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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201512/413569。

Its getting quite tricky, this bit.Here without proper crampons or ice axes.事情变得非常棘手 我现在没有 可用的冰爪或者冰镐When moving ice slower at the edge of glaciers,冰川边缘的冰层移动缓慢it tears and ruptures, forming crevasses with steep sides and deadly deep hollows.冰会断裂形成裂隙 下面是陡峭山坡和不见底的深沟Fall in here, and youre not coming out.掉到里面就出不来了Oh, man,this ice is just treacherous.天哪 这块冰不够坚固Lets get safe here and assess what were gonna do.这边安全 从这里通过See, this crevasse here narrows as it goes down into a choke point.看 这个裂隙 越来越窄 最终形成合拢在那一点I reckon if I can rappel down to that and then just edge my way along.我想如果我能用绳索下到那儿 然后沿裂隙行走There, you see where it leads,all the way around the bottom to that, like, funnel.可看到这裂隙一直延伸到那里 它围绕着底部 呈漏斗形I need to anchor my rope,and the answer is an ice bollard.我要锚定绳索 方法就是用冰柱桩But I need to work fast.The sun is high, and all the ice around here is melting.但我需要动作快点 太阳高照 这里的冰都在融化In summertime, a lot of all this surface ice you see is really loose and crumbly.在夏天 你看到的这种表层的冰 十分松散易碎Its basically just melting.You need to get through that to more solid stuff,especially if your life is depending on it.基本上一直在融化 你需要扒开它们 找到更坚硬的冰 尤其当你的生命都寄托在它上面时Ive hung on to my rappelling rope for just this kind of situation.我一直带着的垂降绳 就是为了这种时刻Good thing about doing it like this is that it means the rope is retrievable.最好这样卷 这样扔出去的绳索好收回The bollard looks solid, but you always have that doubt will the ice hold?冰柱看起来很坚固 但你总会不禁怀疑 这冰柱能承受得住吗Actually, what worries me more at the moment is this big block here.其实我现在更担心的是 这块大冰坨And if that goes on us,its basically the weight of a car.如果它砸下来 大概是一辆车的重量We need to get moving through here and not really stop.我们需要尽快通过这里 不能停下脚步201604/437584。


For the second time since 2012, voters in Slovenia have rejected an attempt to legalize gay marriage.自2012以来的第二次,斯洛文尼亚选民拒绝同性恋婚姻合法化。Back in March, the countrys parliament passed legislation redefining marriage as a ;union of two; rather than a ;union of a man and a woman.; It also granted gay couples the right to adopt children.早在今年3月,斯洛文尼亚议会通过立法,重新定义婚姻为“两个人的结合”,而不是“一个男人和一个女人结合”。立法中也允许同性恋夫妇收养孩子的权利。A group called the ;Children Are at Stake; gathered more than 40,000 signatures and demanded a referendum. Critics of the legislation argued that adoption by gay parents would go against a childs need both a mother and a father figure.一个被称为“儿童正处于危险”的群体聚集了40,000多个签名,要求进行全民投票。立法批评者认为,同性恋父母收养孩子违背了孩子需要一个母亲和一个父亲的需求。As of Sunday afternoon. authorities said 90 percent of the votes had been counted and 63 percent voted against same-sex marriage.截至星期日下午,当局称百分之90的选票已经被计算在内,其中百分之63的人投票反对同性婚姻。Since 2006, gay couples in Slovenia have been granted rights under civil partnership. Slovenia, a largely Catholic country, would have been the first Central European, Slavic and post-communist nation to approve gay marriage.自2006以来同性恋伴侣在斯洛文尼亚已获得民事伴侣权利。斯洛文尼亚,一个主要的天主教国家,成为第一个中欧、斯拉夫和后共产主义允许同性恋结婚的国家。But other Central European countries are moving in the opposite direction. Slovakia and Croatia recently followed in the footsteps of neighbors like Poland and Bulgaria by updating its constitutions to stress marriage is only valid between a man and woman.但其它欧洲国家正朝相反的方向发展。最近,斯洛伐克和克罗地亚也紧跟着邻国像波兰和保加利亚的脚步,更新其宪法强调婚姻只有在男人和女人之间才能生效。In total, 14 countries in Europe allow same-sex marriage. Ireland joined that list in May after a nationwide vote.欧洲总共有14个国家允许同性婚姻。爱尔兰在经过全国公投后于五月加入该列。译文属。201512/417031。

