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A wave of cold and snowy weather continues to grip Europe, grounding airplanes, trains and cars and causing dozens of deaths. grip: of an emotion or a situation 情绪或形势 to have a powerful effect on somebodysomething 对...产生强有力的影响I was gripped by a feeling of panic. 我惊恐万状.Terrorism has gripped the country the past two years. 两年来恐怖主义一直笼罩着这个国家.Britons shivering through one of the coldest winters to hit the ed Kingdom in decades got no reprieve from Mother Nature on Sunday. Channel and other British media delivered more bad news - including weather-related deaths. reprieve: a delay bee something bad happens 延缓;缓解 Campaigners have won a reprieve the hospital threatened with closure. 活动家们为这家受关闭威胁的医院赢得了喘息的机会. 0197  Despite the derision of some critics, the program proved a huge ratings success, with viewing figures of more than 18 million

你的鸡蛋要怎么煎-31 :: A:How do you want your eggs, Mary? Cindy likes hers scrambled.玛丽,你的蛋要怎么煎?辛迪喜欢吃炒蛋B:Sunny-side up, please.煎单面就好,麻烦你了A:The toaster is over there on the kitchen counter. Help yourself.烤面包机就在厨房流理台那里自己来B:What kind of b do we have?我们有什么吐司面包呢?A:White and whole-wheat.白吐司和全麦吐司B:I think I'll have two slices of whole wheat.我要两片全麦吐司A:Can you go wake up Cindy me?能麻烦你去替我叫醒辛迪吗?B:Sure.没问题A:She's a late riser.她都起得很晚

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Everyday routine每天小事Rest and refresh.休息并恢复精神 My body signals me when it has had enough. When I fail to listen is when I crash and burn. I’m learning to back off the gas a little more and to take the time to unwind, decompress, and refresh my mind and body.当我的身体受够了就会向我发信号当我崩溃或感到热和痛时,我就听不进去别人说的话我学着放手,花时间去放松、解压,让我的精神和身体恢复健康Life does comes at us hard and fast. Fatigue, stress and exhaustion begins to settle in faster than you may think, or notice. The best remedy this is rest.生活向我们涌来,这不能改变疲劳、压力和筋疲力尽比你想象的或注意到的来地要快得多最好的补救方式就是休息Disconnect from all of the busyness and reconnect with what brings you the most nourishment. Spend time with your partner, watch a guilty-pleasure television show, a book, or simply be and enjoy the serenity of doing nothing a while.和所有的繁忙断开连接,和能带给你营养的事物重新联系花些时间和你的搭档呆在一起,看看恶趣味的电视节目,读本书或就是呆在一起,享受什么也不做的宁静时光《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 5855,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 如果你经常给别人差评Heshe will hide things from you他对你有所隐瞒 Your partner may be tempted to keep secrets if you routinely spew negativity and criticism. 如果你经常传递的是消极的思想或经常批评别人,那么你的伴侣可能对你有所保留If you are always criticizing your partner, think twice. Your partner may be taking on new riskschallengeswithout you knowing. 如果你总是在批评别人,那就仔细想想吧你的伴侣可能承受着你不知道的挑战You may be missing out on their growth, learning experiences, and the intimacy of a healthy relationship.你也许会错过他们的成长,经验的习得,失去和他们的亲密关系spew spew vt.amp; vi.呕吐;(使某事物)喷出;涌出,射出;渗出 例句:She must be purged and through this purgation her bowels shallspew.她必须被净化,通过这净化,她的内容物将会喷出.intimacy n.亲密;亲近;亲昵的言行;性行为 例句:It takes time to build upintimacy.建立亲密关系是需要时间的更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 36997

