt out.I like to follow that by a little more water.Its called ;no rinse;shampoo,but I think its best to use a little water with it,I actually feel kind of squeaky clean right now.And Ill take the dry part of my towel;之后 当头皮上沾满洗发液时 我喜欢用毛巾,差不多像这么做 因为在没有流水冲头的情况下,在一定程度上 你还是需要用毛巾来把灰擦出去的。之后,我会再用一点水。名义上它是“无水”洗发液 但我觉得还是加一点水为好。现在我倒是觉得头发挺干净了。现在我要用毛巾干的部分;We use towels for quite a while here,Since we have limited supplies,we use them wisely,There,I think thats pretty good.And now as my hair dries,as the water evaporates from my hair,it will become humidity in the air and then our air conditioning system will collect that into condensate and it wont be long,and our water processing system will turn that into drinking water.在这里 我们的毛巾得用好一阵。因为供给有限 所以我们得合理使用物资。嗯,目测还不错。现在我的头发慢慢变干,水从我的头发上蒸发出去,它将成为空气中的湿气,之后我们的空调系统会把它收集到冷凝器中 不久之后,我们的水处理系统会把它变成饮用水。At the end,I just do one final comb through to make sure there are no snarls and snags and while it dries,I like to let it stay free.I dont put it back in a pony tail while it is drying.And that is how I wash my hair in space on the International Space Station.最后 我只要再彻底梳一次头,来确保头发没有打结和缠绕的地方,当它变干时 我就这么让它自然地呆着。我不会在头发干燥时扎马尾辫。这就是我在国际空间站,在太空中洗头的方式。201501/351717星沙在线医生免费咨询

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长沙华夏医院社保卡 Buying a wedding present can test your time, patience, and wallet. Keep it simple, celebratory, and personal, and you’ll be a hit with the newlyweds.购买结婚礼物能考验你的时间,耐心和钱包。礼物要简单,喜庆,而且还要有个性,你肯定能给新婚夫妇留下深刻印象。Step 1: Use the registry1.使用登记簿Couples register for a reason—they’re politely picking out exactly what they want. Using their registry is the simplest way to get them something they need and like, and to help them complete matching sets like dishes or silverware.新人将礼物登记的原因是他们想礼貌地选择自己想要的礼物。看新人的的登记薄是了解新人需要和喜欢的礼物的最简单的方法,帮助他们完成比如盘子和银器的搭配。Tip:If you worry that choosing from a registry isn’t personal enough, pick something you can relate to and mention that on the card, like, “Hope this blender will mix up many of those margaritas we enjoyed down in Mexico!”小贴士:如果你担心从登记薄中选礼物没有个性,可以选些可以在卡片上标明的礼物,比如“希望这台果汁机能制作我们在墨西哥喝的那种鸡尾酒”。Step 2: Consider the couple2.考虑新人If you know the couple well and you’d rather not deal with a registry, feel free to make your gift personal. Go for something special that caters to their interests, like a classic first-edition novel for book lovers or tickets to a concert for music buffs. Or, just give them cash.如果你很了解新人,而且你不想使用登记簿,那就送点有个性的礼物。买些迎合新人喜好的特殊礼物,比如给喜欢读书的人买一本古典首印版的小说,给音乐迷送音乐会的票,或是直接给他们钱。Tip:Think about how much storage space the couple has. If they live in a studio apartment, they probably don’t want a lot of big stuff.小贴士:考虑一下新人有多大的存储空间。如果他们住在公寓中,他们很可能不想要大件的东西。Step 3: Dont overdo it3.不要过火Do you really want to blow all your money on a gold-plated doodad? Consider a gift that honors the couple while respecting your bank balance.你真的想将所有的钱买一个镀金的小饰品?想想买一件既能向新人表示敬意同时也比较划算的礼物。Tip:It’s ok to give a less expensive gift if you’re attending a destination wedding or spending a significant amount on travel.小贴士:如果你参加度假婚礼或是你要在旅途中花很长时间,送一个不那么昂贵的礼物就可以了。Step 4: Do it yourself4.自己制作礼物If you’re a skilled artist and you think the couple would appreciate a unique, one-of-a-kind gift, consider giving a handmade present.如果你是手巧的手工艺者,而且你认为新人会喜欢一件独特的礼物,可以考虑制作手工礼品。Tip:It’s one thing to give a handmade quilt, and quite another to present the pair with a last-minute pipe-cleaner sculpture. You don’t have to blow your savings, but don’t be a tightwad.小贴士:送手工制作的棉被是一件事,最后送给新人一个很普通的雕塑却是另一回事。你不必大放血,但不要做吝啬鬼。Step 5: Rely on tradition5.根据传统If you don’t know the couple well, go for a traditional all-purpose — and easily returned — present, like a crystal bowl or picture frame. Or give a gift certificate.如果你不太了解新婚夫妇,就按照传统来——这很容易把握——买一个水晶碗或是相框或是送礼券。Tip:Some people use the general rule that the gift’s value should roughly equal the couple’s cost per guest at the wedding.小贴士:有些人会遵循这样的原则:礼物的价值要大略等同于新婚夫妇的花费除以来参加婚礼的人数。Step 6: Respect the couples taste6.尊重新婚夫妇的口味Even if the newlyweds’ taste redefines tacky, remember—you’re buying a gift for them, not you. Give them something suited to their sensibilities, whatever they are.即使新婚夫妇的口味有些俗气——要记住你是在给他们买礼物。送一些他们喜欢的礼物,无论是什么。Step 7: Ask them7.询问他们The very best way to figure out what a couple wants? Ask them or someone close to them, like the maid of honor. Even if they’ve registered, there might be an item they’re hoping for above all else.想知道新婚夫妇想要什么的最好的办法?问一下他们或是和他们十分亲近的人,比如伴郎或伴娘。即使他们已经登记了,肯定还有他们想要的其他东西。视频听力译文由。201405/297915长沙星沙哪个做人流比较好长沙星沙的男科医院




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