The educational materials presented here were developed此处展示的教育材料由by students and faculty of the department of food爱荷华州立大学食品科学与营养学的师生science and human nutrition at Iowa State University.共同制作Funding for this project was provided from grants from该项目资金由the American Cancer Society Mid West美国癌症协会中西部分会及and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会共同资助The materials are intended for educational use and此资料仅旨在教学使用are not meant to provide medical advice.无意提供任何医学建议We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们期待您对这些资料的意见反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请使用主页上的教育调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.发表您的意见和建议Physical exercise is any bodily activity that体育锻炼指的是任何可以促进或维持身体健康enhances or maintains physical fitness and wellness.的体育活动It is recommended that people engage in some type建议人们每周要有几天,最好每天of aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes至少花费30分钟on most days and preferably all days of the week.进行有氧运动Exercise promotes a healthy lifestyle and锻炼能够促进健康的生活方式has many other benefits.并且有很多其他的益处This presentation will examine the basics of exercise.这个展示将会探讨锻炼的基本要素Studies have shown that after age 25研究表明the body loses muscle mass25岁之后身体肌肉含量at a rate of 4% of its remaining mass per decade.每十年下降百分之四After age 50 the muscle mass is lost50岁之后肌肉量将每十年by approximately 10% each decade.损失约百分之十This loss of muscle mass affects such things as your肌肉量的损失会影响到你的心脏heart as it is a muscle, mobility and decreases因为心脏就是一个肌肉组织,还会影响身体your metabolism which can lead to weight gain.的活动能力和新城代谢,从而导致体重的增加The way to prevent these loses is to exercise.避免这些损失的方法便是锻炼身体There are many more benefits to regular exercise定期锻炼有很多好处such as improving your mental health or mood,比如改善你的精神健康或情绪combating chronic disease, help manage weight,抵御慢性疾病,帮助控制体重strengthen the heart and lungs强心健肺and promote better sleep.促进睡眠There are several types of exercise;锻炼包括几种类型,即aerobic, anaerobic, strength training or有氧训练,无氧训练,力量或抗阻力训练resistance training and flexibility.和柔韧性练习The best recipe for overall health is to engage in实现身体全面健康的秘诀就是all 4 types of exercise. Aerobic means with oxygen这四种锻炼都参与,有氧意味着氧气的参与and refers to the use of oxygen并涉及在身体新陈代谢或能量生成过程中in the bodys metabolic or energy generating process.氧气的使用Many types of exercise are aerobic and很多类型的锻炼都属于有氧训练its also referred to as cardiovascular.它也被称为心血管锻炼These exercises include such activity as walking,这种锻炼包括走路,跑步running, swimming, cycling and climbing stairs.游泳,骑自行车和爬楼梯Anaerobic exercises are done in non endurance无氧训练一般都是在无耐力需求的活动中activities to promote strength, speed and power提升身体强度,速度和力量and by body builders to build muscle mass.健身者借此来塑造身体肌肉Such exercises include lifting weights, jumping,这类的锻炼包括举重,跳跃运动running in a short powerful sprint.短跑Strength training or resistance exercises are defined力量或抗阻力训练被界定为as the use of resistance to muscle contraction.利用阻力对抗肌肉收缩These exercises are done in order to build the进行这类锻炼是为了strength, anaerobic endurance and size of muscles提升力量,无氧耐力和体内肌肉的大小in the body. Flexibility exercises refer to the range柔韧性练习指的是人体关节的活动范围of movement in joints and the length in muscles.以及肌肉的拉伸Flexibility can increase or decrease柔韧性depending on the amount of stretching依人体肌肉和关节的拉伸量done to the muscles and joints of the body.增加或减少201501/356570。

Simple food preparation skills can also be completed简单的食物准备技能也可以在厨房里in the kitchen. Such skills can include gathering得到训练,这些技能包括,从储藏室收集ingredients from the pantry, adding pre-measured原材料,加入事先测好量的ingredients, stirring batter, setting the table and原材料,搅拌成糊,摆放餐具和much more. Once again grocery shopping with其他更多事情,再重复一遍,带孩子去杂children is not the most ideal situation but货店购物并非是最理想的情形,但是the grocery store is a great way for children ages杂货店对年龄在7到11岁的孩子确是一个7 to 11 to learn about different food options.