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2018年01月18日 03:40:48 | 作者:华西专家 | 来源:新华社

There are...one, two, three, four items on the agenda today.今天的工作日程上有四件事。Firstly, the stock management systems.首先是库存管理系统。Secondly, plans for a team-building activity.其次是团建活动计划。After that, the colour of our new apples and finally any other business, before we can wrap up.之后是新苹果的颜色问题,最后在会议结束前看看有没有其他问题。Oh golly gosh, there you are, here I am, good. Hello everyone. Sorry Im late.上帝,你们都在,我来了,很好。大家好,对不起我来晚了。Id just opened the meeting.会议刚开始。Great. Remind me what the first item on the agenda is? Stock.很好,提醒我一下第一件会议要事是什么? 库存。Stock? Stock, stock, stock. Ah yes, stock management systems, yes, right.库存?库存,库存,库存。是的,库存管理系统,很好。Well, thats mainly to announce that we need to start developing a good stock management system so we can meet the huge demand I’m expecting for these laser-curved fruits.我们主要要讲的是我们需要开发一个良性的库存管理系统,这样我们就能满足激光曲线水果的巨大供需问题。Anna, Id like you to lead on that.安娜,我希望你来负责。Me? You want me to be in charge of the stock management systems?我?你想让我负责库存管理系统吗?Annas had some excellent ideas aly and I think shell do a great job.安娜已经有一些很棒的想法了,我想她会做得很棒。 /201702/483856

