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一旦我们说谁;捅了马蜂窝;,或者在谈话中不识时务的;哪壶不开提哪壶;,也就是指do or say something that results in a complicated situation full of problems. 做的事,说的话引出复杂的,不好的结果。英语当中与;捅马蜂窝;对应的表达法也和虫子有关,open a can of worms. Can, 在短语中作名词用,意思是;罐;罐头;,打开了一个装满虫子的罐子,的确要好好收拾一番了。小对话:A: I suggested our teacher to have a test on Four. You know, itrsquo;s a very important chapter of the whole book. But none of my classmates wants a test. A few boys said they would teach me a lesson one day. 我建议老师考考第四章的内容。你知道吗,第四章是书中最重要的。但是班里没人想考试。几个男生说哪天要给我点儿教训。B: Wow, thats a tough situation. You really did open a can of worms. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the only way to avoid opening a can of worms. 哇,是够糟了。你真是捅了马蜂窝。有时候闭嘴是唯一能避免捅马蜂窝的办法。更多例句:Anyhow, its difficult to always avoid conversation landmines, so be sensible, watch your steps and try not to open a can of worms. 不管怎样,在谈话中往往难免触雷,所以头脑要清醒些,行事要注意些,尽量不要触及那些忌讳的话。Mr. Chen has opened a can of worms because of his controversial belief. 因为陈先生具争论性的信念,使他添加许多问题。I really opened up a can of worms when I asked him how his marriage was. 我真是哪壶不开提哪壶,问起了他的婚姻状况。Look like I opened a can of worms! 我好像捅了一个马蜂窝!Tom canrsquo;t sit still for a minute ;he is a can of worms. 汤姆一分钟都坐不住,他是一个心神不定的人。 /201204/177341。

  • 第一, 迷你对话A: You are a little ill at ease, aren’t you?你有点不自在,是不?B: Yeah, I am not accustomed to this of social situation.对,我不太习惯这种社交场合。A: Don’t stand on ceremony! Make yourself at home.别太拘束,就像在自己家中一样。第二, 地道表达ill at ease1. 解词释义Ill at ease的意思是“不自在的”“不安的”。2. 拓展范例e.g. I always feel ill at ease in a strange environment.我在陌生环境总觉不自在。e.g. Hanley seemed ill at ease when he first moved into the Director-Generals office.汉利刚搬进局长办公室办公时,似乎不太自然。e.g. He was respectful without being ill at ease in the company of superior officers.在上级军官面前他流露出一种尊敬,但又不是故作卑下。e.g. Gral Lagher was ill at ease and then abruptly frantic.加拉赫愈听愈不安,后来突然就象疯了一样。第三,咬文嚼字be accustomed to:习惯于……e.g. I get accustomed to working inside the room of noise and excitement.我习惯于在喧闹的房间里工作。e.g. We gradually became accustomed to the various appliances in our new homes.我们渐渐习惯了新家里的各种设置。stand on ceremony:讲究客套,拘于礼节e.g. Don’t stand on ceremony. Go around and introduce yourself to everyone.别太拘谨。过去向大家做个自我介绍。e.g. As we are old friends, it is totally unnecessary to stand on ceremony.都是老朋友,大可不必如此客气。make yourself at home:别拘束,随便e.g. Come on, take off your things at once and make yourself at home.来,把大衣脱掉,随便坐坐。 /201611/478865。
  • 现在是北京时间早上9点19分,嘿,大家早上好,你现在收听到的是独家专栏节目“E聊吧”,我是Ukki,窗外的这片天很蓝,正对着我房间窗外是一间学校,每天早晨都可以听到学生做广播体操的时候播放的音乐,看着他们一个个戴着红领巾的小样,真的是无限怀念小学时候的生活啊。嗯,在学校里看到学生戴红领巾那是正常的,但是你有见过学生戴绿领巾吗? 差生要戴“绿领巾”? 虽然学校有些委屈地说,他们的本意只是为了“激励”那些还不够入队条件的学生,但如此“激励”手段显然更多被理解成了压力与打击,缺少对于孩子自尊心、平等意识的理解与关注,难以达到激发上进心的目标。目前,这一做法已被叫停。 请看《中国日报》的报道:Li Yantao, 7, a pupil in the first experimental primary school of Weiyang district, Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, was perplexed [p#601;#712;plekst] when he was told he had to wear a green scarf. 7岁的李彦涛(音)是陕西省西安市未央区第一实验小学的一名小学生。当他被告知自己要佩戴“绿领巾”时,非常困惑。 文中的green scarf就是“绿领巾”,Chinese Young Pioneers(少先队员)佩戴的“红领巾”也就是red scarf。Scarf一般指“围巾、领带”,例如woolen scarf(羊毛围巾)、silk scarf(丝绸围巾)。在军事领域,scarf还可以指肩章,或者斜挂胸前的绶带。 说真的,我倒是从来没见过学生戴绿领巾,你见过吗?当然,世界无限大,新奇的东西越来越多,如果你也想了解更多新鲜,好玩,有趣,时尚的英语表达的话,别忘了随时留言Ukki为大家主持的“E聊吧”哦,今天我们学习的“绿领巾”green scarf,别忘记咯。那我们下期节目再见,拜~~ /201111/159619。
  • Eating 候机时吃东西A: Look, there really is a MacDonalds here!看,真的有麦当劳耶!Its very rude to snap your fingers at the waiters in some western countries.在一些西方国家对务员弹手指头是非常无礼的。 B: Oh c’mon, you really going to eat that?哦,不会吧,你真的要吃麦当劳?cmon=come on 也可译为“拜托、少来了”A: Why not, I could murder a cheeseburger.为何不,我可以干掉一个芝士汉堡!Why not? Yes!B: Fine, you order your burger, I’m going to order some noodles. I’ll meet you over there by that table.好吧,你点你的汉堡,我要去点些面来吃。我在那边等你。 A: Sure you don’t want an apple pie?....好啊,你不想来个苹果派吗? /201505/375879。
  • Buddha once said: the trouble is, you think you have time.佛祖曾经说过这样一句话:我们最大的麻烦就是,总是认为还有时间可以作想做的事。Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201508/395608。
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