学习不同食物选择的很好的方式7 to 11 year olds would be great helped when at在杂货店 7到11岁大的孩子将会得到the grocery store. They can speed up the shopping极大帮助,通过为他们所负责采购的by having their own section of the grocery list which材料列出的他们自己的购物清单they are responsible for gathering. By having them他们可以加快购物的速度,通过手上的help acquire the list they are able to see all清单,他们能够看到一种食材所有the different food choices for one item and where不同的选择,并且弄清他们在杂货店里they are located in the grocery store. Another great分别摆放于何处,另一个对这个年龄组opportunity for this age group is to introduce them很好的锻炼途径是介绍他们去to the different types of grocery markets such as不同类型的菜市场,比如cooperatives, ethnic markets and farmers markets.合作社,民族市场和农贸市场All the diversity of food options will allow children所有这些不同的食物选择都会让孩子们对to broaden their food knowledge and expand on食物的了解大大增加,也会增加他们的their food preferences. Let 7 to 11 year olds help食物喜好,也可以让7到11岁的孩子帮助in meal planning by letting them pick a main dish准备餐饮,让他们挑选主菜和and a side that they can enjoy. By letting them pick他们喜欢的配菜,通过让他们挑选these entrees it will give the children a sense of主菜,这些孩子们会获得一种ownership in the meal and they will be more likely餐饮中的主人翁感,他们也因而更有可能to eat the meal because they picked it. They can把饭吃掉,因为是他们所挑选的,他们还可以also help in the preparation of the meal. Start by参与到饭菜的准备过程中,可以从introducing utensils like vegetable peelers,介绍厨房用具开始,如蔬菜削皮器can openers, paring knives and measuring ingredients.开罐器,去皮刀和配料量具As they continue to develop these basic skills allow当他们逐渐掌握了一些基本技能之后,允许them to cook on the stove with parent supervision.他们上灶台烹饪,要有父母的监护At 12 years old and older children can start planning在12岁或更大一些,孩子们可以开始至少a meal at least one night a week. Encouraging每周计划一次晚餐,鼓励青少年adolescents to plan a meal for the family is a great为家庭用餐作计划,这对他们的发展是一项skill for them to develop. It teaches them重要技能,通过拟定购物单,他们responsibility by creating a grocery list to make sure学会了一种责任,因为他们要确保that they have all the ingredients and planning ahead他们把所有原材料都加入其中了,他们还要to remember things like pulling frozen food out提前做好统筹,记得把冷冻食品拿出来to thaw, and becoming self-sufficient by cooking解冻,并且要逐渐学会自给自足,自己做饭for themselves. It also gives them the freedom给自己吃,这样做也给了他们自由to try new recipes which are appealing to them.可以去尝试新的对他们有诱惑力的食谱When preparing meals themselves it will help当他们自己准备饭菜的时候,他们会开始children to understand how different ingredients明白不同的食材间是如何interact together to develop flavor combinations.相互作用,从而变成美味的组合的As children grow and become more familiar with当孩子逐渐成长,对厨房也越来越熟悉the kitchen encourage adolescents to be creative之时,要鼓励青少年们发挥创造力and create their own adjustments to old recipes.对旧的食谱做出他们自己的改良Food preparation will help children develop lifelong食物准备会帮助孩子们开发他们一生的cooking skills. It is also a great way for busy parents烹饪技能,对于工作繁忙的父母而言,这也是to have their child help out because the children一个很好的方式,他们的孩子可以帮他们的忙can do some of their prep work before parents因为孩子可以在父母到家之前先做一些get home. Growing a garden is a great opportunity准备工作,开垦一片菜园也是件好事to create awareness about different types of fresh它可以帮孩子培养对不同类型新鲜草本和herbs and produce. A garden can help show农作物的认识,菜园可以用来展示the versatility of herbs and produce because having草本和农作物的多样性,因为把这些these foods on hand will make you want to discover食材拿在手里,就会让人想要发挥自己的creative ways to utilize these products. Gardens also创造力来使用这些东西,菜园也让allow parents to demonstrate to children where家长能够向孩子们展示食材foods come from, what fresh off-the-stem produce是从何而来,那些新鲜的从植物的茎而来的tastes like and problem solving skills on how to作物是什么味道,还有教给他们解决问题make the food grow. Family meals are an excellent的能力,如怎样培育食材,家庭餐饮是一个resource to utilize hands on activities such as极佳的途径,可以充分调遣人手进行活动,如grocery shopping, meal planning and food杂货店采购,餐饮计划和饭菜准备preparation. A study done by the University of明尼苏达大学完成的一项研究叫做Minnesota called project eat and similar studies饮食和类似研究,这项研究的have researched the benefits of family meals.