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本周五,美国总统奥巴马似乎在表示巨大的新闻曝光度已经确保了川普的总统提名资格I was walking away from the post office when I heard someone running after me.A voice called me by name, and I turned.I expected to see Dr Mortimer, as I knew nobody else in the village.To my surprise it was a stranger.He was a small, thin man, between thirty and forty years old, with fair hair and no beard.He was carrying a butterfly net, and a box for putting butterflies in.我从邮局出来正往前走着,这时听到身后有人在跑。有人叫我的名字,我便转过身去。因为我在村里并不认识别人,所以我料想着看到的应是梯末医生。令我感到吃惊的是,那是位陌生人。他是个矮小瘦削的男人,大约三四十岁年纪,长着淡黄色头发,还没有蓄胡子。他拿着一个捕蝶网和一个用来装蝴蝶的盒子。;I hope you will excuse me for introducing myself, Dr Watson, ;he said as he came up to me.;My name is Stapleton.I was in Dr Mortimer#39;s house and we saw you.He told me who you are.May I walk along with you? This path back to the Hall goes near my home, Pen House.Please come in and meet my sister, and spend an hour with us.;“我希望您会原谅我的冒昧,华生医生,”他走到我跟前对我说道。“我叫斯台普顿。当我在梯末医生家拜访他时,我们瞥见了您。他就把您告诉给了我。我可以与您同行吗?回庄园的这条路正在格林盆宅邸即我的家附近。请进来见见我,并与我们呆一会儿。”I accepted Stapleton#39;s invitation, and we walked together.我接受了斯台普顿的邀请,于是我们便同步而行。;I know that you are a close friend of Sherlock Holmes, ;said Stapleton.;Has Mr Holmes any ideas about Sir Charles death?;“我知道您是歇洛克·福尔斯的亲密的朋友,”斯台普顿讲道。“福尔斯先生对查尔斯爵士的死有些看法了吗?”;I#39;m afraid I can#39;t answer that question, ;I said.“我恐怕不能回答这个问题,”我说道。;Will Mr Holmes visit us himself?; he asked.“福尔斯先生是否将亲自来这儿光临我们呢?”他问道。;He can#39;t leave London at the moment, ;I answered.I was rather surprised that he was asking me these questions“目前他还不能离开伦敦,”我回答道。我对他问我这些问题感到很惊讶。We walked on.Stapleton told me that he and his sister had lived in Devonshire for only two years.They had moved there soon after Sir Charles had begun to live in Baskerville Hall.He also talked about the moor and how it interested him.He told me to look across the moor to a place which was a bright green colour.我们继续前行。斯台普顿告诉我说,他和他在德文郡住了两年光景。查尔斯爵士刚住进巴斯克维尔庄园没有多久,他们便搬到那儿了。他还谈到了沼地及其如何激发起他的兴趣的事情。他让我朝沼地的尽头看以眺望一处呈嫩绿色的地方。;That is the Great Grimpen Marsh, ;he said ;If animals or men go into the marsh, they will sink into it and die.But I can find my way to the very centre of it.Look, there is another of those poor horses.;“那就是格林盆大泥潭,”他说道。“如果人畜踏进这片泥潭的话,就会陷进去送命的。但是我却能找到通往泥潭中心的道路。瞧,又一匹倒霉的马儿陷进去了。”Something brown was fighting to get out of the bright green of the marsh.Then a terrible cry came across the moor.The horse#39;s head and neck disappeared under the green.有个棕色的东西正在竭力挣扎着,想要从那片嫩绿色的泥潭中挣脱出来。接着,从沼地传来一声可怕的吼声。马的头和颈消失在那片绿色之下了。;It#39;s gone, ;Stapleton said.;The marsh has caught and killed it.That often happens.It is an evil place, the Great Grimpen Marsh.;“它完了,”斯台普顿道。“泥潭已把它给吞没了。这种情形经常发生。格林盆大泥潭可真是个邪恶的地方。” /201206/188520随着年中国超过美国成为世界上最大的汽车市场,交通更加拥堵,该项目在中国很受期待

印度尼西亚发生沉船事故 7人死亡 19 ::5 印度尼西亚发生沉船事故 7人死亡Boat capsizes in Indonesia; 7 dead, 30 rescued

世界卫生组织呼吁中国增加烟草税One of the restaurant's cooks was injured, said Abdul Bashir, a doctor. "Two dead bodies have been taken to the morgue."Kim Jongun, the leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, called closer ties with the Republic of Korea in a televised New Year's message on Wednesday, but warned the ed States of a "massive nuclear disaster" if war breaks out again on the peninsula.

Indiscriminate bombing refers to air attacks that don\'t differentiate between military targets and civilian residential areas.普京身穿女士内衣画像被警方没收  The post provoked a furious response from many Twitter users, who called her 'disgusting' and 'vile.'

A student who found what appeared to be a chicken brain in his KFC meal has vowed never to eat there again despite being offered vouchers free food as an apology.(CNN)In countries ravaged by conflict, providing international medical expertise on the ground can be almost impossible.In , the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong reached a Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) on service trade, to allow professionals from the SAR to enjoy greater access to the mainland's growing service market.

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