US Expands Sanctions Against 'Illegitimate' Zimbabwe Government美国扩大对穆加贝政府制裁  President Bush Friday ordered expanded U.S. sanctions against what he termed the "illegitimate" government of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. At the same time, the ed States is offering the country aid if there is a negotiated end to the country's political conflict. 美国总统布什星期五下令扩大美国对他所说的津巴布韦总统穆加贝“非法政府”的制裁。与此同时,美国提出,如果津巴布韦通过谈判结束政治冲突,美国将向津巴布韦提供援助。The Bush administration had promised to tighten unilateral U.S. sanctions against Zimbabwe after a draft U.N. Security Council resolution for international sanctions was vetoed earlier this month by Russia and China. 这个月早些时候,中国和俄罗斯在联合国安理会否决了制裁津巴布韦的决议案。布什政府随后表示将单独扩大对津巴布韦政府的制裁。An announcement from the U.S. Treasury Department said 17 Zimbabwean commercial entities and one individual, an Omani businessman with close ties to President Mugabe, are being added to a U.S. sanction list that aly includes among others, Mr. Mugabe, his wife, and key associates. 美国财政部宣布,美国的制裁名单上新加入了17个津巴布韦的商业实体,以及与穆加贝总统关系密切的一位阿曼商人的名字。制裁名单上原来已经包括穆加贝及其妻子的名字,以及他主要助手的名字。Several government-owned or controlled companies are on the new list including the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation and the Agriculture Development Bank of Zimbabwe. 津巴布韦政府拥有或是控制的几家公司被列在新的制裁名单上,包括津巴布韦矿物市场营销公司、津巴布韦矿业开发公司,以及津巴布韦农业发展等。The Treasury Department said Mr. Mugabe, senior officials and cronies had used the entities to illegally siphon cash and foreign exchange from the Zimbabwean people. 美国财政部说,穆加贝及其高级官员以及他们的同夥利用这些商业实体从津巴布韦人民手中非法聚敛现金和外汇。Treasury officials said the Omani national, Thamer Bin Saeed Al-Shafari and a company he owns - Oryx National Resources - had enabled Mr. Mugabe and senior officials to derive personal benefit from mining ventures in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 美国财政部官员说,阿曼公民沙法里以及他拥有的羚羊国家资源公司使穆加贝和其他官员可以从在刚果民主共和国的矿业企业中牟取私利。In a White House statement, President Bush said the action against what he termed the "illegitimate" Mugabe government is a direct result of its continued politically-motivated violence despite international appeals, and its continued ban on activity by non-governmental aid groups that could help the country's "suffering and vulnerable" people. 美国总统布什发表声明说,对津巴布韦“非法”政府采取措施是津巴布韦政府不顾国际呼吁,继续进行政治暴力的直接结果。另一个导致制裁的原因是津巴布韦政府禁止非政府救援机构的活动。这些机构本来可以帮助津巴布韦的“苦难和弱势”群体。Mr. Bush said no regime should ignore the will of its own people and calls from the international community without consequence. 布什说,任何政权都不能忽视其人民的意愿,不能忽视国际社会的呼声而不承担后果。But the U.S. administration also took note of efforts begun this week among Mr. Mugabe and his political rivals, including opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, to negotiate an end to the political conflict spawned by the disputed presidential run-off election in June. 但是,布什政府也注意到穆加贝政府以及包括反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊在内的政治对手这个星期开始的努力。他们争取通过谈判结束今年6月有争议的总统决选触发的政治冲突。State Department Acting Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos, echoing earlier White House remarks, said the ed States would be y to come to the assistance of a Zimbabwean coalition government: 美国国务院代理发言人加莱戈斯发表的谈话与白宫的声明立场一致。他说,美国随时准备向津巴布韦联合政府提供援助。"Should ongoing talks in South Africa between Mugabe's regime and the Movement for Democratic Change result in a new government that reflects the will of the Zimbabwean people, we stand y to provide a substantial assistance package, development aid, and normalization with international financial institutions," he said. 他说:“如果穆加贝政权和反对党争取民主变革运动在南非举行的会谈可以产生一个体现津巴布韦人民意愿的新政府,我们将随时提供一揽子援助计划,包括发展援助,并且恢复津巴布韦与国际金融机构的正常关系。”Gallegos said the Bush administration in the meantime is continuing humanitarian aid to Zimbabwe, authorizing another two and a half million dollars in emergency funds to assist Zimbabweans displaced by ongoing political violence. 加莱戈斯说,与此同时,布什政府将继续向津巴布韦提供人道援助,再次授权拨款250万美元作为紧急援助资金,帮助津巴布韦因为政治暴力而流离失所的人。U.S. food and health assistance will also continue. 美国的食品和医疗援助也将继续。The steps by the Bush administration followed a similar broadening of Zimbabwe sanctions by the European Union, which announced Tuesday its is adding 37 new individuals and companies to an existing list of more than 130. 在布什政府宣布扩大制裁之前,欧盟已经对津巴布韦采取了类似的扩大制裁措施。欧盟星期二宣布,在现行的130多个人和公司的制裁名单上再列入37个个人与公司。The Treasury Department sanctions imposed Friday freeze any assets the Zimbabwean firms may have in financial institutions under U.S. jurisdiction. Additionally, U.S. citizens are prohibited from conducting any business with them. 美国财政部星期五实施的制裁包括冻结津巴布韦公司可能在美国管辖下的金融机构内的所有资产。除此之外,美国公民也被禁止与这些机构进行商业往来。200807/44834

faux fur ———— 人造毛英文释义 Artificial fur used in clothing. (NOTE: ;faux;means ;false;in French)例句 My winter coat is trimmed in faux fur made from polyester fiber.我的冬季外套是用人造毛做的,成分是聚酯纤维。 /201607/455754