内容是家庭餐饮的益处One thing that they have found is that meal patterns他们的一个发现是,在青少年时期形成的gained in adolescent years have been proven to饮食习惯已被明将被carry over into adulthood. The study also looked into带到成人阶段,这项研究还调查了how nutrition intake changes with the number of营养摄入是如何随着孩子在家饮食的meals children eat at home. The study found as meals次数而发生变化的,研究发现,随着饮食的increase so does the consumption of fruits, vegetables增加,水果,蔬菜的消耗也会增加and less of soft drinks. For nutrient intakes,而软饮料的消耗会减少,在营养摄入方面calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber intakes also钙,镁,钾和纤维的摄入也同样increased. While the consumption of these foods增加了,那么,这些营养摄入的确是do increase with the increase of family meals.随着家庭餐饮的增加而增加的Family meals still are lacking in certain areas.在一些地区家庭餐饮并不太多At seven or more recorded family meals a week在有记录的一周其次或更多家庭餐饮中the dietary guidelines followed by my pyramid were我的金字塔膳食指南并未被遵照still not met for fruits, vegetables, whole grains and如在水果,蔬菜,全谷类和富含钙的食物calcium rich foods and for nutrient intake calcium方面,以及在营养摄入方面,钙magnesium, potassium, vitamin E and fiber were镁,钾,维生素E和纤维素也并未达到also not meeting daily requirements. Making a more每日要求,要在家庭饮食采购方面conscious effort to have family meals purchase and做出更加有意识的努力,在餐饮时提供serve fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat水果和蔬菜,全谷类和低脂milk at mealtime could help meet these recommendations.牛奶有助于使餐饮符合这些推荐标准In summary parents eating habits will be mimicked总的说来,父母的饮食习惯会被他们的孩子by their children so healthy habits in the home are所模仿,因此,健康的家庭习惯是the best practice. Start encouraging healthy habits in最好的锻炼,要开始在年轻孩子中鼓励培养young children because eating habits become more健康的习惯,因为在孩子成长的过程中,饮食permanent as the children grow. Actively engage习惯会逐渐成形不再改变,要积极鼓励children through grocery shopping, meal planning,孩子们参与杂货店购物,餐饮计划food preparation and growing食物准备以及……201505/373504。

Im not sure where the other way was.On the north side of the house was a bicycle shed.我不是很确定那一条路在哪里 房子的北面是一间自行车棚It had a door at the front and a door at the back.Above that,there was a window into the L-shaped room.有前后门 车棚上面有个窗户通往L型的房间and at the front you could get sort of around the corner onto the roof.And from that level you could get onto the main roof.前面有个拐角你可以从那里 上到屋顶去 从那里 你能到达主楼屋顶I think one of the ways Stephen could get in was on the main roof.我想其中一条路是 史蒂芬可以从主楼屋顶进去As I say, he was a much better climber than I was.I still didnt know what the 11th one was.要我说 他比我会爬得多 我仍然不知道第11条路是什么Before the 20th century it was thought that the universe had existed forever 在20世纪以前 人们认为宇宙会永远存在or had been created at some time in the past.more or less as we observe it today.或形成于过去某个时间点 跟我们今天观测到的差不多People found comfort in the thought that even though they may grow old and die,the universe was eternal and unchanging.人们觉得这样很有说力 尽管他们会衰老和死亡 而宇宙是亘古不变的I gave up playing games with Stephen.oh, when he was ill that time when he was about 12.我不再和霍金玩那个游戏 那时候他生病了 大概12岁because he started taking games terribly seriously.因为他开始对游戏异常认真We had Monopoly and first of all,the Monopoly board sprang railways going across it.我们玩的是《大富翁》 首先 在《大富翁》棋盘上建起贯穿的铁路To add to the complications.and then Monopoly just wasnt adaptable enough.以增加复杂性 后来《大富翁》满足不了他的需求He ended up with a fearful game called Dynasty which, as far as I can make out I never played it,went on forever because there was no way of ending it.他开始玩更可怕的游戏《王朝》 我不会玩这种游戏 我从没玩过 他就会一直玩 因为这游戏没有终It was almost a substitute for living, as far as I could make out.在我看来 快要取代生活了It took hours and hours and hours.I thought it was a perfectly terrible game.他在游戏上花费一个又一个小时 我认为这是个非常可怕的游戏I couldnt imagine anyone getting taken up with that.But Stephen always had a very complicated mind.我难以想象有人能花这么多时间 但是史蒂芬有很复杂的思维and I felt as much as anything,it was the complication of it that appealed to him.我觉得就是因为 这种复杂度吸引了他201603/433273。