你的钻石戒指丢了?- :: A:What? Your diamond ring is lost?什么?你的钻石戒指丢了?B:Yeah, I just cannot find it anywhere.是的,我哪儿都找不到它A:It must have been stolen by the few thieves. I’ll get it back you.一定是被那几个小偷偷走了,我会替你找回来B:You are risking your neck. Don’t you know they have guns.你真是找死呀,难道你不知道他们有?日常英语对话-- :5: 日常英语对话怎样安慰失望的情绪Don't take it to heart. You'll do better next time.别往心里去,下次你会做得更好的Take it easy. There must be some ways to compensate it.轻松一点,一定会有补偿的办法的Don't be so upset. Everything will be OK.别这么发愁了,一切都会好起来的It's really hard you.真难为你了!It won't happen again.不会再发生了Just get it. Be a man!忘了它吧,象个男子汉!怎样表示人物He is a big wig.他是一个大人物I can't believe I've lost the game! --- Be a good sport.想不到那场比赛我输了  ―― 有点风度吧!He is a hen-pecked husband.他是个妻管严She is a wet blanket.她使人扫兴He is a yes-man.他是个和事佬怎样表示人的品质Why did you bully him everyday? You've gone too far.你为什么每天欺负他?你太过分了Why do you pick on your brother?你为什么作弄你的弟弟?He is all talk but no action.他只有空谈没有行动He is very cheap.他很小气He is generous.他大方谈论交通He got a ticket yesterday.他得到一张处罚单You ran a red light.你闯红灯了You nearly ran into the bus.你差点撞上那辆公共汽车It's rush hour now. Let's take a taxi.现在是高峰期,坐出租车吧There are traffic jams everywhere.到处都塞车谈论健康I've got a headache and a fever, my nose won't stop running, everything hurts.我头痛、发烧、流鼻涕,浑身疼Many people are breaking down these days due to working stress.许多人因为工作压力而垮了I've gained much weight recently. I have to go on a diet.最近胖了许多,我得节食了You gave me your cold.你把感冒传给我了You are in a good shape.你身体非常健康怎样提建议If I were you, I would not smoke.我要是你的话,就不抽烟What can you make a person happy, in your opinion?在你看来什么可以使一个人幸福呢?What about ing loudly half an hour everyday?天天大声朗读三十分钟怎么样?What do you think of Helen?你认为Helen怎么样?Would it be a good idea to tell him the truth?把实情告诉他不好吗?怎样反驳I think I am going to die. --- Don't be silly.我想我快要死了- 别傻了Will you see me again? No, definitely not.你还会再见我吗?绝对不会Wow! Your English is good. -No big deal.哇!你的 英语 真好- 没什么了不起的It's not as bad as it seems.不是看起来那么糟I'm against it.我反对怎样抱怨Oh, no! Pork again? I'm fed up with it. Can't we have a decent meal?噢,又吃猪肉?我已经厌倦了我们能不能吃一顿像样的饭吗?Shopping again? Oh, I've had enough.以要购物?我已经受够了Why do you pinch your nose? I just can't stand the odor. It stinks.你为什么捏着鼻子?我简直受不了这气味,臭死了Today is not my day. I lost my wallet.今天真倒霉,把钱包弄丢了What luck! We've run out of gas.真倒霉! 汽油用光了怎样鼓励别人Don't lose your heart. You are almost there.不要失去信心你就要成功了Go it. You are going to make it.去做呀!你会成功的Come on. Just do it.来,做呀Trust yourself.相信你自己Well done, go on.干得好,继续怎样表示同情It's really hard you to do so.让你做这种工作真是难为你了It's too bad you missed the chance.真不幸你错过了这个机会If I were in your position, I would do the same thing.我要是处在你那种环境下,我会做同样的事I'm sorry to hear that.听到这件事我很难过I know your position.我了解你的处境怎样表达恼怒You keep pushing me like that. I can't tolerate it any more.你老是那样逼我,我再也受不了What the hell do you want me to do? "the hell" 表示强调你到底要我干什么?How could you treat him that way?你怎么可以那样对他?Who do you think you are?你以为你是谁?Don't put your nose into other's business.少管闲事It's none of your business.