Hi everyone. Sorry I’m late.大家好,抱歉来晚了。Hi Anna. Look Mr Socrates is enjoying our English beer.你好,安娜,苏格拉底先生看起来很喜欢我们的英式啤酒。I think it’s going to his head.我想他喝多了。Anna! Our best worker. Get Anna a drink.安娜,我们最好的员工,给安娜来一杯酒。Yes Mr Socrates. Of course Mr Socrates.是的,苏格拉底先生。当然,苏格拉底先生。Anna, come over here, let’s talk.安娜,过来,我们聊聊。Oh right. What about…好的,那么关于……There you go Anna. I got you some crisps too.给你,安娜,我还给你拿了一些薯片。So what are we talking about?那么我们聊点什么?Nothing. Thank you… bye bye.没什么,谢谢,再见。Oh right. Yes. Bye bye.好的,再见。I’ll go and talk to Paul and Denise.我去找保罗和丹尼斯。I’ll just be over here.我就在那里。What a loser. I can tell he’s all talk and no action.真是个失败者。我能看出他是只说不做的人。Well, Tom’s a good worker really and…汤姆是个好员工,而且………and as for Paul. God, what a manager. Always eating cookies.至于保罗,上帝,糟糕的经理。就知道吃饼干。You know he was fired from his last job because…上一个工作他被解雇了是因为……Anna, I think he’s getting a bit too personal.我认为他有点太针对个人了。That beer is making him say things he shouldn’t.啤酒让他说出了一些本不该说的话。I know. What should I say?我知道,我该说什么?Try saying “it’s not appropriate to talk like that” or “could we change the subject please.”试着说“这么说不太合适”或“我们可以换个话题吗”。OK thanks.好,谢谢。Mr Socrates I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk like that, could we change the subject please?苏格拉底先生,这么说不太合适,我们可以换个话题吗?Oh, sorry have I said too much?对不起,我说太多了吗? /201703/497206

Transport strikes have brought France to a standstill; the Rugby World Cup hopes have been dashed in the capital; the President and his wife have divorced by mutual consent. Not a good week for the French leader Nicolas Sarkozy. After just five months in office, his political honeymoon has come to an abrupt end.On top of his personal affairs, comes Mr. Sarkozy's first major political challenge, as workers across the country ... in protests against his planned pension reforms. From Paris, John Sparks has this report.The critics and columnists are calling it Black October. Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential nightmare, crippling strikes, sporting humiliation, and the end of his marriage. Is this the end of the affair between Sarko and French people?Sheer energy, boundless ambition, the promise of a reform won Nicolas Sarkozy the presidency in May. The people seem to like his plans to introduce welfare reform and liberalize the labour market. Well, that was until many sought the details. This is a major headache for the president and it came in the form of 100,000 men and woman on the streets of Paris. Sarkozy has targeted raila and public transport workers: he wants them to work longer for their pensions. But meet Bernard Thibault, the leader of the communist affiliated CGT union, like a bull with a Beatles mark, he says this reform has to be stopped. He said, "The president is preparing the public by singling us out. Next everybody's pensions will be drastically redued." Out in the suburbs where the train drivers left their carriages, we've found a British company that has attracted more venom form the unions. Founded in Sheffield, A4e trains, advises and pesters people back to work, even older ones, and Sarkozy loves it."People need it if they want to work longer. I am okay with that.""So they should be able to do that.""Yes, they should be able to do that. But that's true that's in France, ur, less than in, ur, UK, or ed States, and so on. We do not really give the chance to older people to just, to work."This engraves a new world in France, but from at least 2000 pounds for every person placed in a job. But the unions still don't like that either. "(laugh), make money, of course, because we are not a sharing team, we are an association, so of course we make money to do that." And then a dramatic announcement, subjected to much rumor, but now a reality. We got the news at 13:20 this afternoon. Well, like it has been a bad week for Nicolas Sarkozy, hasn't got a whole lot worse. He has begun seperation proceedings with his wife Cecilia. The rumors had been true. Now he's got the palace to himself. Life of the French First Lady is not to the liking to this glamourous and headstrong 49-year old. Her friend saying here today, she couldn't stand the pressure of public life. For easiness today, even members of the Union stated it was a private matter, not really any of their business, they said. "I think the President is a man. he has a right to divorce," he said. "I really don't care," said this woman, "my pension now, I am really worried about that."And the other disater. Well, it's all about French rugby. The President had closely associated himself with the team. The manager, Bernard Laporte, will become his new sports minister.France will (be) practicing today for their runners-up match against Argentina tomorrow night. "Well, there's a large press contingent here and plenty of people from the rugby world. But it's deathly silent here. Everybody is wispering. It feels a bit like a funeral."The national team and the nation's leader (are) both in a certain amount of pain this evening, although they are hoping for better times ahead. 200805/39911

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