怎样表达懊悔What a foolish thing I've done!我怎么做了这么一件蠢事呢!How stupid I am.我怎么这么傻呢!Why hadn't I thought of it?为什么我就没想到呢?How could I miss it!我怎么错过了这个机会呢!Why did I tell him these things ?我怎么会告诉他这些事情呢?怎样表示批评A new car? You are asking the moon. I can't afd it.买辆新车?别异想天开了我现在拿不出钱来You must be out of your mind.你一定是疯了Don't bite my head off.别对我这么凶The teacher got all over me talking loudly in the class.老师因为我上课大声说话而狠狠批评了我一顿You shouldn't do this to me.你不应该对我这样怎样表达紧张情绪You seem to have ants in your pants.你看上去心神不安I was on pins and needles.我急得如坐针毡I'm so nervous. It's my first time to speak bee the public.我好紧张,这是我第一次在公众场合说话Take it easy. Take a deep breath.别紧张,深呼吸I'm so nervous. I can hardly breathe.我太紧张了,简直不能呼吸I don't dare to go into the president's office. My legs are trembling.我不敢走进总统的办公室,我的腿在发抖怎样表达激动、难以相信的心情Don't take it to heart. You'll do better next time.别往心里去,下次你会做得更好的Take it easy. There must be some ways to compensate it.轻松一点,一定会有补偿的办法的Don't be so upset. Everything will be OK.别这么发愁了,一切都会好起来的It's really hard you.真难为你了!It won't happen again.不会再发生了怎样表示能力Why don't you ask him? He's a computer expert. It's second nature to him.干吗不问他?他是个计算机专家,他精通这一行It's beyond me.我不明白I'm not cut out this.我天生不是干这行的料I have a good command of English.我精通 英语 I'm lost when it comes to using the computer.碰到计算机的事我就糊涂了怎样拒绝My hands are full now. Sorry I can't help you.我正忙着呢,很抱歉不能帮你忙Can you lend me money? No way.可以借钱给我吗?没门儿She invited me, but I turned her down.她请了我,但我拒绝了她I can't do that.我不能那样做You want me to help you cheat in the exam. It's impossible.你要我帮你考试作弊,那是不可能的怎样表示警告How dare you!I have something on you. I'll get you to face the music if you fire me.你敢!我握有你的小辫子如果你开除了我,我就让你吃不了兜着走You betrayed me. I'll fix you later.你背叛了我,我下次再收拾你If you insist on doing that, it will be on your own head.如果你一意孤行,一切后果由你个人负责You wait.你等着瞧!Watch out the car.小心汽车谈论金钱I can get my feet on the ground.我经济上能自立Don't spend all of your money. Save it a rainy day.别把钱都花光了,留着以备急需I'd like to open an .我想开个账户Money talks.金钱万能Money isn't everything.金钱不是万能的关于交流If I were you, I would not smoke.我要是你的话,就不抽烟What can you make a person happy, in your opinion?在你看来什么可以使一个人幸福呢?What about ing loudly half an hour everyday?天天大声朗读三十分钟怎么样?What do you think of Helen?你认为Helen怎么样?Would it be a good idea to tell him the truth?把实情告诉他不好吗?

. Anne Hathaway ($ 5.67)我受够生病的滋味了 Sick of being sick- 1:53:18 A:Mom, I'm y school.妈,我准备好去上学了B:Let me feel your ehead. I'm so glad it wasn't strep throat.让我摸摸你的额头幸好这次不是链球菌感染A:I don't have a fever, and I'm y my test.我没发烧,考试我也已经准备好了B:But I'm not sure you're strong enough yet. Here's some seafood rice soup I made. It's delicious.但我不知道你的体力够不够这里有一些我煮的海鲜米粒汤很好吃喔A:I'm fine, Mom. I feel so much better. I want to go to school. I'm missing out on all the fun.妈,我很好我感觉好多了我想去上学我错过好多有趣的事B:But the last two days were a weekend.但前两天是周末啊A:Let me go to school, please! I'm sick of medicine, sick of soup, and sick of being sick!求求你让我上学!我受够了吃药、受够了喝汤、也受够了生病!

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